Saturday, October 30, 2021

Beach Report 10/30/21

At least we have a beach again, after the high tides from yesterday's storm have receded a bit. At their peak last night, the high tides were 2-3 inches over the top of the docks at the marina. The boat, however, is just fine.
You can see the amount of erosion on the dunes. When all is said and done, the beach will be wider, with the addition of sand from the dunes, but slowly, they'll grow back.

We did manage 6 sharks teeth today, despite the paucity of beach.
We couldn't make it around the point of rocks on Calvert Beach yet (the water is lower, but not that much lower), so we walked back through the avenues. These people take Halloween seriously.
As if that weren't enough, they had this in front of their garage.

We may have to drive Gabi over here for Trick-or-Treat.

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