Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Oregon, My Oregon

 Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw, Oregon University Eliminates Failing Grades

Some colleges and universities in the United States have been struggling with student performance, particularly since they began spending more time protesting Israel or the police than on the classes they signed up for. And the DEI push concerning who does or doesn't get admitted isn't helping either. But no school wants to go public and say that they are graduating a bunch of sub-par students, right? Western Oregon University has joined the ranks of those who are finding creative solutions to these challenges. They will simply no longer issue failing grades to anyone such as "D-" or "F." They will simply assign "no credit" to those who fail to complete the work in the hope that they will be less likely to drop out. Brilliant! (Fox News) 
An Oregon university announced they will abandon failing letter grades, citing a "GPA fixation" that negatively impacts students.

Western Oregon University issued a news release earlier this month that revealed the school would be replacing "D-" and "F" grades with "no credit" to discourage undergrads from dropping out.

Students who do not earn a passing grade in their course will be required to repeat the course and demonstrate proficiency.
The university's press release specified that there is a difference between receiving a failing grade and receiving a "no credit" grade. The NC grade will "not negatively impact student GPAs." In other words, any course that students fail will be ignored and their GPA will only include the scores received in classes where they did well. So if you were taking seven courses this semester and you failed six of them but received a "B" in Transgender Women's Philosophy (I haven't checked, but I would wager they offer it), then you will be recorded as a "B student."

You have to be pretty stupid to get a failing grade in college. 

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