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Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump Bond Reduced to a Mere $175 Million

Stacy McCain, The Leticia James Fraud. As I intimated on Sunday, it's now out in the open, Spencer Brown at TownHall reports Judge Hands Trump Partial Victory in Civil Fraud Case. "In a somewhat surprising ruling, the judge slashed the bond amount to a still-staggering $175 million and extended the deadline for Trump to come up with the money and post the bond by ten days." Althouse,  "A state appeals court ruled that Donald Trump and his co-defendants in the New York civil fraud case have 10 days to post a $175 million bond..." Ace, NY Court of Appeals Lowers Amout of Bond Trump Must Post to Appeal from $454 Million to $175 Million. "Trump had moved for the court to accept a $100 million bond, which he said he could afford. Of course the court could not do what Trump asked; they have to punish him and treat him like a rapist."   From Breitbart, Donald Trump: ‘It Will Be My Honor to Post’ $175M Bond and Media: Trump Wins ‘Crucial,’ ‘Unexpected’ Victory in Bond Ruling. Sarah Arnold at TownHall, CNN Panelist Warns What Will Happen If Letitia James Seizes Trump's Assets, and It's Not Good for Dems. "Frank Luntz suggested that Trump’s chances of being elected in the 2024 presidential election will grow immensely over James’ politically motivated case taking extreme measures."  Nicole Silvero at Da Caller, Turley Says Judge’s Ruling In Trump Civil Fraud Case Is ‘Absurd,’ ‘Quite Grotesque’

JTN staff report Fulton County DA says ‘train is coming’ for Trump, his co-defendants, but obstacles remain. "And though he allowed Willis to stay on the case, Judge McAfee did say there were “reasonable questions” about both Willis's and Wade's truthfulness when they testified at the hearings." PM, DA Fani Willis defends herself, says she is ‘not embarrassed’ about relationship scandal with Nathan Wade, "I don't feel like my reputation needs to be reclaimed," Willis said. "Let's say it for the record, I'm not embarrassed by anything that I've done." Fox 5 Atlanta, Fulton County DA Fani Willis claims she's only DA with 'courage' to prosecute Trump

At LI Mary Chastain reports a New York Judge Sets Trump’s ‘Hush Money’ Trial to Start on April 15, "The judge also gave Trump’s team a chance “to file a motion seeking to delay the trial based on pre-trial publicity concerns.”" and Herr Professor Jacobson opines “what’s going on in New York State with the weaponization of prosecutors’ offices both criminally and civilly is really troubling”. "My appearance on The Legal Lowdown with with Imran H. Ansari, Esq.: “That’s the disparity between the Democrats and the Republicans when it comes to abuse of the law. It does set a really bad precedent, but it’s not a precedent that Democrats in New York State are the least bit worried about” because it won’t happen to them." Grayson Bakich at PJM notes Nancy Pelosi's Son Gets Off Scot-Free (Again) for Money and Mail Fraud. "Also, did you know this is the SEVENTH time Paul Pelosi Jr. has been tied to federal crimes?" Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Democrats’ Campaign Strategy Of Anti-Trump Lawfare Makes A Mockery Of The Justice System. At NYPo, Jonathan Turley opines Dem lawfare puts Trump through hell, but he hardly breaks a sweat. From Breitbart, Majority of 56% Believe Joe Biden Trying to Win by Jailing Trump. Sundance at CTH, Finally – House Subcommittee Chairman Pete Sessions Starts Looking at Root of DC Lawfare Activity.

Fox Business reports Truth Social parent company Trump Media & Technology Group to become publicly traded company "TMTG stock will trade as 'DJT' on Nasdaq". At Da Wire Trump’s Media Company To Go Public, Be Traded Under ‘DJT’ On Stock Market.  "The merger reportedly increases Trump’s net worth by over $4 billion and land him on Bloomberg Billionaires Index for the 500 wealthiest people in the world." 

Hat Hair's Dave Strom sees Deep, Deep Trouble for Biden in Harvard/Harris Poll. NewsMax hypes a Harvard Poll: Trump at 55 Percent Presidential ApprovalHat Hair's KT hears James Carville: Biden's Poll Numbers are Like "Seeing Grandma Naked". At Da Caller, Biden Is Running Out Of Time To Boost Dismal Poll Numbers In Crucial Battleground States. Susie Moore at RedState is impressed how Marco Rubio Leaves Jonathan Karl Spluttering As He Lays Out Successes of Trump Versus Failures of Biden. mrcTV reports even Half of Democrat Voters Say the News Is Being ‘Dictated’ by the Biden Campaign. I&I, The Great Divorce: 3.7 Million Have Fled Counties That Voted For Biden. Let's just hope they remember why when they go to vote. Insty sees through NEWSWEEK: Joe Biden’s ‘Bloodbath’ Remarks Resurface After Trump Speech Fury. "After Donald Trump‘s controversial remarks warning of a “bloodbath” should he lose the presidential election in November, similar comments made by Joe Biden during the 2020 primary have been resurfaced online. . . . Shorter Newsweek: Republicans “take out of context” Biden’s own use of the word “bloodbath” after DNC-MSM took out of context Trump’s use of the word “bloodbath” to attack him."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.25.24, Twitchy, 'Embellishment' Alert: Free Beacon Catches Biden in ANOTHER Big Lie. Ace, You Know That Bizarre Story Biden Told the Special Counsel About a Worker Getting His Penis Burned Off? Yeah, Biden Lied About It. "It wasn't just a random story told by a confused old man. It was that, too, but it wasn't just that. It was yet another confabulation by a confused old man to brag about himself. He told the story to indicate that when he was a young (incompetent) lawyer, he fought for the rights of this abused worker. It's a hero origin story. Trouble is, there's only been one case like that ever reported in legal reporters -- those thick books you see behind lawyers in ambulance-chaser reporters -- and when that case was settled, Biden was still in law school. It's yet another case of Biden hearing about something and just incorporating it into his ever-expanding self-mythology." The Free Bacon would like you to WATCH: Joe Biden's Senior Moment of the Week (Vol. 86). From Da Mail, the Embarrassing moment Kamala Harris claps along and smiles to protest in Puerto Rico (before vice president is told what they were ACTUALLY saying). "The song was a protest anthem that questioned: 'We want to know, Kamala, what did you come to do? We want to know, Kamala, what is going to happen?'" Victory Girls, Kamala: New DOJ Red Flag Center Would’ve Stopped Parkland. Bullshit. 

Nick Arama at RedState, All Biden's Fault: Hamas Rejects Latest Ceasefire/Hostage Deal, Seals Their Fate. VodkaPundit, Joe Biden Just Made Us a Terror-Sponsoring Nation. PJM's Bob Spencer, But for Michigan, Joe? Breitbart, GOP Blasts Biden’s ‘Unconscionable’ U.N. Vote Abstention on Gaza.

Mary Chastian reports Illegal Alien Border Encounters Sets New February Record as Tensions Escalate in El Paso. "Unfortunately, the border patrol has a backlog in El Paso since the illegal aliens have stayed longer than expected." Hat Hair's KT, All Senate Dems Vote No on Amendment to Prevent Taxpayer Dollars Spent on Migrant Flights and Mayor Eric Adams Abruptly Cancels Trip to Southern Border At Da Signal, I Asked Illegal Aliens If They Knew They Were Breaking Law. Here’s What They Said.

John Klar at Da Fed claims Biden’s Green Policies Will Leave People Freezing This Winter. From the Victory Girls hear Biden to Americans: You Will Buy EVs or You Will Stay Home.

Hat Hair's KT, thinks it's a Shocker that Forty Percent of Black Voters Don't Want to Vote in 2024 Election. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair VIP, RFK Jr. Off the Ballot in Nevada? for lack of VP candidate. Always read the instructions. At Althouse RFF Jr. says "I would have a very low opinion of myself as well" if all I read were the TV news. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, Santos: Screw it. I'll Run as an Independent. Sundance at CTH warns She Will Bail – Senator Lisa Murkowski Again Threatens to Leave the Republican Party. "It’s really not a matter of if Republican senators will leave the party in the lame duck session after a President Trump win in November; the question is: how many?" Brent Baker at Hat Hair hears Infernal INTERNAL OUTRAGE Alert: Blue Hissy Fits About 'Trust' Are Hilarious Re: McDaniel's NBC Gig.

Stacy McCain, Election Fraud Never Happens. Election Fraud Never Happens. Election Fraud Never … Oh, Wait — Chicago? 

You’ll be denounced as an “election denier” if you dare suggest that Democrats are able to manufacture phony votes in order to “win” elections, but exactly what the hell is going on in Chicago?
The Chicago Board of Elections revealed on Saturday that more than 10,000 ballots hadn’t been included in previous vote totals by mistake, making unofficial counts lower than expected. In a news release, a spokesperson for the CBOE explained that while adding up vote-by-mail ballots, he accidentally left out additional ballots that had been delivered by the U.S. Postal Service on Monday.

Insty cites JEFFREY CARTER: Stealing It: Chicago Shows How It Is Done. “Only about 20% of eligible voters voted, and it’s taking them at least six days past the election to count all the votes. Every single one of these people is responsible for making fraud easier. But, the State’s Attorney’s race was closer. Lo and behold after all the ballots were practically counted they ‘found’ another mail-in ballot dropbox full of 10,000 ballots that were not postmarked or dated. They are counting them now.” Bob Zimmerman at Behind the Black starts a new list: Part 1: The expected upcoming election chaos caused by the left’s hatred of any opposition.

At ET, Steve Baker, on the Jan. 6 Front Lines and in the DOJ’s Crosshairs "Steve Baker, who captured dramatic video on Jan. 6, is charged with four federal misdemeanors. Just who qualifies as a journalist on Jan. 6—and who decides?" Conservatives need not apply. 

Ace, No Way (x2): Harvard Study Determines That "Disinformation Experts" Are Overwhelmingly Leftists "Because this has been a leftwing information operation all along." At Hat Hair, Dave Strom dissects a Harvard Study: Misinformation 'Experts' a Bunch of Leftists, Larry, Do the Media Realize They're Losing?, KT, Chuck Todd's Hypocrisy Is Showing at NBC, and Jazz Shaw, Google Has Been Ratting Out YouTube Viewers to the Feds. John Solomon at JTN reports Congress is probing whether IRS using AI to invade Americans’ financial privacy. "As new inquiry opened, Rep. Hageman says too many Feds “do not recognize our constitutional protections.” Jazz Shaw again, Google Has Been Ratting Out YouTube Viewers to the Feds. At Althouse, "Here, Rogan plays for Haidt what turns out to be an edited clip of [T]rump’s 'bloodbath' comment."  "In this edited clip, it sounds bad. Haidt comes to a conclusion based on this erroneous piece of evidence. Having formed that initial reaction, despite the fact that they realize it was an edited clip and not the original statement, it is virtually impossible for Haidt backtrack on that original impression. This is exactly how fake news works."

Across the pond at Da Telegraph, Sex reassignment in minors may be medical history’s ‘greatest ethical scandal’, French report says. At Da Wire, Wyoming Bans Gender Surgeries, Puberty Blockers For Children. Jazz Shaw Wyoming: No Trans Procedures for Kids. From NYPo, Nassau County executive Bruce Blakeman swamped with support for trans athlete ban. John Sexton, Elite Women in British Sports Are Uncomfortable Competing with Trans Women But Fear Saying So. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair finds something odd in the Start Trib, Free the Nipple Comes to Minnesota. Guess Why. ""If law enforcement believes that someone identifies as a female, then they're going to treat them differently if they have their shirt off than they would someone that they perceive to be a male," Sencer-Mura said. "As we have a shifting understanding of gender, that law just doesn't make sense anymore." A lot of things don't make much sense anymore.  Ben Whedon at JTN reports a Provision in $1.2 trillion 'minibus' would effectively bar pride flags from flying at U.S. embassies "The legislation faces a Friday evening deadline to avert a partial government shutdown." Althouse cites "My version of feminist, queer, trans-affirmative politics is not about policing. I don’t think we should become the police. I’m afraid of the police."

Insty cites BRYAN CAPLAN: With so many foreigners wanting to come to America, why would an American ever marry an American? He has answers. Plus this: “When I ask, ‘Why do Americans ever marry Americans?,’ I suspect that many non-economists will object, ‘What if everyone thought that way?’ An intriguing hypothetical. If 50% of Americans started marrying foreigners, I suspect that nationalists would soon tighten restrictions on marriage visas. If 90% of the 50% of Americans marrying foreigners were male, I suspect that domestic feminists would join forces with nationalists to ‘ensure fairness to women.'” From the College Fix, University’s ‘Ejaculate Responsibly’ campaign blames men for unwanted pregnancies "To avoid the pitfalls of pregnancy, the campaign recommends alternate methods of “sexual pleasure” such as masturbation, sex toys, and/or “only having sex with people who are unable to cause pregnancy” (aka another woman)."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.25.24, at Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog, WNBA Hates Breakout Player Because She’s Straight And White

Ace, No Way: Complaint Alleges that UWisconsin's "DEI Czar" Is Guilty of Decades of Research Misconduct "Huh, I'm starting to think that DEI is just a grift for people who were kicked out of Rainbow PUSH for ethical violations. The research misconduct alleged is self-plagiarism for a change. Now, you may say, "You can't plagiarize yourself," and then you might repeat, with no fear of ethical rebuke, "You can't plagiarize yourself." Which is true. But he keeps presenting the same research as "new research." Apparently he's Regifted the same freaking "research" five times, counting each regurgitation as a new, separate academic achievement. Oh and he also strangled a cop in 2011." Really, nobody is paying any attention to what they write, because it's all nonsense anyway. From Twitchy, Lefty Professor Blames 'Bad Faith Actors' Targeting 'Black Scholars' Over Repeated Plagiarism Scandals. At Da Wire, Ted Cruz Blasts Biden Intel Office Over Diversity Newsletter: ‘Worse Than Silly. It’s Dangerous’, "Document uncovered by The Daily Wire tells intel officials to avoid 'problematic phrases' when discussing Islamic terrorism, celebrates crossdressing."

Brandon Morse at RedState has news of a A California Company  Making a Business Out of Kicking Squatters Out of Properties. Vicky Taft at PJM, You Didn't Think This Squatter Situation Just Appeared Out of Nowhere, Did You? And traces it's evolution through leftist cant. 
The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Gloom, Despair, Etc. up and garnering clicks at The Other McCain.

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