Sunday, March 31, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - Happy "Trangender Day of Visibility" from the White House

Highly visible transgenders 
Yeah, really. Hat Hair's Dave Strom, Biden Just Declared Easter Sunday 'Transgender Day of Visibility'. Don't Ever Think They Don't Hate You: White House Designates Easter Sunday as 'Transgender Day of Visibility' Oilfield Rando@Oilfield_Rando "I thought it was fake. I hoped it was fake. I went to the White House official site praying it would be fake. Newp. It’s real. Realize where we are." At Twitchy, Brian Stelter Clears Up Connection Between White House and Trans Day of Visibility. Just a coincidence. Matt Walsh@MattWalshBlog "The excuse will be that “Transgender Day of Visibility” is a fixed “holiday” that always falls on March 31. The problem with that excuse is that the president does not need to issue any proclamation recognizing it and no president has recognized it until Biden two years ago. He may not decide the date for this fake bullshit holiday but he does decide to officially proclaim it." From Fox, Religious-themed designs banned from White House Easter egg art contest "Children's egg designs are part of annual White House Easter Egg Roll traditions." Ian Jaeger@IanJaeger29, "BREAKING: Trump Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt releases a statement about the Biden Administration and Easter. Karoline Leavitt writes, We call on Joe Biden’s campaign and the White House to issue an apology to the millions of Catholics and Christians across America who believe tomorrow is for one celebration only the resurrection of Jesus Christ." Becca Lower at RedState, Team Trump Hops to It, Issues Scalding Reaction to Biden WH Proclamation on Transgender Visibility Day. At The Other McCain, 'Sissypuss' heard that Trans. Sec. Buttigieg Announces $500M Pronoun Retooling Effort. I think it's a parody, but it's so hard to tell these days.
At NewsMax, National Archives Sends More Biden Documents to Oversight.

Nick Arama at RedState claims Biden Team Manages to Offend Two Vital Voter Groups With the Same Florida Event, Hispanics and the media. Sarah Arnold at TownHall thinks the Latest Biden Campaign Move Suggests the President Has Given Up on These Voters. At Da Wire, Biden Campaign Releases Ad Targeting Nikki Haley Voters: ‘Donald Trump Doesn’t Want Your Vote’. At Hat Hair, Watching Hamas Supporters Harass People Leaving Big Biden Bash a Taste of Things to Come? Ali Bradley@AliBradleyTV "#BREAKING Leonel Moreno is now in ICE custody in Geauga County, Ohio— Sources confirm that he was picked up today." Ali Bradley@AliBradleyTV, "Gaming the system—A Venezuelan migrant who went viral for bagging about “free money” and encouraging others to squat in homes across America is reportedly on the run—He’s not the only one taking advantage of the system and laws—In Ohio—A 46 y/o illegal immigrant from Mexico is…Show more" Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, 'Migrant Influencer' Arrested. So now we know what it takes for an illegal alien to get arrested. Embarrass the administration. Bill Melugin@BillMelugin_ "EXCLUSIVE: We embedded with a team of elite Boston based ICE deportation officers as they arrested four alleged child rapists & a violent MS-13 gang member in a single morning. ICE says their detainer requests on all of these illegal aliens weren’t honored by local jurisdictions due to sanctuary policies in Massachusetts. ICE tells me those policies allow illegal aliens charged or convicted with heinous crimes to roam the streets after release without any notice, and make their job more dangerous because they have to find & arrest aliens charged or convicted with aggravated felonies on the streets, instead of having them handed over in a safe environment like a jail. . . "

WUWT calls it ORGANIZED THEFT IN THE NAME OF GOVERNMENT, "Biden’s Executive Order 14008 locks away 30% of U.S. land by 2030, under the pretext of protecting the planet.’ Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw notices Biden Suddenly Uninterested in Environment When Uranium is Involved "The latest bone of contention in the uranium wars is unfolding at Pinyon Plain Mine near the Grand Canyon’s South Rim entrance. But that mine happens to be located inside the Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukv National Monument. Awkwardly, that monument was recognized and designated just last year by none other than President Joe Biden. The Havasupai Tribal Council has registered multiple complaints, saying that this operation is taking place on lands they consider sacred. The same area is also revered by the Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni people. Their calls have thus far gone unanswered." Sounds like he is actually doing something right. WSJ opines on The Coming Electricity Crisis "Artificial-intelligence data centers and climate rules are pushing the power grid to what could become a breaking point."

The Free Bacon reports Democrats Rage Over RFK Jr. Campaign in DNC Call "I am personally offended and just disgusted by [Kennedy’s] campaign," Rep. Robert Garcia (D., Calif.) said in a call hosted by the Democratic National Committee, according to The Hill. "He should be ashamed of himself. He should stop running for president." From Twitchy, Biden Sycophant Eric Swalwell Never Seems to Know When to Stop Digging. Mike Miller at TownHall hears a Florida Sheriff Issues Awesome Warning to Squatters After DeSantis Announces Crackdown on the Insanity. "We'll go right out there, and it's our intention here in Martin County to get that home back into the hands of the rightful owner and get the trespasser out. And then I will provide them [the squatters] housing. They will not be unhoused. I'm putting them straight into my jail."

Good vs Evil? πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡— Donna Marie (@sabback) March 30, 2024 Leading Report@LeadingReport "BREAKING: Approximately 9,000 previously uncounted mail-in ballots from an Illinois election were suddenly “found.”" They're like tribbles.

Chuck Callesto@ChuckCallesto "BOMBSHELL REPORT: ⚠️ Fani Willis' Coordination with WHITE HOUSE confirmed..HUUUUUUUGE..."

Matt Vespa at TownHall, Here's the Tweet That Led to the FBI Visiting a Texas Woman's Home. 𝐊𝐚𝐦 𝐒𝐭.𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐒𝐧 @KAM4Texas "🚩Tweeting π“π‡πˆπ’ got me visited by this π…ππˆ in Texas.πŸ‘‡πŸ» They also visited the grieving parents 𝐈𝐍 π‹πŽπ”πˆπ’πˆπ€ππ€ over my tweet. πˆππ’π€ππˆπ“π˜ 𝐈 𝐇𝐀𝐕𝐄 π‘π„π‚π„πˆππ“π’
@elonmusk@RepClayHiggins @KenPaxtonTX @JeffLandry 𝐊𝐚𝐦 𝐒𝐭.𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐒𝐧@KAM4Texas "
🚨This monster drugged my 27 yr old cousin at the L’Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge last February. He dumped her half naked dead body like trash. Rap sheet a mile long. He walks today on PROBATION .Damion Matthews may you reap what you have sown. @govjefflandry"

Ed Driscoll at Insty, with what I hope is the last words on the Ronna McDaniel affair, DYLAN BYERS: Ronnaghazi and The Hunger Screams of Late-Stage Linear.
On Monday, after the Scarborough crowd opened the 6 a.m. hour with their own admonishment of the McDaniel hire, it became clear that the next 18 hours were going to be devastating for NBC. Early in the afternoon, I was notified that Nicolle Wallace and others intended to speak out that night, and that it was going to be an onslaught. (Wallace, a former Bush II aide, also used MSNBC to outrun some political baggage…) Around that time, Stephen Labaton, the executive vice president of communications for NBC News, and the top P.R. aide to Conde, reached out to McDaniel directly to try to reassure her that Psaki and other former political officials had faced scrutiny when they’d joined NBC, and that it might blow over. According to a source familiar with the discussion, he also told McDaniel that the MSNBC hosts were being “fucking insane.”  . . . 

At Campus Reform, ‘Whites ARE RESPONSIBLE for the current racial bias’--Woke Army instructor tries to push DEI on class. PJM's Rick Moran finds out 'Equity-Based Algebra' Is as Bad as You Imagine It to Be. Derek Hunter at TownHall is Not Sure Democrats Could Be Any More Evil. Don't challenge them. 

From the College Fix, ‘Gender-affirming therapy’ is not beneficial, pediatrics group concludes. “There is no good evidence that those interventions prevent suicides in adolescents seeking them.” Anderson said. “They may actually increase that risk.”

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Happy Easter!

The City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department is pausing rabbit adoptions at all city shelters until Tuesday because of Easter.

AWD officials are reminding families that a rabbit is more than just a one-week commitment. They say rabbits need as much attention as a cat or a dog, as pet rabbits can live for as long as 8-12 years.

If you want to add a rabbit as a long-term family member, officials say to contact the New Mexico House Rabbit Society to find the right rabbit. You can go to their website or call 505-435-9916.

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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Beach Report 3/30/24

It wasn't quite as nice as yesterday, but good enough. About 50 F, overcast, with a 10 kt SSW breeze.
I hit the low tide, which was not quite as low as yesterday, but I still made it up to the new big slide.
I did pretty good for shark's teeth, 18 including this nice Snaggletooth I spotted sliding back and forth in the surf. I'm lucky the last wave didn't take it out and drop it over the shelf. Also, not the usual one, but two crab claws!

Flotsam and Jetsam - Could Tugs have Saved the Key Bridge?

Recovery operations at the Key Bridge have begun, a large cranes have been moved into place to start cutting up and removing the wreckage. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.24 (Evening Edition) This Ain’t Hell, Army Corps of Engineers to Baltimore Recovery, MJTruthUltra @MJTruthUltra MUST READ UPDATE: Baltimore Bridge Collapse The Cargo Ships BLACK BOX Reveals the VDR Sensor Data “Ceased” Recording for 2 Minutes Prior to Impact NTSB investigator Marcel Muise held a press conference to reveal the data on the DALI’s black box, also known as the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR). . . " Yeah, but don't go all tinfoil hat about it. The VDR was dependent on ships power, which was lost prior to impact. It's a stupid setup, but it's not unusual. AP wonders Could tugboats have helped avert the bridge collapse tragedy in Baltimore?. Probably. But then the navigation is dependent on 2 or more other engines subject to failure. You pays your money and takes your chance. At the Balmer Sun, ‘A cascade of failures’ contributed to rare, catastrophic Key Bridge collapse. That's usually why ships sink and planes crash. At Althouse, "But state officials worried about terrorism had focused on bombs and bad guys in small boats, not an errant 95,000-gross-ton container ship...."  "From "Officials studied Baltimore bridge risks but didn’t prepare for ship strike" (WaPo). They knew the problem. "It never occurred to anybody"... please. The necessary precaution, the bridge having the limitations they knew it had, was to ban ships that size from passing there. That's how I see it, as a layperson. Prove me wrong." Well, without the port, there would be no Baltimore, at least as we know it. And ships evolved. Ship happens, get over it. From the Balmer Sun assurances that Authorities say cargo on ship that downed Key Bridge poses ‘no immediate threat to the environment’ but at the Balmer Banner, Environmental concerns loom in aftermath of the Key Bridge collapse. Well, yeah, some stuff is likely to leak, and they're going to stir up a lot of mud in the process of clearing the debris. It's Baltimore Harbor, and a little pollution is just dilution. Beege Welborn at Hat Hair was Gonna Rip the Baltimore Mayor for His 'Hate Whitey' Schtick, But DANG There Are Some Real Jerks Out ThereBreaking911@Breaking911 "BALTIMORE MAYOR SCOTT: "[White people’s] way of life, of being comfortable while everyone else suffers is going to be at risk, and they should be afraid because that's my purpose in life." From CJ, Different Kinds of Insurance, "Why is President Biden offering to pick up the costs of a multibillion-dollar private disaster?" At Da Wire, Less Than A Year Before Bridge Fiasco, Maryland’s Dem Gov Put A DEI Consultant On State’s Port Commission. "Previous governors appointed people with in-depth transportation experience — Karenthia Barber was a politically-connected DEI consultant and public speaker." PJM's VodkaPundit is shocked It Could Take HOW LONG to Rebuild Francis Scott Key Bridge??? "Could it really take twice as long and four times as much money to replace the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge than it did to build it in the first place?" Sure, the environmental assessment alone will take a couple years and eat up a few million.

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.24 (Evening Edition), Eric Lendrum at Am Great reports Obama Fears Trump Win in 2024, Making Frequent Calls to Biden’s Chief of Staff. At Bravo Blue, Putting Lipstick on the Pig, "Biden is unpopular but so is everybody. It's not his policies. Thus sayeth The New York Times." and the Victory Girls Democrats Now Realize The Biden-Trump Optics Were Bad. Scott McKay at Am Spec on The Ever-Continuous Villaining of Joe Biden and His Minions. "We must turn them out of power as thoroughly as possible this fall." Jordan Boyd at Da Fed notices the Washington Post’s Lead Liar Waves Away Mountain Of Evidence To Claim Biden Corruption Proof Is ‘Scant’. PJM's Matt Margolis notes the irony of the Biden Campaign Accusing Trump of Running a Basement Campaign, and That’s Not the Worst Part. Eddy Scarry at Da Fed sees Democrats Have A New Joke About Bankrupting Donald Trump Along With The Rest Of America. Leah Barkoukis at TownHall hears the Charlotte Radio Host Speak Out About His Interview With KJP That Made Headlines.

From TNP, ‘Bidenomics’ is Dead, but not dead enough. From the Free Bacon, Biden Admin Could Use 'Indigenous Knowledge' To Kill Critical Mining Project. "The Ambler Access Project is expected to yield billions of dollars in precious metals used for renewable energy projects." At WaEx, Biden’s half-baked pier

TNP reports Impeachment Articles Against DHS Sec Mayorkas Will Be Sent to Senate on April 10. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, House Picks Date To Present Mayorkas Impeachment Articles To Senate, It's too bad the Senate won't convict. Sundance at CTH goes on about the Upcoming AMA, Great Replacement Theory, General Information. Breitbart reports 2,000+ Migrants in New Government-Assisted Caravan Moving Through Mexico and an Illegal Alien Accused of Raping ‘Mentally Incapacitated’ 14-Year-Old Girl in Alabama. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, Mom Of Boy Killed By Illegal Border Crosser Speaks Out: ‘His Life Was Taken Way Too Early By Someone Who Shouldn’t Be Here’. Da Caller, Fugitive Migrant Influencer Flashes Wads Of Cash, Says He Wants To ‘Mark’ His ‘Territory,’ Not ‘Work Like A Slave’ Like many people who make the administration look bad, the Feds tracked him down and arrested him. Jazz Shaw, 'Migrant Influencer' Arrested. Bronson Winslow at Am Great is concerned that the Biden Admin is Stripping Americans of Gun Rights to Arm Illegals. What Could Go Wrong? "Amidst the unprecedented invasion across our nation’s southern border, leftist judges are guaranteeing Second Amendment rights to illegal aliens while denying them to law-abiding citizens." How many divisions worth of military age Chinese men have come in? Cal Thomas at Front Page considers the Moscow Massacre: Could it Happen Here? "A troubling reflection on our open southern border - and on those who wish us harm." TNP explains Here’s How Mass Migration is Threatening America’s Food Security.  "Vickers highlighted the fact that thousands of cattle in Texas were slaughtered after being infected with drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB). The source of these infections was the illegal aliens who worked at the affected dairies. Vickers noted that “people from Central America and beyond” milk “[m]ost of the dairy herds in the United States.” In two cases, a combined 23,000 cattle were infected with TB. Investigators discovered that the TB strains were human and originated outside of the U.S. Twelve illegal aliens working with the herds were infected with TB, Vickers said."

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.24 (Evening Edition), The Geller Reports Trump’s White House Lawyer Admits to Engineering Plot To Prevent Investigating 2020 Election Fraud, Swamp Ran Deep, and at Da Tech Guy, Irony meters across the universe cried out in agony as if they were overwhelmed by a great disturbance  "I have to admit the title of my article is a tiny exaggeration. The disturbance documented in this Breitbart article only pinged irony meters across the United States. The Biden White House criticized Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday for barring the leading opposition candidate from his country’s upcoming elections — after Democrats tried to do the same to Donald Trump." Dan Greenfield at Front Page documents how Biden’s DOJ Targeted Trump From Day 1. "Inside the Biden administration’s secret investigation of its top enemy." Matt Margolis thinks Jack Smith’s Case Against Trump Appears to Be Falling Apart 
"Special Counsel Jack Smith could be blocked from using evidence against Donald Trump contained in grand jury investigation files, which were transferred to the former president's Florida classified documents case this week, a former prosecutor has suggested," reports Newsweek. "In 2023, a grand jury in Washington, D.C., heard evidence from witnesses—including Trump's attorney, Evan Corcoran—while considering whether charges should be brought against the former president and others for hoarding classified documents. However, Trump and his co-accused were later indicted in Florida and, under federal rules, the grand jury files were transferred on Monday to Trump-appointed judge, Aileen Cannon's court."

According to former prosecutor Bill Shipley, the transfer of the case from D.C. to Florida gives Judge Cannon control over what evidence can be included—especially testimony that may have violated attorney-client privilege.
Harold Hutchinson at Da Caller, Former US Attorney Highlights One Key Element That Makes Fani Willis’ RICO Case ‘Incredibly Weak.’ Kyle Becker@kylenabecker, "THERE IT IS: The motion for the Georgia Court of Appeals to hear the #FaniWillis disqualification case has been officially filed. The Georgia Court of Appeals is now on the clock to decide if it too will run cover for a corrupt District Attorney's office." TNP, Surprise! Judge Who Wants Trump Attorney Disbarred is Massive Democrat Donor. Joe Klein at Front Page watches The Left Goes Into Overdrive With Trump Derangement Syndrome "A peculiar and twisted obsession." 

Susie Moore at RedState wants you to WATCH: Somber Trump Speaks Following Wake for Slain NYPD Officer - Emphasizes Need for Law and Order. Twitchy reports Governor Kathy Hochul May Have Been Invited But She Definitely Was Not Welcome at Slain Officer's Funeral. NYPo notices Trump blasts ‘rocket scientist’ Biden for skipping murdered NYPD officer’s wake for swanky NYC fundraiser. PJM'a Stephen Kruiser wonders Will Dems' Abandonment of Law Enforcement Finally Haunt Them in 2024? At Ace's Morning Rant, Media’s Gotchas on Trump Keep Bringing Coverage to Otherwise Embargoed Stories. Althouse, "Donald Trump is presenting himself as the Man on the Cross, tortured for our sins." "Maureen Dowd meowed, in "Donald Trump, Blasphemous Bible Thumper" (NYT)." Never-Anybody-But-Trump sundance extolls The Value of Trump. WaEx examines Who will RFK Jr. hurt more, Biden or Trump? Hat Hair VIP Tom Jackson reports Back in Florida, DeSantis Keeps on Winning for Conservatives. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.24 (Afternoon Edition), Louder With Crowder, As Ron DeSantis passes law ending “squatters rights,

Mark Tapscott at Insty, REPLACEMENT THEORY IN CENSUS DATA: "You know the theory: Democrats, led by President Joe Biden, opened U.S. borders to enable the importation of millions of new voters who will be loyal to the party symbolized by the braying donkey. But is that really what is going on? The always curious lads at Issues & Insights (I&I) did some digging into U.S. Census Bureau data on net migration flows since 2020 and here’s what they found: “We broke out net international migration numbers into counties that voted for Biden and those that voted for Trump. What did we find? Of the more than 2.5 million international migrants, more than 2 million went to counties that voted for Biden. Which means fewer than 500,000 of them ended up in counties that voted for Trump.. . ." Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.29.24 (Evening Edition), at Da Lid, New York City Demands Supreme Court Allow 800,000 Illegals to Vote and The Federalist: ‘Gender Identity’ Law Spells The End Of Religious Liberty In Minnesota, Rep. Mike Gallagher Leaves GOP, Wisconsinites In The Lurch, The RNC Is Right: -Anyone Who Can’t Recognize Flaws In 2020 Is Unfit To Help Republicans Win, As Sexual Accuser Bankrupts Trump, Biden Fundraises With Epstein Pal Bill Clinton, Georgia House Guts Bill That Would Have Given Election Board Power To Investigate Secretary Of State, ‘Bidenbucks’ Tentacles Expand As Judge Shuts Down Lawsuit. Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw reports New Georgia Voting Rules Approved. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN sees a Federal appeals court rule Pennsylvania must only count mail ballots with dates, signatures "The NAACP sued Pennsylvania in 2022 regarding the commonwealth's decision to void mail-in ballots that are either missing a date on the outer return envelopes or have an incorrect date." At ET, Behind Massive Mail-in Ballot Push Is a Little-Noticed Executive Order. "The federal government is using its vast resources and its largest agencies to register new voters and expand mail-in balloting, with the help of nonprofits."

Hat Hair's Dave Strom warns Did You Know That You Have an ESG Score and it Can Be Used Against You? Aaron Kheriaty at Da Fed thinks SCOTUS Errs In Murthy v. Missouri By Assuming Big Tech Is Just Like Print Media. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, Google Warns Freedom Center to Censor Mentions of Islamic Terror "Big Tech monopoly finally reveals why it’s censoring Front Page Magazine." MAZE@mazemoore "Before the 2020 election Stephen Colbert was doing skits encouraging people to be skeptical of Big Pharma and its motives. After the election he was dancing like a fool while surrounded by people dressed as syringes."

@amuse@amuse "FBI: If you’re actively posting criticism of the Biden regime on X your account is being actively monitored by the FBI and/or DHS. Make sure you get a Ring doorbell so when they come to your door you can ask them to hold their ID up to the camera. Then politely tell them you are not available and you don’t answer questions. Do not open the door. Watch this video: Nick Arama at RedState sees Community Notes Wrecks the FBI Over Their Violations of the Rights of Americans From Campus Reform, House committee opens investigation into Rutgers University over 'pervasiveness of antisemitism on its campuses'. The College Fix reports Professors get $1 million to apply ‘critical race studies’ to the classics. PJM's Gray Bakich says Washington State Now Offers Hotline for 'Hate Crimes' and 'Bias Incidents'. From the James Martin Center, How We’ve Gone from Institutions of Higher Education to Conformity Colleges

CJ, The Biden Administration Benches Female Athletes. "Don’t believe the spin that its proposed Title IX regulations won’t harm athletics for women and girls." From Twitchy, HE DID THE MEME! LOL! Republican Rep. Refuses to Play Pretend for Trans Democrat Rep. (Watch)

Dave Strom reports Taylor Lorenz Celebrates at the Pornhub Awards, mean while X, her nemesis, Libs of TikTok, Chaya Raichik@ChayaRaichik10 "Nex’s father r*ped her and m*lested her for years. He was arrested again 2 weeks before she overdosed. WaPo knew this information and still blamed me."

At CJ, Maria-Katrina Cortez finds Much Heat, Little Light "A new book on rural Americans offers mostly cherry-picked data and condescension."

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Rule 5 Saturday - Lele Pons

This week's Rule 5 paragon of feminine beauty is Lele Pons
Eleonora "Lele" Pons Maronese  born 25 June 1996) is a Venezuelan and American YouTuber, actress and singer.

Pons came to prominence on Vine before the platform was shut down in 2016 where she was the most followed woman and the third most followed viner with 11.5 million followers. She then expanded into creating comedy sketches for YouTube, where she has over 18 million subscribers as of August 2023. She has since acted in film, television, and music videos; released her own music; and co-authored a novel. She currently stars in The Secret Life of Lele Pons, a YouTube Original docuseries providing a look at her personal life, and hosts a podcast on Spotify called Best Kept Secrets with Lele Pons.

Pons was born in Caracas, the daughter of pediatrician Anna Maronese Pivetta and architect Luis Guillermo Pons Mendoza. When she was a child, her parents separated after her father realized that he was gay. She is of Spanish and Italian descent, and is the niece of Puerto Rican singer Chayanne.  She moved to the U.S. at the age of five and was raised in Miami. She graduated from Miami Country Day School in 2015 and moved to Los Angeles. She has said that she had trouble making friends in high school and would thus "get hurt to make them laugh". She has also described being bullied in high school: "I'm not like the cool girls—I'm the other girl. The one that's basically a nerd, but proud of that." 

On Instagram she admitted to getting nose job, providing this before and after comparison. I think she might have over sharpened it, but it looks like good work.
Pons appeared in the first episode of MTV's horror TV series, Scream, in which she was the season's first victim of Ghostface. She has starred in a number of music videos, including "Havana" by Camila Cabello, and "Downtown" by Anitta and J Balvin.  In May 2018, Pons released her debut single, a Spanish-language duet with Matt Hunter titled "Dicen". The YouTube music video amassed 10 million views in just four days. Pons has also had success in modelling.

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Friday, March 29, 2024

Beach Report 3/29/24

A fine, sunny March day, after a couple days of rain. It was about 55, a bit breezy from the NW, and the tide was down to a reasonable  level after a couple of days of very high tides.
Georgia was well ahead of me on the way back.
But the joke was on her, she missed this 1 5/16 inch Snaggletooth. Otherwise, it wasn't a great tooth day, I had 8 and she had 5.

Flotsam and Jetsam - Squatters Rights?

Just a bit of news/opinion on the Key Bridge disaster. I expect it will fade from the news as the hard work gets going, and the options for photo ops diminishes. At Da Caller, NTSB Confirms 764 Tons Of Hazardous Materials Aboard Cargo Ship, Reveal Black Box Data Prior To Bridge Impact. Out of 52,000 tons of cargo capacity? I'm not surprised. Beege Welborn at Hat Hair,  Next Day: The Immediate Practical Implications and Effects of the Baltimore Bridge Disaster. At Da Wire, WaPo Wastes No Time Slamming Francis Scott Key Again After Namesake Baltimore Bridge Destroyed "Key had "racist views," the paper said." He was a slave owner who opposed slavery, not an uncommon view in the the revolutionary era. I predict that if the bridge is rebuilt, it will be named, maybe after Freddy Gray. From the Signal, Dave Ditch explains How to Repair the Key Bridge Without Breaking the Bank "First, all officials must be clear that the cost of rebuilding should mostly or entirely fall on the owners and operators of the ship, even if the incident was purely accidental. While litigation on such an important matter could take time to resolve, taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for the cost of a privately caused disaster. . . .Rather than simply adding to the long-term debt, Congress has many options to repurpose funds from the 2021 bill, including:

  • Canceling the administration’s $3.1 billion grant to California’s wildly dysfunctional high-speed rail project.
  • Reducing federal spending on programs for low-priority, local-only infrastructure such as hiking trails, bike paths, and sidewalks.
  • Pulling forward highway and bridge funds from allocations for 2025 and 2026 so they are available for the project starting in 2024.

Nick Arama at Red State, New Poll Decimates Biden With Stunning Results, Including What Americans Think Is His Biggest Achievement. "Nothing." VodkaPundit at PJM, says It's Official: Nobody Wants to Read About President Zero. Insty, BIDEN IS LBJ NOW, BUT WITH NO HUBERT HUMPHREY: Benny Johnson@bennyjohnson, "MASSIVE presence of Anti-Biden protesters outside of his fundraiser in New York with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Stephen Colbert and Lizzo." Hat Hair's KT, Panicked Obama, Bill Clinton Rally to Boost Biden. Meanwhile Trump to Attend Wake of Slain NYC Police Officer. Insty, BIDEN WON’T: "Trump Will Attend Wake of Slain NY City Police Officer."  PM, claims to have DATA: Joe Biden is Gaining Ground in Swing States. "The Democrat incumbent now narrowly leads Trump in Wisconsin by one point and has pulled even in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Last month, former President Trump led Biden by between four and six points in all three states." At Am Think, S. Hodges thinks Biden is Losing Minorities. Beege Welborn says EW: POTATUS Doing Some Voter Outreach, Fancy Fundraising With Obama, Queen Latifah and...Wait - Lizzo? VodkaPundit again, hears Kamala Harris Will Save Us From This Dire Threat, and I Can't Stop Laughing

From Da Caller, ‘I Don’t Know Why They Hate Us So Much’: Gold Star Father Arrested At SOTU Tells Tucker Biden ‘Never’ Contacted Him "Carlson learned that the Biden administration “never” reached out to Nikoui since the Gold Star father received his deceased son’s remains at Dover." Also, Tony Bobulinski Accuses Dem Rep Of ‘Defamatory’ Statements, Threatens Legal Action. At Front Page, Tim Graham sees the  Media Go AWOL on Holding the Bidens Accountable, "Biden family scandals - and willful blindness." From the Free Bacon, Ties Emerge Between Embattled Biden Judicial Nominee Adeel Mangi and Domestic Terrorist. "Susan Rosenberg is one of the country's most notorious domestic terrorists. She landed on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list at age 29 and served in a women-led communist group that bombed the U.S. Senate chamber in 1983. Now, more than two decades after her controversial release from prison, she serves on the advisory board of an anti-prison group alongside embattled judicial nominee Adeel Mangi." At TNP,  ‘Top Soldier’ in Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Linked to Biden White House. Dave Bernstein at Insty says the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION TRIES TO FURTHER BALKANIZE AMERICANS: "OMB has decided to make America’s arbitrary racial classifications even more arbitrary by turning the multi-racial Hispanic ethnic classification into a racial one, and to add a new and entirely incoherent Middle East and North Africa racial classification (which will include Israeli and Mizrahi Jews, Turks, Persians, Arabs, Chaldeans, Kurds, Berbers and more; in fact, given the choice between white and MENA, as a Jew with close ancestral and familial ties to Israel, and no ties to Europe for over a hundred years, I’m going with white AND MENA, as will many Ashkenazi Jews. It’s totally, as I noted, incoherent)."

KT at Hat Hair VIP reports Mayorkas Went to Guatemala to Trash Texas Immigration Law. Mary Chastain at LI, notes  Fifth Circuit Denies Texas Motion, Keeps Immigration Law Block in Place, "But the dissenting opinion is the must read."  At Power Line, John Hinderacker makes The Case For Secession. Daphne Dowe at Am Spec analyzes the Precedent-Setting Ruling Allows Illegal Immigrants With Criminal History to Own Guns, "Should that be the case?" I&I has a poll, 3 Out Of 4 Americans Worried About Illegals Voting In U.S. Elections. PJM's Stephen Kruiser Wants to Get His Hands on Some of That 'Migrant' Money "On Monday, New York began handing out prepaid debit cards to illegal families." Cathy Salgado at PJM notes  ‘Deplorable’: Reps. Say Veterans Homeless as Illegals Get Freebies. Ace comments on NYC Handing Out Free Cash Cards to Illegal Aliens, Worth $1200+ Every Month, "Let it burn." VodkaPundit, Measles Returns to Chicago, and You'll Never Guess WhereEnd Wokeness@EndWokeness, "Measles in the entire state of Illinois: 2020: 0 cases 2021: 0 cases 2022: 0 cases 2023: 5 cases 2024: 31 and climbing More measles infections in the past few weeks than the past 8 years combined. But you didn't hear about this rapidly growing outbreak because it all comes from the illegal migrant shelters in Chicago." Hat Hairs Duane Patterson thinks Joe Biden's Illegal Chickens Crossing The Border To Roost.

From NYPo, Migrant influencer Leonel Moreno waves around cash as he mocks US taxpayers who ‘work like slaves’ after he urged fellow illegals to become squatters in US Hat Hair VIP  Jazz Shaw reports That 'Migrant Influencer' Squatter is Now On the Run and John Stossel says They're Stealing Your House -- And Gov't Won't Stop Them. NYPo, Squatters sell Texas woman’s belongings at yard sale — turn home into ‘drug den.’ mrcTV, 'Squatter Squad' Engage! Group Helps Home Owners Kick Out Freeloaders. Ace,   As Squatting Epidemic Turns Lethal in Blue Jurisdictions, DeSantis Signs a Bill Ending All "Squatters Rights" in Florida, PeriodChristopher F. Rufo@realchrisrufo "It's worth stating the obvious: Conservatives identified a legitimate problem—squatters depriving homeowners of their fundamental right to property—and DeSantis immediately solved it. No fanfare, no bloviating, no fundraising emails. Just: "Problem solved. Next up."

JT Young at Am Spec, thinks Trump’s Three-Peat Foretells Nationwide Victory, "His voters are showing up; Biden’s are not." Paul Petrick at I&I hopes Trump Could Pull Off The Greatest Political Comeback In American History

At Da Fed Brianna Lyman claims Leftists Bragged About ‘Fortifying’ The 2020 Election. Now They’re Flaunting Plans To Do It Again In 2024 and MD Kittle reports Georgia Legislature Tackles Key Election Integrity Measures Before Session Ends. At PM, Fresh Evidence of Ballot Stuffing, Voter Fraud May Lead to THIRD Attempt to Elect Mayor. Ace, Federal Appeals Court Rules that Pennsylania Must Verify Signatures for Mail-In Voting, "There is no reason to oppose this minor, barely-adequate measure, except to increase voter fraujd."

From TNP,  Ex U.S. Senator, ‘No Labels’ Chairman Joe Lieberman Dead at 82. No labels, also no candidate. VodkaPundit wonders Why Aren't Dems Talking About RFK Jr's Dirtiest Not-So-Secret?, womanizer. "Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s estranged wife, Mary, who battled her husband’s rumored philandering by turning to alcohol and prescription drugs, hanged herself in a barn on their Westchester estate yesterday, sources told The Post." Ace, Democrat Mega-Donor Sam Bankman-Fried Sentenced to 25 Years for Swindling Billions from Customers. "Prosecutors sought 50 years but Sam Bankman-Fried got the Friends and Family Discount."

Don Surber on the Mutiny on the MSNBC "Ronna Romney McDaniel learns sabotaging Trump won't save you." Hat Hair's Capt. Ed claims WaPo: MSNBC Prez Helped Recruit Ronna -- Then Chickened Out. At Am Con, Deplatforming Ronna McDaniel Won’t Deradicalize Anyone. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, NBC News Has Room for Sharpton, But Not for Republicans and Ronna McDaniel. "The real story of how NBC News became a leftist enclave under the King of Hate Media." The Divine Ms. Devine at NYPo says Ronna McDaniel’s NBC News firing is must-see-TV that proves leftist media set rules they never follow. From Breitbart, Ongoing Meltdown over Ronna McDaniel Exposes NBC as Intolerant Echo Chamber. Capt. Ed adds "I think this is the best argument so far about the absolute shrieking hysteria that NBC's 'talent' vented during this episode. It's about as clear an expression of progressive fragility as one could hope to see. Be sure to read it all, though." At Da Fed, Dave Hansanyi notices Jen Psaki Lies About Lying.  The Babylon Bee snarks In Last Ditch Attempt To Save Job, Ronna McDaniel Gets Lesbian Haircut.

From Da Caller, Key Witness From Trump Impeachment Registers As Foreign Agent Of Ukraine. Ace, Chief Democrat Witness Against Trump in Phony Ukranian Phone Call Impeachment Registers as a Foreign Agent for, Get This, Ukraine "Whoa! I did not see this coming." Gordon Sonderland. 

At Da Signal, Former Prosecutor on What Georgia Judge’s Ruling Could Mean for Trump. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, Fani Willis Responds To Jordan’s Demand For Docs After Contempt Threat "The prosecutor sent Jordan a letter on Monday saying that she “categorically” rejected the chairman’s assertion that her office has not sufficiently responded to his subpoena from early February."

PJM's Matt Margolis thinks Jon Stewart Did Exactly What Trump Did — but Worse. Will He Be Indicted? Of course not. He's part of the protected class. At TownHall Kurt Schlichter sees Hard Times for the Professional Never Trump Losers

Hat Hair's John Sexton is amused when Threads Is Not the Utopia Progressives Were Promised and Many Are 'Triggered'.

TNP reports Biden’s DHS Using Taxpayer-Funded Comic Books to Fight Perceived Election ‘Disinformation.’ Because Democrat voters need comics.

Kaelan Deese at WaEx reports a Judge grants rare Jan. 6 prisoner release in rebuke of DOJ warnings. His conviction is on appeal based on the Supreme Court case taking up the "obstruction count" in another case. Matt Vespa reposts that a Woman Records Very Creepy Visit by the FBI for anti-Biden Facebook memes: 

At Da Wire, Massachusetts Teachers Union Hosts Webinar By Professor Who Praised Hamas, Enraging Membership "'They are looking to train teachers with dangerous material that will indoctrinate our students to be anti-Semitic," teacher warns." Hugh Fitzgerald at Front Page reports Mohamed Abdou, Deep Admirer of Hamas, Now Teaching at Columbia "The self-described "Muslim anarchist" is "really proud" of his anti-Israel students." Mike LaChance at LI, Vanderbilt U. Students ‘Occupy’ Chancellor’s Office After Administration Pulls Israel Divestment Question From Student Ballot, “student-led effort to pass a resolution proposing Vanderbilt Student Government adopt boycott, divestment and sanctions tactics did not move forward because of potential conflict with federal and state laws.” Karol Markowicz says Your Jewish friends have a side group chat. "We didn't want to burden you but now you don't know how bad it's gotten." The Tax Prof on The War At Stanford. At Hat Hair John Sexton cites Chait: The Left Can't Have it Both Ways on Campus Activism. At Campus Reform, Texas lawmaker says ignoring state DEI ban could cost colleges millions. "After a ban on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs went into effect in Texas on Jan. 1, one lawmaker in the state is reminding them that they could lose millions in funding if they don't follow the new law." Capt. Ed adds "And Texas will get serious about seizing those funds, too. At least one university tried to sneak around the ban on DEI by renaming the functions to "inclusion," which is what prompted Creighton's warning." 

Vicki Piper, a male, competed as a woman
 at the Masters National Weightlifting Championships
 this weekend in Reno, NV.
From Hat Hair, Jazz Shaw reports Sacramento is Now a 'Transgender Sanctuary City' and How Tennessee Celebrates 'Trans Day of Vengeance' and John Sexton on a Hot Topic: Biden Administration Backs Away from Trans Athlete Rules in an Election Year. Suzie Weiss at the Freep tells the Tale of a Tampon with "Scenes from a sit-in at Vanderbilt." Capt. Ed, "As promised! It's a tantrum conducted by spoiled brats. In another part of the same protest, the pale-AF students tried to educate a black cop on authenticity, too. It's almost self-parody. " mrcTV, 'Trans' Weightlifter Takes Top Spot In Women's Event, Shocking No One. From NYPo, Australian soccer team with 5 transgender players goes undefeated in women’s tournament: ‘Huge difference in ability’. From Breitbart, Book by Top Trump Intel Official Cliff Sims Exposes Trans Propaganda Inside CIA

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Fish Pic Friday - Andrea from France

Andrea@andreafishing92 Marque de vΓͺtements de pΓͺche (Fishing clothing brand)

With a collection of fish from France. I was surprised to find out that Largemouth Bass have been imported and released  there.

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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Oregon, My Oregon

Aimee Kotek Wilson and Tina Kotek
Andrea Widburg at Am Think, Oregon governor’s same-sex partner claims to be a mentally ill alcoholic

Lots of people have untidy personal lives, but data show that same-sex couples have a higher percentage of issues leading to personal problems (substance abuse, spousal abuse, mental illness, etc.). That’s certainly the case with Oregon’s lesbian governor, Tina Kotek. It recently came to light that Kotek’s “wife,”* Aimee Kotek Wilson, has been acting as a stand-in for Kotek, complete with a taxpayer-funded security detail and that Kotek is spending more taxpayer money to expand Kotek Wilson’s role. While this little scandal rolls, and perhaps to distract from it, Kotek Wilson announced on Tuesday that she’s a recovering alcoholic with an unidentified mental illness.

In 2022, Oregon elected Tina Kotek, a very out-and-proud lesbian, as its governor. According to Kotek’s Wikipedia page, she seems to be a very focused politician: She wants denser housing in Oregon and has worked hard to destroy single-family neighborhoods by getting legislation passed to allow fourplexes in formerly spacious, less-populated neighborhoods. (The Democrats did this in California, too.) It’s not a coincidence that suburbs tend to vote Republican.

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

Breitbart, Baltimore Mayor Scott: Those Calling Me ‘DEI Mayor’ Don’t Have Courage to Say the ‘N-Word’

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that critics calling him a “DEI mayor” do not “have the courage to say the N-word.”

Discussing the Baltimore bridge collapse, host Joy Reid said, “The most idiotic and racist theories had to do with their newest bogeyman, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion DEI. A Republican congressional candidate in Florida tweeted that, ‘DEI did this.’ And a right-wing blue check account that’s been boosted by Elon Musk in the past just blew straight past the dog whistling tweeting to its 267,000 followers, ‘Baltimore’s DEI mayor commenting on the collapsed Francis Scott Key bridge, it’s going to get so, so much worse. Prepare accordingly.’ The post included a clip of Baltimore’s black mayor, Brandon Scott.”

When asked to respond, Scott said, “I know and we know and you know very well that black men and young black men in particular have been the bogeyman for those who are racist and think that only straight, wealthy white men should have a say in anything. We’ve been the bogeyman for them since the first day they brought us to this country. And what they mean by DEI in my opinion is dually elected incumbent. We know what they want to say but they don’t have the courage to say the N-word. The fact that I don’t believe in their untruthful and wrong ideology and I’m very proud of my heritage and who I am and where I come from, scares them. Because me being at my position means their way of thinking, their way of life of being comfortable while everyone else suffers is going to be a risk. They should be afraid because that’s my purpose in life.”

Be careful, that race card might be overdrawn.  

Flotsam and Jetsam - A Bridge too Far

A quick run around news and commentary on the Key Bridge disaster. Of eight people thought to be lost, two bodies of road workers were found in a pickup truck in 25 ft. of water.  The rest are presumed lost in the tangle of steel and road way on the bottom. Just for the record, I believe it to almost certainly be an accident and not sabotage. Ships get into to problems all the time, this time it just happened to be at a critical point. Poor maintenance, and cutting corners, both by the ship owner and the bridge authorities undoubtedly contributed, but that's the nature of the world. I would hold out only slim hope for conspiracy theorists who think the Russians, the Chinese or the Trump lovers are responsible. Balmer Sun, NTSB: Data consistent with power loss before Key Bridge strike; crew interviews ongoing. Sundance at CTH hosts NTSB Give Update on Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Investigation and Current HAZMAT Concerns for Baltimore Harbor. Short version, we're just not collecting the data, it'll be months before we can say much more, but for now it looks like an accident. Da Wire, 8 People Were On Baltimore Bridge At Time Of Collapse; Ship Issued A Mayday Before Collision: Authorities  Breitbart, No Indication of Terrorism in Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Says FBI, and they just might be playing this one straight. Bob Spencer at Front Page, Tragic Boat Accident in Baltimore — And Yet… "In Old Joe Biden’s America, nothing can be taken for granted."  NewsMax astonished that Ship That Collapsed Baltimore Bridge Was Carrying Hazardous Materials, Officials Say. You don't say? With only 10,000 containers, what are the chances? At Althouse, "The majority of the financial fallout is likely to lay primarily with the insurance industry...." ""Industry experts told FT that insurers could pay out losses for bridge damage, port disruption, and any loss of life. The collapse could drive 'one of the largest claims ever to hit the marine (re)insurance market,' John Miklus, president of the American Institute of Marine Underwriters, told Insurance Business.... The Dali is covered by the Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Ltd.... Britannia... told FT it was 'working closely with the ship manager and relevant authorities to establish the facts and to help ensure that this situation is dealt with quickly and professionally.'" It's gonna be a big bill. Charles@charlesbonnerjr "No surprise maritime professionals wanted a tunnel, but the government cut corners and built a bridge, now we suffer the consequences - “just a matter of time”" I have also heard that until recently, tugs stayed with ships until they passed the bridge, but that was cut due to costs. Contributory negligence? Breitbart astonished, Joe Biden: Government Will Pay ‘Entire Cost’ of Rebuilding Baltimore Bridge. Well, it is part of the Interstate Highway system. I'm sure the federal government will be happy to cash any settlement checks, but rebuilding it will be on them. At Da Signal, Distracted By Climate Change? Former Trump Transportation Official Weighs in on Bridge Collapse. They're wasting enormous amounts of time and money on climate change, but a very big ship hit the bridge. End of story. From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 03.27.24, 357 Magnum,  MV Dali Has Become The Conspiracy Theory Du Jour, Twitchy Baltimore Has Bigger Problems Than Just A Bridge and Transterrestrial Musings: Baltimore.

Bob Spencer at PJM, Obama Has 'Grave Concern' Biden Will Lose, Is Ready to Intervene. From TNP, Biden Camp in Panic Over RFK.  At PJM Matt Margolis sees the  DNC Goes Into Full Panic Mode About Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Presidential Bid and Stephen Kruiser finds The RFK Jr. Running Mate Nonsense Was a Welcome Break on a Dark Day. PI, Jill Biden Outrageously Compares Florida To Nazi Germany. Ace, Joe Biden Tells Security to Let Anti-Israel Protesters Heckle Him: "They Have a Point."  Once again, he panders to the Jihad Chorus and tells security to allow an obviously-Arab woman continue rating about Israel, and then says "They have a point." From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 03.27.24,  Behind The Black:  Part 3: The expected tantrum of madness should Biden actually lose the election

Nick Pope at Da Caller, Feds Reportedly Probed Transactions Linked To Joe Biden’s Brother In Connection With Criminal Investigation. Lincoln Brown at PJM reports DOJ Moves to Drop Lawsuit Against Dish Network After Donation to Biden Campaign. Just a coincidence, I'm sure. 

Ace, Illegitimate Tyrant Biden Is Considering Granting Amnesty and Handing Out Green Cards to Illegal Aliens, On No Authority Except The Power He Has Usurped. "Democracy's on the ballot, guys. January 6th. It was a bloodbath or something." James Varney and Abigail Degnan at RCW, The Many Ways a Porous Border Means Crime Without Boundaries. At NewsMax, Rep. John James: 'Biden's Open Border' Claims Another

Mary Chastain at LI, Biden Energy Dept. Giving $6 Billion for Projects Targeting Greenhouse Gas Emissions "Rhetorical question: Why are WE subsidizing these projects?! Make it stop!" Elizabeth
Dicken at the Pipeline explains How 'Green' Projects Are Looting the Treasury

At Breitbart, Judge Merchan Gags Donald Trump in New York Criminal Case. Sundance contributes President Trump Blasts Juan Merchan’s Conflict of Interest and Familial Opposition – Insufferable “Hush Money” Lawfare Case  "So, let me get this straight, the Judge’s daughter is allowed to post pictures of her “dream” of putting me in jail, the Manhattan D.A. is able to say whatever lies about me he wants, the Judge can violate our Laws and Constitution at every turn, but I am not allowed to talk about the attacks against me, and the Lunatics trying to destroy my life, and prevent me from winning the 2024 Presidential Election, which I am dominating? Maybe the Judge is such a hater because his daughter makes money by working to “Get Trump,” and when he rules against me over and over again, he is making her company, and her, richer and richer. How can this be allowed?" Chuck Callesto@ChuckCallesto "BOMSHELL REPORT:  Accusations emerge that Michael Cohen was HAVING AN AFFAIR with Stormy Daniels since 2006 and that the "hush money scheme was cooked up by Michael Cohen to EXTORT THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION before the 2016 election".. "Avenatti shared details of his client Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, case and the fact that her and Michael Cohen were actually having an affair since 2006." -Tony Seruga". That would explain a lot.

NYPo reports Jon Stewart benefited by 829% ‘overvalue’ of his NYC home even as he labels Trump’s civil case ‘not victimless’ "Comedian Jon Stewart ranted this week that Donald Trump’s civil real-estate case overvaluing his properties was “not victimless,” yet when it came to his own home, Stewart benefited from a similar inflation. . . .  it didn’t take long for internet sleuths to look into Stewart’s own property history, which shows his New York City penthouse sold for 829% more than its assessed value, records confirmed by The Post reveal. In 2014, Stewart sold his 6,280-square-foot Tribeca duplex to financier Parag Pande for $17.5 million. The property’s asking price at that time is not available in listing records. But according to 2013-2014 assessor records obtained by The Post, the property had the estimated market-value at only $1.882 million." At Am Spec Deroy Murdock thinks Trump Should Sue Letitia James for Sex and Race Discrimination "He must demand justice under America’s keystone civil-rights law." At Da Fed, Mark Hemingway notes New York’s Fraud Judgment Against Trump Is So Bad, Even His Biggest Critics Aren’t Defending It

Althouse, "Mr. Trump ended the first day of public trading $4.6 billion richer on paper...." "I'm reading "Trump’s Social Media Company Opens New Avenue for Conflicts of Interest/Ethics experts say Trump Media, now a publicly traded company, would present a new way for foreign actors or others to influence Donald J. Trump, if he is elected president" (NYT). Isn't it funny how his haters got him kicked off Twitter and — only because of that — he made his own website and 3 years later, it makes him $4.6 billion?" Don Surber calls it The greatest Trumpenfreude of all "They kicked President Trump off Twitter. That's about to make him $3,600,000,000." Althouse, It's a trap, and they fall into it.

From Am Con Peter Tonguette proposes Trump 2028 "The Twenty-second Amendment is an arbitrary restraint on presidents who serve nonconsecutive terms—and on democracy itself." Pesky constitution. At I&I, Tulsi Gabbard For VP? No, Tulsi Gabbard for SecDef. Daniel Thornton @Panamadan61 "BREAKING: Governor DeSantis has begun transporting squatters to occupy the homes of Martha's Vineyard." Babylon Bee quips DeSantis Kicked Out Of Republican Party For Accomplishing Too Many Things. Hat Hair's Capt. Ed quips back "Yeah, it's satire ... but not by much."

Stephen Kruiser again, NBC News Division Cretins Are So Awful That They're Almost Making Me Like Ronna McDaniel. Fox chortles NBC's ousting of Ronna McDaniel reinforces status as anti-Trump, pro-Biden network. "Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd led the revolt against NBC bosses over hiring the ex-RNC chair." Sundance is amused, $600,000 For 20 Minutes Work – Ronna McDaniel Likely to Have Significant Payday After NBC Firing

From Behind the Black, Part 2: A further list of upcoming Democratic Party election chaos "In part one of this series yesterday I outlined one Democratic Party scenario for stealing a Trump election victory, based on the possibility that they might regain control of both Houses of Congress this year due to Republican resignations, and use that power to interfere with the election result as a lame duck Congress." From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 03.27.24, at  Da Fed,  Jen Psaki Lies About Lying, Biden’s 2025 Budget Spends Too Much Money On All The Wrong Things, DeKalb County GOP Calls On Georgia Election Board Member To Resign Over Lobbying Conflicts, and Leftists Bragged About ‘Fortifying’ The 2020 Election. Now They’re Flaunting Plans To Do It Again In 2024, and Mark Steyn: Peaceful Transfer of Power Update!Also at Da Fed, Exclusive: School Board Members Accuse Wisconsin Public Schools Superintendent Of Election MeddlingWisconsin Voters Have A Chance To Rid Their Elections Of ‘Zuckbucks’ For Good and Alabama Secretary Of State Warns Of ‘Misleading’ Voter Registration Mailer By Leftist GroupGeorge@BehizyTweets, "BREAKING: The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that mail-in ballots with no dates can't be counted by Pennsylvania election officials Democrats were fighting so that every ballot that showed up would count... this ruling stops that insanity"

From Da Wire, Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin Vetoes Dozens Of Gun Control Bills, Emerges As ‘Brick Wall’ Against Democrats.

Rick Moran at PJM VIP, DeSantis Signs Bill Restricting Social Media Access for Kids Under 14 Years Old. Nice try, but I'll bet it gets overturned. Mary Chastain again reports  the  Missouri AG Files Petition to Force Media Matters to Comply With Civil Investigative Demand. “My office has reason to believe Media Matters used fraud to solicit donations from Missourians in order to bully advertisers into pulling out of X, the last social media platform dedicated to free speech in America…” 'Bonchie' at RedState sees  '60 Minutes' Get Caught Red-Handed After Interview With 'Misinformation Expert'. Nate Hochman at Am Spec hears  The Censorship Lobby Is Worried About … Censorship? "A “misinformation research” team claims its findings are being “chilled” on social media." Free speech for them, but not us. At Insty, THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE IS NOW BASICALLY PRO-DEFAMATION:

Volokh at the Volokh Report reports Private Employee's Claim That She Was Fired for Peacefully Attending Jan. 6 Events Can Go Forward, "under California statutes that protect private employees' political activity; the plaintiff claimed that "[s]he listened to speeches being made and walked to the Capitol, and then she left," and "did not participate in any rioting." From TNP, Trump SecDef Says Jan 6 Committee Threatened Him Into Silence and Secret Service, Bomb Squad Rush to Biden Advisor Home… Turns Out Someone Dumped Manure Outside.

Bill Brown at Da Fed tells How I Became A Casualty Of The Ongoing Ideological Purge In American Jurisprudence. Hat Hair's Dave Strom reports a school District Hiring 'Whiteness' Superintendent to Root Out White Supremacy. Da Wire, hears ‘BRING IT ON’: School Board President Challenges Parents Concerned Over Gender Policy Changes. Herr Professor Jacobson at LI, DoE Civil Rights Office Opens Investigation Into UW-Madison ‘BIPOC’ Fellowship After Complaint By Equal Protection Project. “OCR will investigate the following issue: Whether the University excluded applicants based on race, color and national origin from its Creando Comunidad: Community Engaged Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Fellows fellowship program (Fellowship Program) in a manner inconsistent with the requirements of Title VI.” From NYPo, Private school students get fake ADHD diagnoses for 200-point boost to SAT, ACT after tests brought back by Ivy League. Larry Sand at Am Great thinks The Plague That Besets Our Schools Is Extensive. "Armpit licking, condoms, transgenderism, and socialism are on full display." Armpit licking? 

Ace, Illinois Parole Board Lets Criminal Out of Prison Despite His Menacing a Mother With a Child; The Day After He's Set Free, He Attacks the Mother and Kills the Child "The 11-year-old boy was trying to protect his mom from this dangerous criminal, so the murderer stabbed him to death. . . .  Two members of the parole board have now resigned. But the murdered child has not been resurrected." Bill Otis at Ringside of the Reckoning sees us get Back to Mayhem with Just One Bad Idea. "Criminal justice reform" isn't getting "smart on crime." It's getting stupid -- again. And thousands of times, it's getting us hurt or dead."

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Paige For Purdue! and FMJRA 2.0: Gloom, Despair, Etc. up and garnering clicks at The Other McCain.