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Election 2020: Merrick Makes a Stand

A couple of note worthy topics today. First, AG Merrick Garland went before the House to testify, and he was grilled extensively on the topic of his letter siccing the FBI on the case of rowdy parents at schoolboard meetings. The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.21.21 has extensive related links. Power Line's John Hinderacker Merrick Garland Testifies. From Da Fed's Jordan Davidson, AG Garland Admits Federal War On Parents Sprang From NSBA Letter, Not Evidence,   At Am Great, Eric Lendrum reports MI Parents Sue AG Garland Over Plan To Target Anti-School Board Protests. Jon Fournier at Da Tech Guy, Moms For America Tells Biden’s DOJ Where To Stick Their Intimidation. At The Political Hat: The Woke War On Teachers – Terminating Whistleblowers, Purging Dissenters, & Unions Against Dissidents. But Wait, there's more! Some highlights! From Twitchy, ‘What are you afraid of?’ Here’s the video Dems did NOT allow Rep. Jim Jordan to play for AG Merrick Garland (and you’ll see why). Sundance at CTH has the video, of course as Representative Jim Jordan Confronts Merrick Garland – The Great Awakening of The American People Has Begun. Victory Girls, Garland Tap Dances Amid Questions About DOJ School Memo. Across da pond at Da Mail, 'Trump's DOJ was political? Are you kidding?' Republicans grill Biden's AG Merrick Garland as he defends FBI school board memo, insists parents are entitled to protest and denies calling them domestic terrorists. Emily Zanotti at Da Wire, Merrick Garland Grilled On Loudoun Case, Says He ‘Doesn’t Know’ About Alleged Sex Assault. That incident was cited as an excuse for the letter. 

At Breitbart, Merrick Garland Did Not, Will Not Seek Ethics Review over Alleged Family Ties to Critical Race Theory, and sundance at CTH, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland Refuses DOJ Ethics Review, Claims Conflict of Interest Ethics Rules Do Not Apply to Biden Administration "In a clear conflict of interest, Merrick Garland is using his office to protect the income and investments of his son-in-law’s business. However, when questioned about this conflict today, Merrick Garland says he will refuse to accept any ethical review of his conduct. Watch"

WaFreeBee complains that White House Knew About Letter That Compared Parents to Domestic Terrorists, "National School Board Association collaborated with Biden administration, emails show" and at Da Wire, NSBA Collaborated With White House Before Letter Describing ‘Domestic Terrorism’ At School Board Meetings: Report and at Da Caller, White House Collaborated With School Board Group On Letter Comparing Parents To ‘Domestic Terrorists’. A pre-arranged hit job. Tim Pierce at Da Wire, DeSantis Promises To Fight DOJ’s ‘Dangerous And Un-American’ Schools Memo.

More general links about the rebellion in Loudoun County and related school things. Paul Bedard at WaEx reports Backlash: 57% oppose FBI hounding parents at school board meetings. 43% are fascists. Under the Political Hat, Quick Takes – The Woke War On Teachers: Terminating Whistle-blowers; Purging Dissenters; Unions Against Dissidents. Elle Reynolds at Da Fed wonders When Did Sexual Assault In Schools Become A Partisan Issue?. When Republican used it against Democrats. As the NYPo notes Democrats aim to make anyone who disagrees with them an enemy of the state

However, the AG was nominally there to talk about Jan .6. Spencer Brown at Town Hall notices that AG Garland Debunks Democrat 'Insurrection' Claims About January 6th. No one charged with insurrection. Sundance observes Representative Thomas Massie Questioning AG Merrick Garland About FBI Agents and Informants Participating and Agitating in January 6, DC Protest, and highlights at least one guy who was almost certainly on the FBI payroll advocating the Jan. 6 Capitol Incursion on Jan 5th and 6th. Breitbart, WATCH as Gohmert Grills Merrick Garland on Double Standard for Jan. 6 Detainees. At Da Wire (again), Lawmaker Born In USSR Grills Merrick Garland: ‘The FBI Is Starting To Resemble Old KGB’. From ET, Garland Tells Lawmakers He Missed Leftist Demonstrators’ Attack on Interior Department, after all, he doesn't work in Interior building, and he doesn't watch Fox. 

“I’m not going to be able to reference that specific incident since this is the first I know of it,” he said.

Steube was referring to Oct. 14 protesters from an extreme left-wing environmental activist group, People vs. Fossil Fuels, which had organized five days of protests at the Interior headquarters building in Washington. They were seeking to force President Joe Biden to stop approving fossil fuel energy projects.

As happened with the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol, the October protestors forced their way into the building, and multiple federal security and law enforcement personnel were injured in the resulting confrontation, including some who required hospitalization. Fifty-five of the protestors were arrested.

Which sort of seques into the Virginia Governors elections, were via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.21.21, American Power sees the GOP Gaining In Virginia Governor Race. From Town Hall, Larry O'Caonnor at T-Mac in Trouble? McAuliffe's Virginia Meltdown and Guy Benson, Analysis: Is Terry McAuliffe Panicking? From 'Bonchie' at Red State, Desperation Sets in as Glenn Youngkin Is Accused of ‘Anti-Semitism'. Politico whines ‘Everyone should be very worried’: Dems seek wake-up call as Virginia goes to the wire. Ace, A New Poll Shows the Youngkin-McAuliffe Race for VA Governor Tied "Losing Karen." Don't count those chickens yet. WaPoo reports Biden to campaign with McAuliffe in home stretch of Virginia governor’s race, with his 41% approval rating among independents. 

See the porn that is being taught in Loudoun County at and prompted Terry McAuliffe to say parents should stay out of school business. JD Davidson at da Fed, Rotherham Child Sex Abuse Scandal Looms Over Loudoun County

Switching topics, and as sure a shit flows down hill, WaEx reports House holds Steve Bannon in criminal contempt of Congress for ignoring subpoena, sends to DOJ. AllahPundit at Haut Hair is pleased to report Nine House Republicans vote with Dems to hold Bannon in contempt after defying subpoena. As WaPoo puts it, with massive ambiguity, Bannon only one of 19 not cooperating with Jan. 6 panel and Althouse picks that nit, in An absurdly ambiguous headline: "Bannon only one of 19 not cooperating with Jan. 6 panel." He's the only one not "cooperating." At Da Caller, House Votes To Hold Steve Bannon In Contempt, Setting Up Justice Department To Bring Criminal Charges. Remember when Eric Holder and Lois Lerner were cited for contempt? Somehow, it went unprosecuted. 

Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Liz Cheney Goes Full Wack Job Conspiracy Theorist Over Capitol Riot. Going, going, gone. At Red State, WATCH: Liz Cheney Dumps on Trump Over Executive Privilege Claim, Marjorie Taylor Greene Buries Her “Oh, she’s just jealous and she hates Trump. Who cares? Nobody cares about Liz Cheney. I mean, I think that’s the biggest story. No cares about Liz Cheney or their stupid committee.”" HuffPo whines that the Jan. 6 Probe’s Move Into Courtrooms Could Let Trump Run Out The Clock. What do they want, a lynching?

Good news in the real insurrection as Wa Free Bee sees Ivy League Firebombers Plead Guilty, Face 10 Years Under Terror Law, "The leftwing attorneys are accused of distributing Molotov cocktails to fellow protesters". John Sexton at Haut Hair, Brooklyn lawyers who made Molotovs plead guilty to one count each, face years in prison,  "Gothamist reports that they will both be disbarred, which is the right outcome. No one who tried to literally burn down the system should be part of that system." Am Great, New York City Lawyers Who Firebombed Police Car Last Year Plead Guilty

The confession and subsequent possibility of a 10-year sentence has drawn criticism from the far-left and elitist circles, who insist that the two did nothing wrong. In the immediate aftermath of their arrest, as soon as their connection to the crime was uncovered, an intelligence official in the Obama Administration, Salmah Rizvi, guaranteed Rahman’s bail, in a manner similar to how future Vice President Kamala Harris supported a bail fund for rioters in Minneapolis who burned down a police station.

Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Manchin retreats: I did offer to leave caucus -- if it helped Schumer. That lower my respect for him. From atop Da Hill, Manchin insists he hasn't threatened to leave Democrats

Manchin said he had told Biden, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and his caucus that if it would help them "publicly" for him to become an Independent who still caucuses with the party, as they face pressure from activists to craft a bill as large as possible, he was willing to do so.

Politico opines, What if Trump’s Grip on the GOP Isn’t as Strong as It Seems?, but what if it's stronger? Also, Trump’s Postmortem Roasting of Powell Could Burn Him in the End. Maybe, maybe not. 

At Da Wire, Trump Releases New Details On Social Media Platform That He Is Launching Soon

“I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech,” Trump said in a statement. “We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced. This is unacceptable. I am excited to send out my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social very soon.”

More from Sundance, Shares of Trump Special Media Acquisition Company, DWAC, Climb 400% in Heavy Trading Despite NASDAQ Halts of Trading. Meh; it might work. At TNP, Phil Kline claims Zuck’s Bucks were ILLEGAL. I'm inclined to agree. 

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