Friday, February 9, 2024

Oregon, My Oregon

Vicky Taft at PJM, A Distraught Portlander Gets the Mayor to Finally Apologize for 'Summer of Love' Riots

A woman who confronted Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler finally got the apology we've all been waiting for. The mayor finally apologized for the "Summer of Love" riots of 2020. Susan Griffin told Wheeler how the riots destroyed her life and her sense of security and worsened her PTSD, and he apologized. But there's a catch.

In the past, Wheeler has apologized to rioters for police behavior and to squatters for dismantling their "autonomous zone," but this time he apologized for how the riots and mayhem affected the people who live in downtown Portland. That area was ground zero for the intensified Antifa, BLM, and anarchist violence starting in 2016 and getting out of control in 2020. The proximity of this planned violence to presidential elections is no coincidence, by the way.

Downtown Portland's core area still has not recovered from the mismanagement of the riots that used the George Floyd death in Minneapolis to cause violence, arson, and disruption, prompted looting and vandalism, and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the federal courthouse, government buildings, and businesses.

Had rioters been arrested and prosecuted early they may have gone home, but the left's fellow traveler, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, largely let them go un-prosecuted. The Portland Tribune reported that 91% of rioters never faced charges.

Mayor Ted Wheeler didn't apologize for that, either.

He did apologize, however, to a frail, disabled woman who says she's a registered Democrat and told Wheeler how the riots had destroyed her life, her sense of security, and her neighborhood. She wrote about her experience on Twitter/X on Wednesday.

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