Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Morning Election Post

So much stuff! The Youngkin vs. McAuliffe contest for gubernor still dominate. From Steve Hayward at Power Line, All Eyes on Virgina. At Red State, In the Final Stretch for Virginia, Youngkin and McAuliffe Are Tied. Worries on Da Hill, McAuliffe, Youngkin tied in Virginia governor race. And we know polls, either by poor sampling or design, tend to underestimate Republican votes. Politico, ‘This could be the ballgame:’ Biden goes all-in on Virginia. But is that a help or a hindrance, given Biden's current polling?

Stacy McCain helpfully points out Hypocrite Terry McAuliffe Does Not Send His Kids to Virginia Public Schools

There are all kinds of reasons not to vote for this sleazy swindling leftover from the Clinton era, but here’s the real deal-breaker: Terry McAuliffe is against school choice and he’s trying to send parents to prison for speaking out at public school board meetings, and yet NONE of his children have ever attended a Virginia public school.

As Anxious touts McAuliffe pivots to schools.Sister Toldja at Red State, Terry McAuliffe Makes ‘Pivot’ That Could Seal His Fate as Another Interview Is Cut Short. 

How can you proclaim to be the “education governor” when you a) tell parents they should have no voice in public school curriculums, b) refuse to acknowledge the very real concerns parents are bringing up at school board meetings, and c) suggest concerned parents are “racists”? These are not trick questions. They’re serious ones.

AllahPundit at Haut Hair sees New Youngkin ad that highlights Virginia mom whose school made her son read an explicit book. But which book? Porn with awards. Twitchy catches WaPoo, ‘Holy hell’: WaPo lets education experts explain why parents *don’t* ‘have the right to shape their kids’ curriculum’

Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Youngkin Campaign Delivers Body Blow to Terry McAuliffe in New Ad. OK with Northam's blackface. WaT, Youngkin wins applause from former Virginia Gov. Wilder. And I can think of no better recommendation, from Karen Townsend at Haut Hair, Ragin' Cajun Carville: "I hate guys like Glenn Youngkin"

National File, Terry McAuliffe In 2009: ‘Too Many People Stay In Politics Too Long,’ Career Politicians Should ‘Go On And Do Something Else’. I guess he couldn't find anything else he was good at. And while we focus on Younkin v. McAuliffe, Da Hill lists Six big off-year elections you might be missing.

In the Loudoun County case of the "chick with dick" high school rapist that has touched off much of the concern about education in Virginia, and was cited as a reason for the FBI to investigate rowdy parents at schoolboard meeting, we have a bit of resolution as a judge found Facts Sufficient To Find Loudoun County Teen Engaged In Nonconsensual Sex (Emily Zanotti at Da Wire). Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.25.21, at Twitchy, LCPS rapist has reportedly become the latest casualty of what Barack Obama called ‘phony, trumped-up culture wars’ and ‘fake outrage. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, "Justice was served today": Loudoun rapist convicted in bathroom assault
Where does Scott Smith go to get his reputation back? And better yet, where do the Loudoun County Public Schools board members and superintendent go to have theirs stripped from them? A juvenile court convicted the teenager that raped Smith’s daughter after accessing the bathroom with a cross-dressing ruse and touched off a national controversy over free speech and parental rights in education. . . .

AJ Kaufman again, Parents Slam Obama Over 'Fake Outrage' Claims at Rally. The outrage is real enough. Curiously, as Chrissy Clark at Da Caller reports Loudoun County Forces Parents To Sign NDA-Style Form To View CRT-Inspired Curriculum. I wonder why? /sarc. How could that even be legal? 

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair reminds us School Board Association: Sorry about calling parents domestic terrorists 

As apologies go, this wasn’t a very good one. You’ll note that they’re not apologizing for the underlying premise of the original letter – that parents somehow shouldn’t be sticking their noses into school policy or have a voice in the curriculum choices. They’re just apologizing for “some of the language.”

Ace wakes up, National School Board Association: Okay Maybe We Shouldn't Have Called Parents Domestic Terrorists. A long post, filled with goodies. PM, House GOP demand AG Garland retract his letter instructing FBI to investigate parents, "The House GOP has issued a demand to Attorney General Merrick Garland to "fully and unequivocally withdraw" his memo to the FBI giving them a directive to investigate unruly parents who speak out at school board meetings." 

In demanding that Garland withdraw his letter, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio noted the apology from NSBA, saying that "Because the NSBA letter was the basis for your memorandum and given that your memorandum has been and will continue to be read as threatening parents and chilling their protected First Amendment rights, the only responsible course of action is for you to fully and unequivocally withdraw your memorandum immediately."

It won't happen, but he won't be sending the FBI to schoolboard meetings either, I predict. But Chuck Ross at Wa Free Bee reports Biden Admin Taps School Board Association Honcho For Post In Wake Of Infamous Letter, For service to the cause. At Complete Colorado, Bizarre claims in multiple school board races funded by teachers unions; over $300K kicked in. Rob Jenkins at Town Hall proclaims National Get Your Kids Out of the Government Schools Week Starting early at Da Mail, Goodbye Moon! Bedtime goes woke as books like 'Antiracist Baby', 'Daddy & Dada' and 'A is for Activist' are dominating the shelves with transgender tales and scary stories of police brutality meant to 'indoctrinate' toddlers

For Jan. 6 related material, read this first, at Revolver, Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol. They make a very good case that two "Oath" Ray Eps and Stuart Rhodes, seem to have led the Capitol incursion, and are being protected by the FBI and probably being "handled" by them. This one really is a well researched bombshell. If the FBI actually instigated the breach, Wray should go to jail, and the FBI needs to be dismantled. Every Capitol Hill defendant needs to call them as witnesses.  'Bonchie' at Red State, It Sure Seems Like the DOJ Is Covering Up FBI Instigation of January 6th

Nicholas Waddy at Town Hall reports more 'Insurrection' Theater on Capitol Hill as Dan Chaitin at WaEx reports a possible Trump subpoena? Capitol riot panel chairman says 'nobody's off-limits' and Fuzzy Slippers at LI  finds AOC Still Peddling Lies About Jan. 6: “Almost 10 dead” "Glenn Greenwald: “Claiming that there is ‘almost 10 dead’ from the 1/6 riot is deceitful in the extreme. Four people died on 1/6: all Trump supporters.” Breitbart, Bennie Thompson: ‘No Question’ Capitol Riot Was a Premeditated Attack. And there's a pretty good case to be made the FBI premeditated it. 

Insty find Allison Schuster at Da Fed, Law Firms That Raced To Defend Terrorists In Gitmo Leave Jan. 6 Defendants Out To Dry "The same firms that volunteered to represent 9/11 terrorists pro bono now have no interest in defending the American citizens languishing in prison since January." We know whose side they're on. Anyone but Americans. 

'Bonchie' at Red State debunks Rolling Stone Claims of a Major Bombshell Regarding January 6th. At Da Caller, ‘Pathetic Piece Of Trash’: House Republicans Respond To Rolling Stone Piece Alleging Capitol Riot Coordination. The Wa Free Bee reviews some Trump Derangement Porn.

OK, I give up, no more narrative, just DIY,

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