Wednesday, December 6, 2017

#HimToo Campaign Claims Liberal Jackal's Career

Marion Brown
From Wombat-socho's  "In The Mailbox: 12.05.17", Jammie Wear Fool reports "New Accuser Says Conyers Groped Her In Church" 
The way this clown operates it wouldn’t surprise us if he claimed Jesus made him do it.
Another woman has come forward claiming with sexual misconduct allegations against Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), who for the last few weeks has been embroiled in a scandal.
The Detroit Free Press on Monday reported that Elisa Grubbs, who previously worked for Conyers, said she saw the congressman touched another one of his accusers, Marion Brown, inappropriately and said Conyers also groped her on one occasion in church. The other accuser is Grubbs’ cousin, the Free Press noted.
“When Rep. Conyers inappropriately touched me like this,” said Grubbs, as reported by the paper, “my eyes would pop out and I would be stunned in disbelief.”
 What a classy guy!
Conyers last month stepped down from his position as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee after acknowledging that in 2015 he settled a wrongful dismissal complaint, though the congressman denied the sexual misconduct accusations against him.
Meanwhile, the freaky fossil says he’ll finally be retiring.
But don't worry. He intends to pass his seat down to his bipolar, hip-hopping, hedge fund runnin son , like a feudal fief. Well, Detroit gets the representation they deserve. Good and hard!

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