Thursday, October 14, 2021

10/14/21 Beach Report

It's starting to get a little late in the year for butterflies, but in a patch of asters on the way down to the beach with sky, I found this Pearl Crescent . . .
and in some grass beside the harbor, this Common Buckeye.
About as nice a day as one could hope for, 70 F, blue skies. If I had one complaint, it would be the north wind was a little stiff, and muddied up the water, and made it hard to look for fossils.
There was a lot of leaf and wood debris piled up in the weather side of the jetty.
We still managed 14 teeth, of which this big, broken Snaggletooth was the biggest disappointment. I'm going to take Paul's lead, and call it "bite damage" and consider is special
There was still at least one Osprey still around. I saw some eagles at a distance. 
Amidst the debris on the beach there were many discarded Horseshoe Crab shells. They appear to undergo a mass molt in the fall.

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