Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Beach Report 10/19/21

The first thing that greeted Skye and I when we arrived at the beach was this juvenile Bald Eagle soaring over the harbor mouth. Note the gray head and beak and mottling on the wings and tail.
Warmer and less windy than yesterday, under cloudless skies. The tide was down a bit, and we were a bit earlier to make it even lower, so fossil hunting was OK, a total of 21 teeth between Georgia (seen off in the distance) and I.
A convocation of crab boats.
On our way back, Georgia was ahead with Skye as usual, and spotted this adult eagle using the Posing Post. Not the best photo, but we couldn't get around to the sunny side . . . 
before it flew off. It apparently found a thermal out over the Bay, because it circled steadily upwards without any flapping, and then headed off, presumably to find . . .
an osprey with something it could steal. We saw two of them today, but not with fish.

Either their not gone yet, or we're seeing a few southbound juvies. 

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