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Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Wins Michigan, Sort Of

While the rest of us were just going about our lives yesterday, Michigan held it's primary election. To no one's surprise, Donald Trump beat Nikki Haley handily, 68 to 27%. Fox, Trump wins the Michigan GOP primary, bringing him one step closer to securing Republican nomination. Breitbart, Donald Trump Wins Michigan Republican Primary. Never-Anybody-but-Trump sundance at CTH, Michigan Republican Primary Election Results

However, the more interesting story from Michigan is that Arab-Americans organized a protest non-vote for Biden over his milquetoast support of Israel in their war against Hamas, which succeeded in garnering about 14%.  Althouse,  "[A] homegrown campaign to persuade Michiganders to vote 'uncommitted' will measure the resistance [Biden] faces among Arab Americans, young voters, progressives and other Democrats over his stance on the war in Gaza. At Breitbart, Biden Faces Anger over Gaza in Michigan Primary Contest and Biden Wins Democrat Primary in Michigan amid Challenge of Uncommitted Democrats. Althouse, "This is a resounding victory for our country’s pro-Palestinian, antiwar movement."  "Said Abbas Alawieh, a spokesperson for Listen to Michigan, a group that advocated voting for "uncommitted" in Michigan primary." From TNP, ‘You’re Losing Progressives,’ Far Left Leader Warns Biden As Campaign Panics Over ‘Palestine.’ Dan Flynn at Am Spec hopes Michigan Uncommitteds May Be Biden’s Downfall. "This could act as the canary in the coalmine on the fall election." Rick Moran at PJM wonders Will Biden's Michigan Troubles Go Away If the War Ends?

At WJ, Nikki Haley Gets Obliterated by Trump in Her Own Home Town, Results Show. Anxious annxiously whines Nikki Haley: "Very possible" GOP has shifted towards Trump. Jeff Lord at Am Spec sees Nikki Haley Fade to Irrelevance. "It’s the self-immolation of once-promising career." Eddie Scarry at Da Fed thinks Nikki Haley Is The Media’s Useless Idiot. At Fox, Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley drops out, endorses Trump "Texas pastor/businessman supporting Trump amid 'corrupt allegations and indictments,' encourages others to do same." I didn't even remember he was running. 

Newt, The General Election Begins. Now the primaries are just going through the motions. Breitbart touts Polls that show Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden in 7 out of 7 Swing States. But did they count the mail-in ballots yet? TNP cites DATA: Trump Beats Biden Even if Criminally Convicted. Matt Margolis at PJM Media hears Tucker Carlson: The 2020 Election Was ‘100 Percent Stolen’ From President Trump

Andrea Widburg at Am Think thinks Trump won on the border in 2016; he can do so again in 2024. At Da Fetched, Majority of Americans Now Want Border Wall, Thanks to BidenPelosi Demands Trump Have a ‘Mental Health Intervention’ and Tulsi Gabbard: Democrats Are ‘Dictators’ Seeking to ‘Destroy Democracy.’ At ET, Court Blocks 800,000 Non-Citizens From Voting in New York City Municipal Elections "800,000 non-citizens won’t be able to vote in New York City’s municipal elections because an appellate court found the new city law unconstitutional." Also in New York, Lee Zeldin at NYPo,  Dems failed to take the House, so they’re rewriting rules with toxic map proposal. Brianna Lyman at Da Fed, Bidenbucks Laundered Through Education Department Target Likely Biden Voters. Da Caller, Biden Admin Press-Gangs Federal Agencies Into Mass Voter Registration Campaign. Politico fears Gas export pause could scramble Biden’s chances in Pennsylvania. "Democratic Sens. Bob Casey and John Fetterman both argued the pause could hurt their state." 

Steve Richards at JTN reports Hunter Biden appears before Congress as impeachment inquiry reaches its climax. "The first son’s widely anticipated impeachment deposition marks a significant development of the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden." Dan Chaitin at WaEx notes Hunter Biden Links The ‘Future Of Democracy’ To His Sobriety.  At WaEx, Hunter Biden deposition: Republicans prepare for biggest impeachment interview yet

KD Kittle from Da Fed reports on a Gallup Poll: Biden’s Border Invasion Is Americans’ No. 1 Worry. JTN, State attorneys general say more than 85,000 children lost at the border. "They are asking Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and FBI Director Christopher Wray to provide information on when the children were last seen and what safeguards are in place to ensure they are placed with family members."  Steve Cortes at Am Great, Battleground States Reject Biden on the Border. TNP has DATA: Majority of Americans Now Support Building Border Wall. Ace, For the First Time In History, a Majority of Americans Support Building a Border Wall. Gallup: 86% Of All Americans Say the Border Invasion Is an "Important" or "CRITICAL" Issue. "People are finally losing their cowardice." At NYPo, Elon Musk slams Dems for ‘insane behavior’ around migrants, says they ‘won’t deport’ because ‘every illegal is a highly likely vote.’  At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24 Twitchy, Rep. Dan Goldman Tries Picking a Fight With Elon Musk Over Illegal Immigrant Voting & Gets Wrecked The Blaze, Migrant meal madness: Taxpayers foot $64 daily tab for illegal aliens.  TNP, Foreign-Born Workers Surged Under Biden, Account for 1/5th of Labor Force & Still Growing. Hat Hair's KT, NYC Mayor Has Thoughts About Sanctuary City Laws

Dan Chaitin again, reports  Speaker Johnson Sticks With Border ‘First’ Stance After White House Meeting and House GOP Demands Mayorkas Provide Info On Illegal Immigrant Charged With Murdering Georgia Student. Jazz Shaw, Why is the Legacy Media Still Shielding Laken Riley's Killer? The Babylon Bee snarks Biden Brags He Could Let Migrants Shoot Someone On Fifth Avenue And Not Lose Any Votes. Michael A. Letts at Am Thinks thinks we should Use legal precedent to prosecute the Biden administration concerning the border. "We just had a jury convict a mother of manslaughter because she failed to see the warning signs in her son that led to him killing four students in a Wisconsin school shooting. The precedent has been set by Democrats to trap themselves. Because the family of every citizen who is now killed by an illegal immigrant can use this case to go after the Biden Administration for gross negligence in securing the border." 

I&I wonders Did Biden Just Create A Constitutional Crisis with the Student loan giveback?. The Free Bacon reports Biden To Give $850 Million to a Chinese-Owned Battery Company, "KORE Power loan meant to combat China’s grip on the global market and 'strengthen domestic battery supply chain'" Well, they paid him enough. At Da Fed, James Varney exposes how the Biden Admin Uses ‘Sue And Settle’ Lawfare To Enact Radical Climate Policies Voters Reject. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, The Lid: Paychecks of More than Half of U.S. Workers Not Keeping Up with Inflation and The Federalist: Historically High Food Prices Will Only Worsen If A Democrat Wins The White House.
Matt Margolis thinks this is a BOMBSHELL: The Biden Admin Planted an Operative in Fani Willis’ Office to Target Trump, Say Sources. Ace, Breitbart: "Sources" Claim That Biden Planted a Democrat Operative in Fani Willis' Office to Oversee Her Get-Trump Agenda, "Obviously, I don't know if this is true." Jen Van Laar at Red State claims There's More Than One DNC Plant in Fani Willis' Office, and This One Is Married to a Top GA Politician. Techno Fog, "I don't recall": Lawyer Lies for Fani Willis. "Will the judge buy it? Althouse cites Turley, "The Bradley testimony was grinding but telling.... Repeating 'I speculated' was an inartful and unconvincing evasion." ""What remains is his text, which was sent before he was under all of this coercive pressure " and the WaPoo, "Terrence Bradley, Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce lawyer, is claiming something quite extraordinary in court this afternoon..." ".... that he has no direct knowledge of when Wade’s relationship with Fani T. Willis began. Since he was the primary source for the defense lawyer seeking to remove Willis from the case, the key question going forward will be whether Judge Scott McAfee believes him. But if he doesn’t, that could cut two ways. If Bradley is an unreliable witness, then his prior statements claiming knowledge that the romance began before Willis hired Wade could be seen as just as unreliable as what he is saying in court today." From Da Caller, ‘Why Would You Speculate?’: Trump Attorney Grills Key Witness Over Text That Could Blow A Hole In Fani Willis’ Defense. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "Can't wait for McAfee's ruling at the end of this. The state bar may take an interest in Bradley by that time, as well as Wade and Willis. Officers of the court, which includes any attorney in a proceeding, are required to answer fully and truthfully. "I have no answer for that" is not gonna cut it." Ace, Now Sweetdick's Lawyer Is Perjuring Himself, Claiming That All of His Statements About When the Affair Began Were Mere "Speculation" and He Has No Knowledge of Any Kind About the Affair. PJM's Vicky Taft, Body Language Experts Think Fani Willis Wearing Her Dress Backwards Was the Least of Her Problems. "Even worse news? Most people who saw her performance thought that the woman who had a horrible 50th birthday, as Fani told us on the witness stand, wasn't telling the truth about anything. From Breitbart, Exclusive–Former Employees Reveal Fani Willis’s Extreme DEI Training: Forced to Associate ‘White’ with ‘Bad’, Judges Ranked on Skin Color.  At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, The Federalist Politicized Prosecutions Are A Warning Shot Across The Bow For All Americans and Majority Of Voters Recognize Democrat Lawfare Against Trump Is Political Election Interference.

Mary Chastain at LI reports Manhattan DA Wants Gag Order on Trump Before ‘Hush Money’ Trial. "DA Alvin Bragg: “To protect the integrity of this criminal proceeding and avoid prejudice to the jury, the People respectfully request that this Court issue a narrowly tailored order restricting certain prejudicial extrajudicial statements by defendant.”" From WaEx, Jack Smith rips comparisons between Trump and Biden classified documents scandals. How about a gag order on Jack Smith? From Fox Business, Kevin O'Leary calls out potential seizure of Trump's assets: ‘What happens in Venezuela, not New York.’ Bryanna Lyman at Da Fed notes the Majority Of Voters Recognize Democrat Lawfare Against Trump Is Political Election Interference.

Ben Kew at RedState, NBC Prepares for Russia Hoax 2.0, Claims 2024 Election Already Being Compromised. At Da Fed, Shawn Fleetwood talks up a  Lawsuit: Biden Campaign Broke The Law By Not Reporting Collusion With Intel Officials To Discredit Laptop StoryRichard Grenell @RichardGrenell "Lots of legacy reporters are writing about Putin without mentioning that Putin endorsed Joe Biden for President 2024." PM, OMG: IRS agent who admitted warrant program was 'unconstitutional' runs away from James O'Keefe. From Da Wire, Judge Says Feds Can’t ‘Selectively’ Prosecute Right-Wing Rioters While Ignoring Antifa, 'No individuals associated with the left, who engaged in anti-far-right speech and violently suppressed the protected speech of Trump supporters, were charged with a federal crime for their part in starting riots at political events. That is textbook viewpoint discrimination.' mrcTV is concerned that Educators Fear Michigan AG Wants Warrantless Searches Of Homeschoolers. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, The Lid, Hey FBI: If MAGA Is The ‘Real’ Terror Threat, How Do You Explain Don Jr’s SECOND Anthrax Scare? (Video).

Throwing the irony flag at NYPo, CBS News boss who signed off on firing Catherine Herridge to get free speech award. Capt. Ed snarks Irony Is Dead.   Mike LaChance at LI, CBS News Returns Seized Confidential Files of Reporter Catherine Herridge After Uproar.  “Catherine Herridge’s union representative picked up her materials this morning.” Da Caller sees Jonathan Turley Goes Off On Modern Journalism, Says He Identified Main Source Of Problem. "All these journalism schools are teaching reporters that objectivity is no longer the foundation of journalism — that advocacy is." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, Don Surber, Birdbrains in the press. "No, there is no killer measles epidemic sweeping the nation." 'Bonchie' at RedState, ABC News Head Accuses Trump of Racism and Completely Exposes Herself

At Insty, MORE ON THE GOOGLE DEBACLE, from Megan McArdle: "And on the scale of things, “draws too many Black founding fathers” isn’t much of a problem. That’s the story I was telling myself — and planned to tell you — on Friday. Unfortunately, though, once Google shut down Gemini’s image generation, users turned to probing its text output. And as those absurdities piled up, things began to look la lot worse for Google — and society. Gemini appears to have been programmed to avoid offending the leftmost 5 percent of the U.S. political distribution, at the price of offending the rightmost 50 percent. . ." Nate Silver, Google abandoned "don't be evil" — and Gemini is the result.  Ace, Google AI, Which Monitors All Of Our Speech and Decides What Speech Is "Hateful" and Which Speech is Mandatory, Reveals Itself as a Nonsensical Woke Terminator. "We knew this, but now that we're able to probe Google AI's programming, we can see what rules Our Cybernetic Big Brother is operating under." PM, Here are all the insane lies Google Gemini has told since its launch and JUST IN: Google loses $70 BILLION in market value after Gemini AI exposed as woke. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, Da Tech Guy, Google Goes From “Do no Evil” to the Sandford Village Neighborhood Watch Alliance – The Obvious Question Concerning Google Is Now Out in the Open,  and Shot In The Dark: Not Ready For Prime Time Or Just Evil? Part I, Not Ready For Prime Time Or Just Evil? Part II.

From Breitbart, WATCH: Anti-Israel Protesters Shut Down Event Hosted by Jewish Students at UC Berkeley, Break Glass Doors and Palestinian Activist Blasted for Whining that Firebombing, Hijacking Planes Deemed Unacceptable Form of Protest. Hugh Fitzgerald at Front Page details At Harvard, Another Case of Plagiarism. "No Harvard student so guilty of plagiarism would be allowed to remain." Bastiat's Window explores Equity, Equitist, Equitism. "You can't debate a movement with no name—or a hundred names." Herr Professor Jacobson at LI worries  Most people don’t realize how bad the situation is in medical schools, worse than in general higher ed. "We’ve been sounding the alarm for several years. Ben Shapiro: “DEI Could Get You Killed In the Operating Room”" Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed, If This Is ‘Christian Nationalism,’ Sign Me Up! At Am Spec Scott McKay says Thanks to Politico, We’re a Christian Nationalist America Again. "The Left’s new bogeyman."

mrcTV notes It’s Official - Mary Poppins Has Been Canceled For 'Discriminatory Language', for use of the word "Hottentots." Mike Cantrell at PJM, J.K. Rowling: 'I’m So Sick of This S***'. Hat Hair's Dave Strom sees JK Rowling Drops a Truth BombJ.K. Rowling@jk_rowling, "More than 70 per cent of transgender prisoners are in for sex offences or violent crimes. "The high levels of violent crimes among male prisoners who identify as women demonstrates why they should not be detained in female prisons" Matt Margolis reports on how Winsome Earle-Sears Calls Trans State Senator 'Sir,' And All Hell Breaks Loose. Dave Strom, UN Expert on Trans Issues Plugs Bondage, Bestiality, and Being Buzzed on Drugs.

 The Wombat has  FMJRA 2.0: Greetings From Nashville open and ready for business.

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