Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Good Start

Inside the mass exodus at the EPA
More than 700 workers have left the rapidly shrinking Environmental Protection Agency since President Trump took office — including more than 200 scientists, according to a report.

The exodus by staffers who have quit, retired or taken buyout packages includes 96 environmental protection specialists and nine department directors, according to the report by The New York Times and ProPublica.

A majority of the employees, who include attorneys and program managers, are not being replaced, according to the report.

The departures reflect poor morale at the EPA, which Trump and top congressional Republicans have criticized as bloated and guilty of regulatory overreach.

That discontent is likely to widen following revelations that GOP campaign officials were using the Freedom of Information Act to request copies of emails from agency personnel suspected of opposing Trump and his agenda, the report said.
Let's get those people transferred to the Fairbanks, Alaska office as quickly as possible. Sorry, Fairbanks, but you need to take this one for the team.
The news outlets’ investigation showed that the administration is well on its way to achieving its goal of cutting 3,200 positions from the agency — about 20 percent of its work force — to levels last seen during the Reagan administration.

EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox said the agency was running more efficiently.
There's not a government agency in Washington that wouldn't benefit from a 20% staff cut, if the right people were cut.

And just because, via Ace:

Even if this sort of song parody isn't your bag, stick with it until the Five Golden Rings part.

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