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Morning Election Madness - Youngkin Pulls Ahead in Virginia

According to a new Fox New poll, which traditionally skews Democrat for some reason, Glenn Youngkin has now more support than one time (and hoping for more) Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Interestingly, the McAuliffe team has retained the services of a Democrat lawyer well known for contesting election results, by means fair or foul. So hear we go again. Fox News Poll: Youngkin pulls ahead of McAuliffe among Virginia likely voters. NYPo, Virginia shocker: Glenn Youngkin up 8% over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in gov race poll. NR, Youngkin Leads McAuliffe in New Poll of Likely Virginia Voters Less than a Week before Election Day. Insty, DON’T GET COCKY, BUT WOW: 

Holy cow: Youngkin 53, McAuliffe 45 in new Fox News poll. “Just an astounding shift on a key issue in a short period, assuming Fox’s numbers are accurate. I wonder if in hindsight we won’t look back and say that McAuliffe lost the election when he said at that debate last month that parents shouldn’t be telling schools what to teach. That teed up Youngkin for a month of ads about McAuliffe wanting to disempower parents’ authority over their children’s education, apparently to devastating effect.”

 At Da Wire, Biden Crushed Trump In Virginia in 2020, So Why Is McAuliffe Floundering In 2021?. McAuliffe's Kinsley gaffe on education, for sure, but another contributor? Sister Toldja at Red State, Hispanic Voters Respond Accordingly After Terry McAuliffe Says Most Insulting Thing He Possibly Could to Them. "In the video clip below, you see McAuliffe during an apparent campaign stop for Hispanic voters quite bluntly telling them they needed to “get busy … relatively quickly” procreating in order to increase the chances of Democrats winning elections. Watch . . ."

From Stella Morabito at Da Fed,  Virginia Democrats Claim ‘Free And Fair’ Election While Rigging It Again. Mark Tapscott at Insy, DON’T COUNT THOSE VIRGINIA CHICKENS JUST YET. . . . From Sundance at CTH, Virginia Governor Candidate Terry McAuliffe Hires Clinton Lawyer Mark Elias, Likely to Organize and Defend Ballot Harvesting Operations. Elias; where have I heard than name before? Oh yeah, he was one of Clintonites pushing the Alfa Bank hoax on the FBI. Nick Arama at Red State,  McAuliffe Campaign Accidentally Sends Fox an Email Revealing Effort to 'Kill' Their Story. Ooopsies!  Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, McAuliffe campaign to Fox reporter: Let's kill Fox's story on hiring election-challenge lawyer.  "The word gaffe doesn’t do justice to this latest episode from the imploding campaign of Terry McAuliffe." Tyler O'Neal from a new post at Fox, Team McAuliffe emails reveal effort to 'kill this' Fox News story, 'Can we try to kill this,' a spokesperson asked. 

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's campaign raised eyebrows by spending nearly $60,000 to hire a high-profile attorney known for masterminding election-related legal challenges. When Fox News sent the campaign a request for comment, the McAuliffe campaign scrambled to "kill" the story, according to emails mistakenly sent to Fox News.

Less than a month before Election Day, McAuliffe's campaign spent $53,680 on the services of the Elias Law Group, a firm that Marc Elias started earlier this year, Fox News previously reported.

When Fox News reached out to the McAuliffe campaign for comment, McAuliffe spokesperson Christina Freundlich responded to the email with a message apparently meant for colleagues, not for Fox News.

 Twitchy, WHOOPS! Reporter asked McAuliffe spox for email comment on Jonathan Turley’s take, then it got awkward

George Neumayr at Am Spec calls Terry McAuliffe, a Lying Hack to the End, "His smears against Youngkin grow more desperate." From LI, CNN Frantically Carries Terry McAuliffe’s Water in Final Days of Dead-Heat Virginia Governor’s Race "“A comment McAuliffe made at a debate in September [about parental involvement in their children’s education] has sort of been spun out of control,” CNN reporter Eva McKend proclaimed in a segment on how tight the Virginia governor’s race has become in the closing week." Politico opines on What It Means if Glenn Youngkin Wins "It wouldn’t just send tremors of fear through Democrats nationally, presumably making the party’s agenda that much more difficult to get through Congress; it would point to a viable path ahead for the GOP in swing areas, one that keeps on board the Trump base while regaining lost ground with independents and suburbanites."

Sister Toldja again, Eric Swalwell, Lincoln Project Play the Fools in Train Wreck of a Move in Virginia Governor’s Race. "There’s a word @GlennYoungkin would really like to say to talk about black people, but he knows he can’t, so he codes it with “Critical Race Theory.” Don’t take my word, trust the honorable Republicans who made this ad and know how this ugly strategy works."  At least Youngkin has the right enemies. It's all enough to move Smitty at The Other McCain to poetry, Scold Me Closer, Terry Dancer

Hmm, at Wa Free Bee, Dem Candidates in Virginia Ban Cameras From Public Campaign Events. That can't be good. 

On the Loudoun County high school rape case by a boy in a skirt, which touched off both the school controversy in Virginia, and Merrick Garland letter comparing parents to domestic terrorists, from Twitchy ‘They covered it up IN MAY’! NBC pushing ‘Republicans POUNCE’ angle when FINALLY reporting Loudoun County schools rape story BACKFIRES. At Da Caller, This Is How The New York Times Mentions The Loudoun County Sexual Assault Case For The First Time, “a sexual assault case that revived Republican criticism of gender-inclusive bathroom policies in schools.” At City Journal, Blame Loudoun County Schools, Not Donald Trump. Breitbart, Loudoun County Sheriff Investigating Multiple Incidents of ‘Inappropriate Touching’ in Middle School. Jordan Davidson at Da Fed, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Rejected School Superintendent’s Insane Plan To Weaponize Police Against Parents

Why are parent upset? At WaEx, Paul Bedard opines, Wrong, Obama: Most say critical race theory, transgender teaching not ‘phony’ issues. At Da Fed, Small-Town Wisconsin Schools Won’t Tell Parents If Their Children Identify As Transgender, Oshkosh Begosh. At Da Caller, Broward School Takes Elementary Students To Gay Bar, and Red State, Florida School Board Member Takes Young Children to Gay Bar on a Field Trip, for some good clean fun and indoctrination. At Not The Bee (banned on Twitter), Watch: Florida school board has parent removed for simply quoting the graphic sex material they are teaching kids. At NYPo, Kentucky principal investigated after getting lap dance at homecoming event and Ace, Kentucky High School Stages a "Man Pageant" Where Boys In Lingerie and Hooters Girl Outfits Give Lap-Dances to Male Teachers and Principal, "Some more of that trumped-up fake culture war that Former President Satan told us just doesn't happen, ever." Red State also reports Texas House Goes On the Offensive by Investigating Inappropriate Books In School Libraries. Campus Reform, 'Take these m-----f-----s out': Rutgers prof rails against white people while defending CRT

At Da Caller, Hot Mic Catches School Board President Saying ‘F*ck You’ To Parent and ‘These Are Not Routine People’: Dick Durbin Compares Parents Shouting Profanities And Ripping Off Masks To Jan. 6 Rioters. At NR, Phil Klein calls it the Revenge of the Parents "Democrats are playing with fire by underestimating the power of parents who are fired up and ready to assert control over their kids’ educations." Commentary from Commentary, Democrats, Pick a Fight with Parents at Your Peril.

"In response to a letter from the left-leaning National School Boards Association, which described those meetings with lurid language but scant evidence of any real threats, Garland ordered the FBI and the Department of Justice into action. There was no justification for Garland’s move, which was political thuggery at its worst. The disorder at these meetings mostly involved people shouting and talking out of turn, with the occasional scuffle.... Said [Senator Josh] Hawley: 'You have weaponized the FBI and the Department of Justice. It is wrong. It is unprecedented to my knowledge in the history of this country.' Garland’s mealy-mouthed reply was that it was merely an offer of assistance, if needed, to local law enforcement.... His letter was in fact unprecedented, and it was clearly intended to intimidate opponents and to support the Democrats’ efforts to characterize all serious political opposition as some sort of security threat."

At Da Fed, House Republicans Probe NSBA For Colluding With White House On Bogus ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter Targeting Parents and as of now, Five state school board associations have withdrawn from the NSBA over that letter comparing parents to terrorists (John Sexton, Haut Hair). 

Something rotten is going on in American justice. Vodka Pundit at PJ Media REPENT! Jan. 6 Defendant Denounces Trump, Self...Gets Released

What’s disturbing here is twofold. The first issue is that the judge seems to feel that Sibick has some kind of mental condition necessitating psychiatric care.

OK, fine, that happens.

But the second is that whatever his mental condition is, it’s reflected in his political views. One day, Sibick supports Trump and sings the national anthem — and is too sick to be released. Another day, Sibick recants all that — and is suddenly healthy enough to get out of jail, even if he isn’t exactly free.

If Sibick’s mental condition is his political views, and that with the proper treatment he can be cured of them, then we’re witnessing the Sovietization of American justice.

Julie Kelly reports on The Freak-Out Over Tucker’s January 6 Documentary Begins, "The original narrative about January 6 is not to be disturbed, no matter how many facets of that original narrative have been shattered." According to sundance at CTH, Tucker Carlson Has Triggered The Fourth Branch of Government With His Preview of “The Patriot Purge”, cites ex-Lt. Col. Bear-claw Vindman as an example. Scott McKay at Am Spec, ‘Domestic Terrorism’ and the Bad Faith of the Democrats, "Tucker Carlson knows full well what Jan. 6 has really been about."

In some interesting news a Racine County sheriff alleges Wisconsin election law violations  (Fox6Now). 

The sheriff accuses the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) of breaking the law. The commission is equally divided between Democrats and Republicans. They voted 5-1 during the pandemic – when nursing homes were limiting visitors – that municipalities across the state should not send special voting deputies into nursing homes. In normal years, they are deputized by clerks – pairs of them normally help nursing home residents vote.

"That means the staff at the facility absolutely, positively cannot, by this law. assist in the execution of the vote," Luell said.

But the WEC gave nursing home staff tips on how to help.

"That is the completion of the crime right there. Crimes throughout the state. All 72 counties, every nursing home, resident care facility, right there," Luelle alleged.

Sheriff Schmaling is now asking Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul to investigate statewide.

Sundance, Wisconsin Sheriff Holds Press Conference Outlining 2020 Election and Ballot Fraud in Racine County. At HE, County Sheriff in Wisconsin Reveals Evidence of Election Law Felony Violations. At Old Dominion News, More votes counted than cast in Virginia 2020 General Election, analysis of state voter data shows. At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland asks What To Do When Election Officials Keep Ignoring Voting Laws. Publicly pillorying them, or flogging, or both, ought to get their attention.

David Frum (cited at Haut Hair from the Slantic) fumes that The Trump comeback looms. Be still, my beating heart. Max Greenwood atop Da Hill whines that the Senate GOP lines up behind Trump-backed candidates. Jeffrey Lord at Am Spec offers Two Cheers for the Wall Street Journal in Running Trump Letter

From Da Wire, ‘Texas Isn’t Safe For Anyone’: NAACP Pens Letter Pleading With Pro Athletes Not To Sign With Teams In State Over Abortion And Voting Laws. NAACP was an early example of O'Sullivan's Law. 

At the Wa Free Bee, Poll: Majority of Americans Say Big Tech Censorship of Hunter Laptop Story Interfered With Election. Perhaps not coincidentally, Breitbart notes Facebook Changes Name to ‘Meta’ in Hopes of Reversing Brand Damage

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