Monday, February 12, 2024

Maryland, My Maryland

 At the Baynet, Budget Struggles Could Lead To Rough Roads Across Maryland

Maryland’s transportation agencies are struggling financially which could lead to less maintenance and repair of roads across the state.

State transportation leaders met with the Prince George’s County Council to talk about funding. As of right now, more than $650 million has been cut from the budget in the coming years that is used for repairs and upkeep. In the meantime, crews will try to extend the life of the roads using lower-cost treatments.

One project that still has funding includes a new interchange at the Greenbelt Metro Station which will be the new headquarters for the FBI. Another that will have to wait is a $54 million construction project for a new interchange at the beltway and Medical Center Drive.

Maryland has the 7th highest overall tax rate (9.44%) among the 50 states. I wonder why we don't have enough money to fix the damn roads.

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