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Flotsam and Jetsam - DOJ Indicts Biden Witness

We really do seem to be sorting through the debris left from the week. Rep. Spartz to Newsmax: Bobulinski 'Brave' for Testimony. Because you know what happens to people who testify against Biden? The FBI goes after them. Matt Margolis at PJM, Biden’s DOJ Arrests Former FBI Informant Who Alleged Burisma Biden Bribes, and I Have Questions. "On Thursday, special counsel David Weiss filed charges against former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov. Smirnov, 43, is the confidential human source (CHS) l who claimed that President Biden received bribes from the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma. Those allegations were documented in the infamous FD-1023 that was released by Sen. Charles Grassley last year. According to a report from CNN, Smirnov was arrested and taken into custody at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas." At Da Caller, Biden DOJ’s Indictment Of Burisma Bribery Source Raises More Questions Than Answers. At WaEx, Chris Datoc, Biden says impeachment inquiry ‘should be dropped’ after indictment of ex-FBI informant. I don't know if he's lying or not, but this is awfully convenient. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed explains why the Special Counsel Indictment Looks Just As Bad For David Weiss As The Charged FBI Informant. "Thursday’s indictment established that no one in U.S. Attorney Weiss’s office investigated Smirnov’s serious claims against Hunter and Joe Biden until after Grassley released a copy of the FD-1023 on July 20, 2023."

Chris Datoc again, says  Biden rendered nearly speechless at White House reacting to Trump’s NATO comments. That's a pleasant change. Tom Jackson at Hat Hair VIP thinks that On NATO Warning Trump Is Crazy ... Like a Fox. At Fox, Biden admin braces for possible Trump win, installs 'roadblocks' to stop him from reshaping government, "My impression is the Biden administration is taking very seriously that potential threat and is trying to do things now." Some good news for Biden at ET, Biden Challenger Dean Phillips Announces 2024 Campaign Staff Layoffs, Stays in Race. "Sadly, I had to announce layoffs to a lot of my staff members." Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, Biden Challenger Lays Off Most Staff -- But Vows to Continue. Not that he posed much of a threat. I think he's just in the race on the chance Biden keels over suddenly. 

CBN, US sees highest record of illegal border crossings from Canada as migrants see it as easier option than Mexico. No Governor Abbott. At Breitbart, Poll Reveals Consensus: Migration Curbs Are Good for U.S.

Hat Hair's Dave Strom reports Economic Growth Happening Mainly in Red States. Liberals credit  migration in from Blue Ruins. At Town Hall, Leah Barkoukis says Just Wait Until You Hear Who's Now Included in Biden's Student Loan Bailout Plan "The Biden administration's latest plan to "cancel" student loan debt extends to those struggling to repay loans due to financial "hardship."" Beege Wellborn is shocked, shocked to discover There's an 'Office of Climate Change and Health Equity'?

At Althouse, "Here’s the [Hur] report’s biggest revelation: Biden held on to classified top-secret national-security documents..."

"... after he left the vice-presidency, and he did it intentionally. This was no accident. Biden had those documents for this specific reason: He believed he had been right on American policy in Afghanistan (and that President Barack Obama had been wrong), and he wanted to paint himself as the visionary hero (and Obama as the heel) in the historical narrative. That’s why Biden shared some of their contents with his ghostwriter — though Hur acknowledges that Biden may have disclosed that classified information inadvertently, citing Biden’s 'lapses in attention and vigilance.' . . . Writes Elie Honig, a former federal and state prosecutor, in "The Real Biden Documents Scandal (It’s Not the Old-Man Stuff)" (NY Magazine)."

Spencer Brown at TownHall, Here's When We'll Learn More About Special Counsel Hur's Report on Biden's Docs, Memory Issues. "On March 12, Hur will appear before the House Judiciary Committee led by Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) for public testimony about his investigation into the president's improper storage of classified material, the interview with Biden, and more." Capt. Ed at Hat Hair catches NBC News: Say, Did Anyone Notice That Biden Broke the Law? (Updated). "It took several days, but NBC News' Ken Dilanian reported today -- on a weekend -- that Robert Hur actually had a case against Joe Biden for felony violations of 18 USC 793. Dilanian refers to this as "one of the most surprising findings" in Hur's report, but was it surprising at all?" Breitbart has a Report that Biden Attorneys Pushed DOJ to Omit Language Critical of His Age. Either he's non compos mentis, and he needs to be put out to pasture using the 25th Amendment, or he needs to be impeached and then indicted. At NYPo, Jonathan Turley opines Biden’s outrageous spin on his special-counsel lies could set him up for impeachment. "Using federal personnel like Sams to spread or repeat false claims could make such allegations “evergreen,” allowing the House to tie them to contemporary “in office” conduct." We have plenty of grounds for impeachment. We lack the honesty in the Congress to do it. Also at NYPo, Rich Lowry calls Joe Biden The most unfit incumbent president up for re-election since FDR. At Da Signal, Psychiatrist Who Called Trump Presidency ‘Dangerous’ Unconcerned About Biden or Special Counsel’s Report.

Regarding Biden, Matt Vespa records Bill Barr Saying Voting for This Person Is 'National Suicide' "Voting for Trump is playing Russian roulette with the country. Voting for Biden is outright national suicide." Capt. Ed sees NY Post claim Nikki's Last Stand in SC?. But will she drop out and reluctantly support Trump, or become a Hindu Liz Cheney? 

At TNP, How Illegal Immigration Can Swing a Presidential Election. "Immigration experts are warning that illegal immigration could impact the number of House seats and Electoral College votes in a presidential election . . . Big picture: The next census won’t be counted until 2030, so this does not pertain to the upcoming election. But something must be done; otherwise, we risk giving representation to roughly 20 million illegals who have taken up residence in mostly Democrat strongholds." ET warns GOP Efforts to Shore Up Election Security in Swing States Face Challenges. "Despite GOP-led efforts to address voter fraud concerns that marred the 2020 election, an analysis of five key swing states finds little fundamental change." One party favors election security, and the other opposes it. Do you wonder why?

Fox, Trump's penalty could cause NY biz exodus to FL, as New York State becomes 'legal banana republic': "NY AG Letitia James and liberal interests in the state appear to be seeking a political 'death by exposure' of Trump, analysts said." PM, 'This is Russia, this is China': Trump slams 'criminal' judge's ruling in New York civil case, "It all comes down to Biden. It's a witch hunt against his political opponent." Sundance at CTH has the video, President Trump Responds to Judge Engoron Decision. Althouse, "In the real world, Mr. Trump is a former president who lost an election and has been denying it ever since."  "Writes James Poniewozik in "For Donald Trump, the Recriminations Will Be Televised/The former president’s trials aren’t being aired. That isn’t stopping him from turning them into a political reality show" (NYT)."

ET has Key Takeaways From the Contentious Fani Willis Disqualification Hearing. The Atlanta J-Con, Bradley worried about losing law license by testifying "Terrence Bradley says he’s concerned about losing his law license if he testifies about his former client, Nathan Wade. Bradley says the State Bar of Georgia told him that “any communications” he had with Wade could be covered by attorney-client privilege. Merchant says Bradley can testify about his knowledge of Wade outside the divorce, such as what Bradley observed as Wade’s law partner. She says Wade waived certain attorney-client privilege when he acknowledged his relationship with Willis in court filings." Charles Lipson at Da Spec, Fani’s ‘personal relationship’ sinks her and her office. "It was a bad, terrible, not very good day in court for the Fulton County DA." It should, but I bet it won't. 

Matt Margolis at PJM, Trump-Russia Docs Prove Obama Admin Manipulated Intel to Target Trump. I have yet to see an actual link to the documents. Gabe Kaminsky at WaEx reports the State Department is threatening to obstruct ‘censorship’ investigation: House GOP. Sundance has the video as Mike Benz Gives Background Context on Internet Censorship Programs to Tucker Carlson. 

True North, finds, in Canada, Kingston union warns teachers they can be disciplined for “right-wing” views, saying “boys and girls.” Hat Hair recasts ItemLive, Hmmm: Girls HS BBall Team Leaves Court After 16 Mins of Play Thanks to 'Injuries.' "According to multiple sources, KIPP has a male player on its girls basketball roster, despite the school offering a boys program. The player is reported to be more than 6 feet tall with facial hair. KIPP officials refused to confirm the player’s gender identification. If the player identifies as female, participation on the girls team would seem to be supported by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, the governing body for high school athletics in the Commonwealth." Beege Welborn comments "The Collegiate Charter coach wouldn't come out and say why, and I have no doubt it's because of the progressive laws in those New England states. If I was a parent, I'd sure be speaking up." 

Herr Professor Jacobson at LI reports Iowa Universities To Review “Diversity Scholarships” After “Civil Complaints … Filed Against Other Universities” by Equal Protection Project. "We are pleased to see that our actions are helping change the narrative on campuses nationwide, even those where we have not filed a complaint." At NewsBusters, Rep. Jim Banks Demands Answers on Air Force Advertiser Connections to NewsGuard, GDI

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