Monday, March 4, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - Nikki Wins One, Chinese Demand Hunter Refund, Supes Keep Trump on Ballots

Yeah, it figures, if there is one jurisdiction where Republicans are likely to pick Nikki Haley over Donald Trump, it's Washington D.C., home of the long time GOPe. Anxious anxiously reports Nikki Haley makes history with D.C. Republican primary win. "The big picture: While Haley's win in Washington, D.C., doesn't affect the trajectory of the race that former President Trump has dominated, it's a welcome boost for the ex-UN ambassador ahead of this week's Super Tuesday contests." Joe Weber at JTN,  Haley wins District of Columbia GOP presidential primary, first win of her campaign. "The former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador picked up 19 delegates," NYPo reports Nikki Haley beats Trump in DC Republican primary, gets her first 2024 victory. Ward Clarke at RedState, Nikki Haley 'No Longer Bound' by Pledge to Endorse Trump, "noting that “if you talk about an endorsement, you’re talking about a loss. I don’t think like that.” At Breitbart, Nikki Haley: I’m No Longer Bound by Pledge to Support Trump — RNC Is ‘Not the Same’. TownHall's Kurt Schlichter notes The GOP Is Changing, and That’s Good. "Yes, we’re changing, and that’s good. But look at the other party. They’re regressing. They’re the cutting edge of the neo-Bolshevik Revolution, except I will give this to Lenin’s crew – at least they knew which bathroom to use." Phil Wegman at Am Great quotes Haley: Nominating Trump Means ‘Suicide for Our Country’. "Nikki Haley, stubbornly clinging to life ahead of Super Tuesday, has been more aggressive with Trump as he gains momentum." ET, Trump Urges Virginians to Vote on Super Tuesday, Does Not Mention Haley. I expect she'll do well in NoVa as well, but lose the state. Dave Krayeden at HE says Nikki Haley is the new Liz Cheney. So, SuperTuesday is tomorrow, and they really should put the stake through the heart of the Haley campaign. 

Meanwhile, PM reports Trump leads Biden in 7 crucial swing states: Bloomberg-Morning Consult poll "Trump is defeating Biden in seven battleground states including Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania." But they haven't counted the "mail-in" votes yet. Breitbart, Slate of Polls Show Trump Opening Firm Lead over Biden as General Election Begins. Da Wire, NYT Poll Spells Problems For Biden. Guy Benson at TownHall, Leftists Are Melting Down Over the Latest NYT Survey, But There's Even More Bad Polling News for Biden.

From NewsMax, Trump: 'I'm the One That's Ending the Threat to Democracy'. OTP, Trump Warns DC Lobbyists: ‘If You Don’t Bother Voting, Don’t Bother Calling’. He's such a meanie! Brian C. Joondeph at Am Think wonders about Trump’s Promise -– Retribution or Revenge? Grayson Bakich at PJM wonders Will Trump's Momentum Overcome Potential Fraud in November? At WaEx, Judge finds Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship to vote not discriminatory. OTP,  Iowa Democrats Scrap Nominating Caucus After 2020 Fiasco, use Mail In Ballots.

The Great Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great is Gearing Up for ‘Biden’ Versus Trump: Not If, But When and How to Replace Biden "If Trump can praise those he defeats, call for unity, and campaign in 50 states in non-Republican strongholds, then he can win." Nate Silver sees Biden’s problem is with swing voters, not with his base. "The political landscape has shifted since 2012, and a turnout-over-persuasion strategy may not work for Democrats." Steve Hayward at Power Line has Today’s “Dump Biden” Installment. "Just a guess, but I think the word has gone out from the Obama redoubt in Martha’s Vineyard and/or his shadow White House in Kalorama that the New York Times needs to lead the push this week to force Biden out of the race." Rick Moran at PJM hears the Biden Campaign Tells Democrats Who Want Someone Else: Ain't Gonna Happen. But they have to say that up until the last minute. From Breitbart, ‘SNL’ Mocks Democrats Defending Joe Biden’s Age and Vitality: ‘He Parkoured to the Top of the Border Wall.’ Even the Dispatch, Joe Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation, Explained "Although the Supreme Court blocked one of the president’s debt cancellation plans, his administration has forgiven billions via other policies."

Nick Arama at Red State wants you to WATCH Jill Biden Get Heckled in Arizona, and It Isn't Over Those Breakfast Tacos. Hat Hair's KT, Jill Biden Heckled at Arizona Campaign Stop, by Palestine supporters, of course. They won't vote for Trump, but they may not vote for Biden either. From OTP, ATTACK DOG JILL, "First Lady Steps In For Sleepy Joe, Bashes 'Dangerous' Trump." GBN, Joe Biden is most 'anti-British President' - Britons should welcome Trump's return as 'unsung champion' says Cohen. Hat Hair's Beege Welborn snarks "Welcome to our world, guys. He's probably the most anti-American president we've ever had, too." JT Young at Am Spec predicts Biden Would Go Further Left. "Just look at where he has already been." At Da Caller, Larry Elder fears Kamala Harris Is The Grim Future Of The Democrat Party

Nick Arama again, hears Whoops: Chinese Doctor Who Paid Hunter Biden a Million Dollars for 'Legal Services' Wants Refund, services not rendered. The Divine Ms. Devine at NYPo, Hunter Biden’s Chinese legal ‘client’ threatens to sue unless first son pays back $1 million. I&I, The Public Disservice Of The Hunter Biden Testimony "But Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Republican, said that “when pressure was placed on Hunter Biden he swung back to being, you know, a poor, pitiful addict. And then when he wanted to brag about things he was the smartest and most successful businessman in the room.”" Steve Richards at JTN, notes the Biden family has a long history of being kept afloat by Democratic donors. "Are democrats a meal ticket for Bidens? The newly released transcript of presidential brother James Biden’s testimony shows he received large sums of money from Democratic donors, mirroring Hunter Biden’s relationship with Kevin Morris." Tristan Justice at Da Fed is pleased that House Republicans Probe FBI’s Sudden About-Face On Confidential Source. “Prior to the indictment, the FBI allowed Mr. Smirnov to serve as a CHS for over 14 years and earn a six-figure income, while maintaining ‘extensive and extremely recent’ foreign intelligence contacts,” lawmakers wrote. “Only after Mr. Smirnov reported that President Joe Biden accepted a bribe from a Ukrainian energy company in exchange for using his official position to oust the Ukrainian Prosecutor General did the FBI apparently take a hard look at this CHS.” At Da Caller, Tomi Lahren Says Biden Impeachment Optics Have ‘Fallen Flat’ With Voters. Yes, it should be a last resort. 

From PM, Trump in VA – ‘Biden’s Border Conduct is a Conspiracy to Overthrow America’. More like to convert it into the country they can rule. Debby Saunders at Am Spec looks at the Showdown at the Border. "Both presidential contenders stake their claim to the central issue of the campaign." Jake Smith at Da Caller hears the Biden Admin Asks Sanctuary Cities To Cooperate With ICE To Deport Criminal Illegal Migrants — But There’s A Problem "Despite claims that it wants sanctuary cities to work in concert with ICE in detaining and deporting alien criminals, the Biden administration has shuttered or ended contracts with several detention facilities across the U.S. since Biden took office in 2021." The Free Bacon reports Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Smeared ICE Agents as Racists. Now, She Calls Them 'Critically Necessary.' "Dem Senate hopeful pivots on border enforcement amid campaign against Rick Scott."  Kathleen Brush at Am Think thinks Since 1965, Democrats Have Exploited Immigration For Political Power. From Florida's Voice, DeSantis and Mast pressure ICE into letting alleged undocumented rapist be re-arrested. John Parrazo at Front Page looks at the numbers for The Truth About Illegal-Alien Criminality "Do illegal aliens actually commit fewer crimes than do legal American citizens?" No. At Am Think Robert Weissberg decries The End of Assimilation

Fox, yesterday, Supreme Court decision on case barring Trump from Colorado's 2024 ballot could arrive as early as Monday.  At Hat Hair, Gird Your Loins. Dan Chaitin at Da wire, Supreme Court Signals Possible Trump Ballot Ruling Ahead Of Colorado Primary. Althouse, "The Supreme Court announced on Sunday that it would issue at least one decision on Monday..." ""... a strong signal that it would rule then on former President Donald J. Trump’s eligibility for Colorado’s primary ballot." OTP, SCOTUS Could Announce Ruling On Trump 14th Amendment, ‘Insurrection’ Case By Monday. Sure enough just now, Da Caller, Supreme Court Rules Trump Cannot Be Removed From Colorado Ballot and  Madeleine Hubbard at JTN reports, Supreme Court unanimously rules Trump can remain on ballot:  

The Supreme Court ruled that the "responsibility for enforcing" the 14th Amendment's "insurrection" clause "against federal officeholders and candidates rests with Congress and not the States." The court said that "the text of the Fourteenth Amendment, on its face, does not affirmatively delegate such a power to the States."

If states were allowed to determine which candidates were eligible for the ballot, it could result in a candidate being "declared ineligible in some States, but not others, based on the same conduct," the justices wrote. "The disruption would be all the more acute" if a candidate were found ineligible after people had voted in the election, they also said. "Nothing in the Constitution requires that we endure such chaos."

But Josh Hammer at Am Great warns Trump’s Fainthearted SCOTUS Picks Could Doom Him in DC Election Case "If Trump secures a second presidential term, conservatives must ensure he makes better Supreme Court selections, as his own picks now play a role in determining whether such a term even materializes." Clarice at Am Think thinks about Checkmating DoJ and Jack Smith.  

Dan Greenfield at Front Page sees While Kids Die, NY AG Letitia James Focuses on Transgender Locker Rooms. "Don't contact AG James, unless the shooter also misgendered them." "New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) on Friday demanded that a Nassau County official immediately repeal an executive order restricting the ability of transgender women and girls to participate in athletic events at county-run facilities, arguing it is “in clear violation” of state law." John Green at Am Think thinks New York Opens a Back Door to Communism. Backdoor? Hell, Letitia threw open all the doors and windows. 

Da Caller, Jury Convicts First Jan. 6 Rioter Who Entered The Capitol. 'The Ghost' at Am Think tells the story of how My Friend Steve Baker Was Arrested: Thoughts About Bowie, Trump, DeSantis -- and yes, American Thinker "He was ordered to show up in a tee shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. Baker instead went FULL White Collar. God Bless him! I mean, seriously, it’s hard for me to write about this story without my left index finger constantly hitting the F key! His defiance with the suit was a victory for all of us."

At Da Fed, Brianna Lyman reports Pennsylvania Partners With DHS, CISA Censors To Target Election Speech It Deems A ‘Threat.’ At ET, How the Government Used ‘Track F’ to Fund Censorship Tools. M. Walter at Am Think warns of The Brutal Wielding of the Mis/Dis Information Club. Eric Lyman at JTN sees a November prelude? Big Tech starts effort in Europe to use AI to detect election ‘misinformation.’ "AI has already has thrown a loop into the U.S. primaries with a fake robocall in New Hampshire." Thad McCotter at Am Great on Google’s AI Chatbot Gemini: ‘The Ultimate Computer.’ "AI is as fair and accurate as the people programming it. It does not take a crack computer programmer to realize the need to reject the dangerous and divisive woke ideology being imparted into AI."

From Fox, GOP lawmaker behind Florida defamation bill says critics are wrong: 'Nothing in this bill' hurts conservatives. "Rep. Alex Andrade says HB 757 will bring 'judicious, efficient' resolutions to historically lengthy, frivolous lawsuits." At Twitchy, Moms For Liberty BURIES 60 Minutes With Receipts After Program Runs Hit Piece on 'Banning' Books. At Da Fed, the Unsinkable Mollie Hemingway is pissed that Kavanaugh Hoaxer Ruth Marcus Can’t Stop Harassing Clarence Thomas’ Clerk.

TNP reports University of Florida Lays Off All DEI Staff. It's a start. David Bernstein@ProfDBernstein, “To call DEI useless would be an understatement,” From Da Wire, Ben Shapiro Reveals How UCLA Med Students Are Taught ‘Anti-White, Anti-American Hatred’. HE, ANTHONY WATSON: Denver ethnic studies curriculum teaches high schoolers to 'dismantle systems of power'. Kylee Griswold at Da Fed says The True ‘Threat To Democracy’ Isn’t White Americans, It’s The Democrat Party. HE,  LIBBY EMMONS: White, rural Americans aren't the problem, it's the coastal elites who hate them that are the true threat to democracy. At Am Think "Wolf Howling" compares Christian Nationalism: The American Revolution Versus The French Revolution and Todd and Erik Gregory discuss Killing the Boer, American Style

mrcTV calls it Pure Narcissism: Trans Space Force Lt. Col. Demands 'Respect,' Calls for 'Pride' & 'Pronouns' in Emails. Hadley Freeman at the Times (UK), thinks  Indulging killers’ trans delusions is dangerous. "The cat-torturing murderer Scarlet Blake isn’t a woman, he’s mentally ill."

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: The Shame of Life ready for your digital pleasure at The Other McCain.

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