Monday, February 19, 2024

Beach Report 2/19/24

Another pretty nice winter day, about 40 F, a light breeze, mostly clear, and with a much lower tide.
Looking back at the "Big Tree". A couple of months ago, it was a big barrier to going north, but storms have either moved it out some, or, more likely eaten back the cliff behind it.
Which is where I found this very nice upper Snaggletooth. By far the best of 13 teeth.
I found this Ecphora, Maryland's State Fossil on the way back. It's about as complete as you ever find then, a little bit of the tip and the stem are missing, but they usually are. It was also very clean from being in the surf, although the inside is still packed with sandy clay and shell bits. Georgia thinks it might be our biggest ever. 

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