Monday, October 25, 2021

10/25/21 Beach Report - Ospreys Still Here

It could be singular; I never saw more than one at a time. This one was circling the water by the harbor as Skye and I came onto the beach.
A pretty nice day, although we're expecting a strong storm later. It was warm, in the mid 70s, with a strong SSE wind that didn't create much chop, but had a decent swell (for the bay) hitting the beach.
On our way back, I spotted this eagle duck into a tree overlooking the beach. I think it had a fish, but I didn't see for sure. Curiously, I seem to have caught it in mid blink; it has its nictitating membrane over its eye.
Lots of sand, and not too much gravel, but we managed 17 sharks teeth between Georgia and I. Nothing to brag about, though. Georgia and Skye are ahead, and almost invisibly small in this shot.
Near the end of the walk, I saw an (the?) Osprey dive, and managed a few quick shots as it lifted off the water with a fish, and then carried it off almost directly overhead.

I hope he got away clean.

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