Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

WJZ 13 Baltimore, ‘It’s Very Inappropriate’: Cell Phone Video Captures Sex Act In Woodlawn High School Class

A video clip circulating on social media that appears to show a sex act involving two students in a Woodlawn High School classroom is under investigation.

“It’s very disgusting,” said one parent. “It’s very inappropriate.”

Parents learned of the incident Oct. 8 through a letter sent home by Principal Jamel Jernigan, who said the school’s administration and law enforcement are looking into what happened in that classroom.

“I was recently made aware of a social media post of a video involving Woodlawn High School students engaged in highly inappropriate behavior while in class,” the letter said in part. “An investigation is underway with school administration, our BCPS safety manager and the Baltimore County Police Department.”

Details about the circumstances of the incident and whether any disciplinary action was taken against the students or their teacher weren’t immediately clear Monday afternoon. The video was allegedly taken by a student.

Yet Jernigan’s letter acknowledged that if a student’s behavior was found to be “inappropriate for the school environment,” they could be subject to unspecified disciplinary action.

Kid's being kids, I'm sure it happens in a lot of schools, but mostly they have the good sense not to get caught. 

What's shocking is finding Baltimore students in a classroom.  

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