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Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump J6 Trial Postponed Pending Presidential Immunity Plea

At NYPo, DC judge scraps March 4 date for start of Trump’s Jan. 6 trial "DC federal Judge Tanya Chutkan vacated the planned March 4 trial date, noting the court was still awaiting a key decision on Trump’s bid to toss the case on the grounds that he has presidential immunity from the charges. Chutkan’s order means that the first of four planned criminal trials against the 77-year-old Trump will begin in Manhattan next month on charges that he falsified business records to hide hush money payments to two women who claimed he had carried on extramarital affairs with them." Althouse, "Judge Tanya S. Chutkan said that she would set a new date for the proceeding in Federal District Court in Washington 'if and when' former President Donald J. Trump’s immunity claims are resolved." "Robert Mintz, a former federal prosecutor now in private practice, said the prospect of the New York case being Trump’s first criminal trial “is somewhat of a worst-case scenario for prosecutors,” because it is a novel use of the law in a high-profile, politically sensitive matter." Sundance at CTH, President Trump Special Counsel “Election Interference Case” in DC Suspended Indefinitely and Supreme Court Grants Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold 10 Minutes to Justify Her Position on Disqualifying President Trump From Ballot, since it will amount to "because I want to, real bad." Dave Strom at Hat Hair says If Fani Willis Not Removed From Case Then I Have Lost Hope. Ace, CashApp Cougar Fani Willis: Okay, Fine, So I Used Taxpayer Money to Hire a Human Meat-Mallet to Pound My Snizz Into Thin Tender Strips Like Veal Scallopini. "So I wrote that headline on January 19th, and just waited for the inevitable news that Fani Willis admitted the affair. I finally get to hit "publish" on this gem." Andy McCarthy at NRO, cited at Hat Hair, notes Bragg Lets Cop-Beating Illegal Aliens Go Free While Trying Trump's CFO ... Again. Capt. Ed comments "I wasn’t clear yesterday that the case involving the assault on the NYPD officers was handled by Bragg’s office. This is a ludicrous situation, having violent offenders run free while using the power of the DA’s office to conduct a legal war on an old man who’s already dealt with his minor crimes. It’s the worst kind of politicization in both directions."

Tristan Justice at Da Fed notes Democrats (+ Cheney and Ratso) J6 Committee Admits Its Show Trials Were An Election-Year Publicity Stunt. At TNP, Trump Will Appeal Russia Dossier Case After Judge Shields UK Spy Christopher Steele Using Technicality.

Yesterday, a few days after a drone attack by Iranian puppets killed three American soldiers and injured many in Jordan, the Biden Administration ordered many (over 100) air attacks on suspected targets, while assiduously avoiding Iran and its military. I won't judge much at this point, I'm not a military expert, but game theory would suggest that earlier and more frequent responses to earlier attacks on American forces would have had more deterrent effect. Dan Greenfield at Front Page wonders Did Iranian Agent Serving as Pentagon Chief of Staff Cause Death of 3 Soldiers? "How were terrorists able to perfectly time their drone attack without inside information?" Fred Fleitz at Am Great, thinks The Cynical ‘Biden Doctrine’ Middle East Peace Plan is Dead on Arrival. "All Americans should speak out against the so-called Biden Doctrine as a perverse politicization of American foreign policy that could significantly harm a close U.S. ally." At Da Caller, ‘Make Trump’s Day’: Former Trump Adviser John Bolton Warns Biden His Latest Proposal Will Sink Reelection Bid.

Mary Chastain at LI reports on the Biden Border Crisis: ICE Arrests Al Shabaab Terrorist After He Roamed U.S. for a Year "Meanwhile, majority of illegal crossings have shifted to Arizona and California." HE says Talk of an immigration ‘deal’ is just stalling from Biden. I&I, Just Say No To Biden’s Border ‘Deal’. Monica Showalter at Am Think asks "From Hamas to drunk drivers, is there anybody Democrats won't vote against deporting?"  Da Feds Margot Cleveland claims The Biden Administration Is Treading On Texas’ Sovereignty, Not The Other Way Around. Breitbart is disgusted at GOP Rep. Buck: I’m a Solid No Vote on Mayorkas Impeachment. Insty, HOW IT STARTED: "AG Healey Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order to Remove Federal Funding From Sanctuary Cities. . . How it’s going: Massachusetts converts recreation center into shelter for homeless migrants, including those sleeping at Boston airport."

Also at Breitbart, Republicans Demand Drafts of Joe Biden’s Speech on Firing Burisma Prosecutor. TNP, Biden Sex Accuser Tara Reade Suing DoJ. "Tara Reade, the woman who accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993, is suing the Department of Justice for invasion of privacy, emotional distress, and state and federal civil rights violations. She is seeking $10 million in damages, alleging she was subjected to an ongoing FBI investigation designed to shield Biden from her sexual assault accusation." But, from Da Caller, Biden Privately Calls Trump A ‘Sick F*ck’ And A ‘F*cking A**hole’. Althouse, I suspect that Trump, on his own, is pleased that he inspires Biden to splutter dirty words.

Mike Miller at Red State, Buck-Passing Joe Biden Blames Grocery Stores for 'Ripping People Off,' Calls Shoppers 'Suckers'. Althouse reads "Grocery prices have jumped by 25 percent over the past four years, outpacing overall inflation of 19 percent during the same period...." "WaPo reports... with predictable efforts to support Biden." Roll Call has Bad news for Biden on inflation: Voters have long memories. "Comparing president’s record with most predecessors makes his look worse." The Free Bacon revisits How Biden Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love Inflation. TNP, Ex-Soros Investment Chief Confirms ‘Trump Rally’ is Behind Stock Market Surge. "Billionaire investor Scott Bessent, former Chief Investment Officer of the Soros Fund Management, has confirmed that former President Donald Trump’s potential return to office is fueling the current surge in the stock market."

Althouse, "[Dean] Phillips has accused the DNC of working to obstruct the presidential primary process by changing the Democratic primary schedule, refusing to hold debates..." ""... and preventing the engagement of delegates from New Hampshire. 'I don’t know how to better articulate these efforts than, yes, a threat to democracy by undermining it and suppressing it,' Phillips told The Post last month." From "Wisconsin Supreme Court orders longshot Dem candidate Dean Phillips be added to primary ballot" (NY Post)." At Da Caller, Daily Caller’s ‘Rigged’ Reveals Radical Steps Democrats Have Taken To Undermine Elections. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed asks rhetorically, If Democrats Love ‘Democracy,’ Why Do They Attack Election Security Measures Voters Want? George@BehizyTweets "BREAKING: New FOIA documents reveal that the Department of Justice and FBI uncovered alarming 2020 election ballot fraud in Detroit, Michigan but covered it up. In the emails, a DOJ official says "This allegation, and accompanying photos, is alarming. I would like FBI to look into this please." Someone at the Michigan Attorney General's office also responded to the complaint, "Talked to the FBI on this and it's not going to be in their lane or ours in terms of apparent criminal actions, but MDOS (Michigan Department of State) may want to call and try and head this off. . . "

From Breitbart, Donald Trump Puts Minnesota in Play — Statistical Tie with Hunter’s Dad. TNP, Trump Zeroes In On Critical Union Voters. Althouse, The NYT article "Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and a MAGA Meltdown" is a tad disingenuous. "The politics writer, Jonathan Weisman, informs us that Taylor Swift "is driving the movement behind Donald Trump bonkers" and then tries to explain why." The NYT being a "tad disingenuous"? What is this, a day ending in "y"? Rainer Zitelmann at Am Think thinks he knows The Truth about Campaign Donations. At Da Wire, Nikki Haley, Trailing Far Behind Trump, Pledges Campaign Not Over: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere.’ 

Ron Wright at Am Think wonders why The FBI Again Tries To Block Seth Rich’s Laptop From Public View. Mary Chastain at LI cites a Senate GOP Claim FBI Erased Records Connected to Memo Targeting Catholics

 Insty, MESSENGER, KILLED: The Messenger is shutting down. . . . As John Nolte wrote on Wednesday: The Messenger Looks Like Another Doomed Corporate Media Outlet. Ace, The Atlantic: "Is American Journalism Headed Towards an 'Extinction-Level Event'?" "Dear Jesus, please, I don't ask for much."

Insty,  OH NO! ANYWAY . . . "Harvard Faces New Threat Of State Tax On Its $51 Billion Endowment. Subsidizing higher education is like subsidizing tobacco. UPDATE: From the comments: “Harvard is so loathsome they have made me root for the state government of Massachusetts. Go Massachusetts Go!!”" 

Ace, "Male and Pale Is Stale:" Writers Sound Off on Writers Guild's Rules Aimed at Keeping White Writers From Getting Any Further Work. At CJ, A Rainbow-Colored Cage "Transgender ideology is sustained by scholars’ unwillingness to challenge its contradictory premises." Althouse, "Trans activists often cite low regret rates for gender transition, along with low figures for detransition. But those studies..."

"... which often rely on self-reported cases to gender clinics, likely understate the actual numbers. None of the seven detransitioners I interviewed, for instance, even considered reporting back to the gender clinics that prescribed them medication they now consider to have been a mistake.... Garcia-Ryan is gay, but as a boy, he said, 'it was much less threatening to my psyche to think that I was a straight girl born into the wrong body — that I had a medical condition that could be tended to.' When he visited a clinic at 15, the clinician immediately affirmed he was female.... 'You’re made to believe these slogans,' he said. 'Evidence-based, lifesaving care, safe and effective, medically necessary, the science is settled — and none of that is evidence based.'... 

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