Monday, October 11, 2021

Election 2020 and Beyond - DIY Edition

OK, my heart isn't in this this morning, and I have no banter. More on the that later when I compose my thoughts.

The 2020 Election

A British Journalist Calls Biden’s Election Victory 'Rigged' - Frontpagemag

EXCLUSIVE: Counterfeiters Beware! Arizona Rep. Turns State Ballot Integrity Project into National Opportunity

Ep. 1622 The Election Audit Video They Don’t Want You To See - The Dan Bongino Show

Whitehouse: Trump's Involvement in Georgia a ‘Ripe Area’ for Further Investigation

Merrick Garland Targeting Education Unrest

Over 60 GOP Members of Congress Demand Answers From DOJ For Targeting Parents

Mollie Hemingway: It Is Amazing What The Priorities Of Biden's FBI And DOJ Are Today - Video | RealClearPolitics

Protesting Parents Are Now Domestic Terrorists - AG Garland Pledges FBI Crackdown for School Boards

The True Merrick Garland - American Thinker

It’s Just Not Funny Anymore - American Greatness

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