Friday, May 10, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - More Stormy Weather in New York

Stacy McCain on the Made-for-TV Travesty: Can You Guess Who Takes Stormy Daniels Seriously? CNN. 

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.09.24 (Afternoon Edition) Twitchy, Court Sketch Artist Must Be MAGA Because These Stormy Daniels Sketches Are Atrocious. Jim Thompson remembers Stormy Details of Past Affairs: When a President Watched As His Aide Had Sex With a GirlAndrew H. Giuliani@AndrewHGiuliani, "Stormy Daniels: I am not an attorney and I read this agreement quickly so I signed based on my attorney’s recommendations. Trump D: But you signed this correct? Stormy: Yes." Ken LaCorte at Blaze, My front-row seat to Stormy’s shakedown.  Capt. Ed, "LaCorte ran at the time (2016), hence his "front-row seat". It's worth reading in full, especially to see why LaCorte observes wisely that "there is no one to root for" in l'affaire Stormy. She's not a victim, neither is Michael Cohen, and neither is Trump in relation to his connection to Daniels and Cohen. The trial is a travesty, which LaCorte notes is a separate issue, while noting that the wrong person is getting tried for this exchange." 

Stormy Daniels and
Michael Avenatti

Leading Report@LeadingReport, "BREAKING: Judge Arthur Engoron is now under investigation after claims surfaced that he received unsolicited advice from a prominent New York City real estate attorney, Adam Leitman Bailey, weeks before ordering former President Trump to pay a hefty $454 million." From NYPo, NYC lawyer sparks probe into Trump judge Arthur Engoron over unsolicited advice on $455M civil fraud case.

Still more analysis of Joe Biden's Really Bad, Truly Terrible Interview on CNN (Hat Hair's KT). Kyle Becker@kylenabecker, "Watch Joe Biden *CRUMBLE* during a CNN interview as the host reads him what Americans REALLY think about his presidency" Twitchy, Biden's Latest Whopper Has People STEAMED President Biden@POTUS "On my watch, when we make promises, we keep them. And we leave no one behind." Except in Afghanistan, Israel and Russia. 

Stacy McCain sees Red-Pilled at Last? ‘Reliably Anti-Trump People … Have Had It With Biden’ Jonah Goldberg is not the worst of the #NeverTrump crowd. . . .  So there is a deep irony in the fact that the straw which seems to have broken the camel’s back for the #NeverTrump crowd was Biden’s threat to halt arms sales to Israel."  At the In The Mailbox: 05.09.24 (Evening Edition),  Don Surber: Never Trumper discovers Biden sucks. Twitchy, Liz Cheney's Weepy Buyer's Remorse After Biden Turns His Back on Israel Backfires in LEGENDARY Fashion. Herr Professor Jacobson at LI, Biden Commits To Saving Hamas, Will Cut Off Offensive Weapons To Israel If It Enters Rafah. From Ace, NeverTrump Fatsos and Softcocks Are Coping and Seething About Joe Biden's Betrayal of Israel "But, but, but but he brought honor and dignity back to the White House. I was told America is back, baby. Was I misinformed? Is America not in fact back, baby? I expect him to reverse this statement when he gets angry calls from his Democrat donors. Bet against me. Via Duane Patterson at Hot Air. . . " The Free Bacon reports on the Day Before Biden Admin Announced It Would Withhold Weapons From Israel, It Issued Sanctions Waiver To Allow Arms Sales to Qatar and Lebanon. What could go wrong? At Hat Hair, Barak Ravid, Dem Megadonor Blasts Biden: 'Bad Bad Bad Decision on All Levels' and Capt. Ed reads the WSJ: Biden Tried to Put Israel on Double Secret Probation, or Something; UPDATE: Waives Sanctions on ...  Politico whines Vulnerable Senate Dems lukewarm on reported White House plan for Palestinian refugees. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair wonders "One has to wonder whether the White House even bothers to coordinate with its allies on Capitol Hill. Other than in Michigan -- and maybe not even there -- did none of them think to check how this plan would be received by voters who overwhelmingly support Israel in this conflict? Or do they just toss out ideas to the press to see what sticks?" Spencer Brown at TownHall says Biden Just Did What He Declared an Impeachable Offense Back in 2019 When Trump Was President. Joni Ernst to Newsmax: Biden Threat to Withhold Weapons from Israel 'Abhorrent'. Duane Patterson at Hat Hair snarks Joe Biden Sets New Personal Best for Worst Foreign Policy Decision Ever.  Final words to the  The Babylon Bee@TheBabylonBee "Biden Strikes Deal Where Hamas Gets To Keep American Hostages In Exchange For Fifteen Votes In Michigan"

Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw reports Ohio May Be Unable to Put Joe Biden on the Ballot, for lack of paperwork. Ace is ecstatic about the AARP Poll: Trump Is Thumping Biden in Pennsylvania By Five Points. "Interesting. He's winning the Boomers. He's winning Gen X, aka "The New Greatest Generation," by 16. (Even though I'm not yet 29, I identify as a Gen Xer.) He's winning all other age groups, including the very young, by a point." Hat Hair KT notes a MSNBC Political Analyst "Shocked" that Independents View Biden Greater Threat to Democracy. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.09.24 (Afternoon Edition) Twitchy,  MSNBC Panel Shocked By Biden v. Trump “Threat To Democracy” Polling and at the In The Mailbox: 05.09.24 (Evening Edition),  Louder With Crowder: Anti-Trump actor Michael Rapaport finally gets pushed over the edge by “Cadaver Joe Biden,” rants about why Biden LOST his vote.

OilPrice thinks President Biden Is Ready to Use the SPR Again If Needed. Ace, We're Six Months Ahead of an Election So That Must Mean It's Time for Biden to Tap the Political, I Mean Strategic Petroleum Reserve Again. "This demented pant-shitting rapist has brought trust and dignity back to the White House. Biden promised to refill it. He cancelled that promise. Now he wants to deplete it further to give him an election boost." Hat Hair's Beege Welborn has a #Bidenomics Update: Highest Unemployment Filing Numbers in a Year. Matt Margolis at PJM sees Joe Biden Tell His Biggest Whopper About Inflation Yet E.J. Antoni, Ph.D.@RealEJAntoni, "Biden's retelling of economic history could win a fiction award: Quote "Autism Capital @AutismCapital "Reminder that the inflation when Biden took office was *actually* around 1% and the cumulative inflation SINCE Biden took office is about 25%."

John Sexton at Hat Hair VIP, Hunter Biden is Headed to Trial After Losing Two Court Rulings in One Day, on his gun charges. From Da Caller, a Burgeoning Sex Scandal Pits Biden Against His Biggest Backers At Critical Moment. "A new report sheds light on a pervasive culture of sexual harassment plaguing a major federal entity under the watch of President Joe Biden." At TNP, ‘Bloodbath’ Hoaxers MeidasTouch Hawk ‘Dark Brandon’ Merch, Linked to Allegations Biden Molested Daughter.

Chris Jacobs at Da Fed,  Biden HHS Redefines ‘Lawfully Present’ To Give ‘Free’ Health Care To Illegal Immigrants. Nicole Silvero at Da Caller reports GOP Reps Introduce Legislation To Block Biden Admin From Handing Healthcare Coverage To Illegal Immigrants. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN, Mass migration not delivering economic benefits, study finds. "The study's researchers argue that immigration should be capped." TNP finds DATA: Mass Migration a ‘Much Bigger Problem’ Than Climate Change. PJM's Kevin Downey,  Ignore the Shocking Number of Rapes Committed by 'Newcomers' or You'll Be Punished, You Bigot. From TNP, Laken Riley’s Killer SHOULD Get The Death Penalty, But It’s Unlikely. Here’s The Gross Political Reason Why… Jazz Shaw, Will Panama Solve the Migrant Crisis? “We’re going to close the Darien and we’re going to repatriate all these people.”

At the In The Mailbox: 05.09.24 (Evening Edition),  The Federalist, Did Federal Agencies Plant Classified Documents To Frame Trump? Ron Wright at Am Think thinks An Honest Judge Exposes The Dishonesty Around The Mar-A-Lago Case

Dave Strom at Hat Hair VIP hears Influencers are  FURIOUS At Trump After FBI Headquarters Statement. Althouse's choice, RFK Jr. would give women full control over the decision to have an abortion — "even if it's full term." That should seriously impede his ability to take votes away from Trump. 

At the In The Mailbox: 05.09.24 (Evening Edition),  The Federalist: Board Refuses To Have Fulton County Investigated For Double-Scanning 3,000 Ballots In 2020 RecountRepublicans Introduce SAVE Act To Block Illegal Aliens From Voting In U.S. Elections. Also at Da Fed, MD Kittle happy that Shady Milwaukee Elections Chief Ousted Six Months Before Election, But Will Her Successor Be Worse? and Illinois Democrats Change Rules To Cement Incumbent Power In Actual Attack On Democracy. Leading Report@LeadingReport, "BREAKING: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has signed a new bill that requires counties to report the results of all absentee ballots by an hour after polls close." Jazz Shaw, Will the GOP Be Able to Keep Noncitizens Out of the Census? Probably not, but it's worth trying. 

Nick Pope at Da Caller reports Senior FBI Official Reportedly Instructed Agents To Utilize Warrantless Wiretap Tool Inside America “To continue to demonstrate why tools like this are essential to our mission, we need to use them." Ace, We're In the Final Months of An Election So That Means It's Time for the Democrat Deep State to Star Censoring Political Discussions Again "One of the things that most displeases me about Trump is his championing the billion dollar FBI office and keeping it in the sewer of political corruption, Washington DC. I'd like to think that if Trump is re-elected, the FBI will have reason to fear, but I don't think that. I think Trump likes brand names." Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed, FBI Confirms It’s Restarting Online Censorship Efforts Ahead Of 2024 Election. Like it ever really stopped. PJM's VodkaPundit says We're Only Just Beginning to Understand the Extent of Biden's Censorship Regime.

At CJ, What Does Quality of Evidence Mean? "Gender clinician Jack Turban misunderstands key concepts in evidence-based medicine." NYPo, LGBTQ rights activist kicked out of community board simply for asking questions. From NRO, San Francisco Mayor Appoints Drag Queen to Head Office of Transgender Initiatives. Hey, San Francisco. Elie Gardey at Am Spec thinks Boy Scouts Destroyed Itself By Accepting Girls, "Its main attraction had been that it was a place for boys to do activities geared toward boys alongside other boys." YaHoo notices Bud Light sales still falling as Modelo, Coors fight to keep their gains. "We've lost a whole generation of hardcore Bud Light shoppers," Bump Williams of Bump Williams Consulting told Yahoo Finance. "It's going to take us at least 10 years to try and recapture what we lost in one year." Capt. Ed, "Or they could -- y'know -- apologize for insulting their customers a year ago. The real damage wasn't the Mulvaney can but the public snobbery of marketing exec Alissa Heinerscheid, who scolded Bud Light drinkers for enjoying the "fratty" humor of their earlier ad campaigns. An apology would have gone a long way, and yet to this day AB-InBev has yet to offer one." Leftists never apologize, they double-down.  Stephanie Lundquist Arora at Da Fed wonders Is Glenn Youngkin’s ‘Parents Matter’ Slogan Just A Politically Convenient Phrase? Virginia is a very purple state. Take what you can get. HSLDA is excited that the  Title IX Ruling Protects Homeschool from Federal Overreach "Officials tried to use a novel interpretation of tax law to expand the reach of Title IX regulations. This ruling put a stop to that."

Bill Ackman@BillAckman, "Why, you may ask, are the campus and other protesters inspired to protest in increasing numbers, and with greater violence and aggressiveness? The answer is that the protesters believe their protests are working. . . " At Insty, HEATHER MAC DONALD: Hysterics for Hamas: Why have young women been so prominent in the recent campus chaos? "As George Orwell wrote: “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.”" Ace supports House Republicans: It's Time to Send the Foreign Proto-Jihadists Illegally Squatting on American Universities To "Study Abroad" in Gaza. From Hat Hair, Beege Welborn sees Cultural Appropriation: When Your Costume for the Campus 'Kill the Jews' Party Is a Keffiyeh and Dave Strom hears Northwestern's Faculty Comes Out in Favor of Eliminating Israel. At NYPo, BLM Global Network files $33 million lawsuit against group helping fund college protests. Capt. Ed, "Can we root for both sides to lose?" At the Free Bacon, A Yale Professor Wrote an Op-Ed About Anti-Semitism on Campus. The University Spent Over a Year Investigating Him. "The school has declined to investigate faculty members for celebrating terrorism and calling for the destruction of Israel." From Front Page, From Campus Intifadas to Pronoun Mandates: Who is Our Common Enemy? Sarah Hoyt at Insty asks  I S’POSE SEPPUKU WAS TOO MUCH TO ASK OF HER SENSE OF HONOR? "Cornell University President Martha Pollack steps down after year of turmoil, threats to Jewish students." Dan Greenfield at Front Page wants to Defund College "It may be the only way to save America." Kurt Schlichter at TownHall disagrees Let Them Destroy Each Other. At CJ, Confront Anti-Westernism. "Resurgent anti-Semitism isn’t just an issue for the Jewish community—it’s a warning for all who value the ideals upon which America was built." Da Tech Guy says Merrick Garland is a coward. From Da Caller, Frat Bros Challenge Antifa To Push Up Contest. Campus Reform, QUIET PART OUT LOUD: Student complains that 'anti-Jewish students' didn't get enough police protection, "'And we as Arabs, Palestinian, Muslim and anti-Jewish students, are we not worth protecting?'" 

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Low Effort Komiposting and FMJRA 2.0: A Winning Week up and garnering clicks.

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