Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - Tuesday DIY - Judge Threatens to Jail Trump Whose Comptroller Testifies He Labeled the Checks "Legal Expenses"

Trump Troubles

BREAKING: Judge Merchan Fines Trump Again, Threatens Him With Jail Time – PJ Media
Kyle Becker on X: "BREAKING.🚨 Judge Juan Merchan rules that former President Trump has violated his gag order and threatens him with jail. "The last thing I want to do is to put you in jail. You are the former president of the United States, and possibly the next president as well. There are… https://t.co/FRlUFdp5AQ" / X
Trump Hit With 10th Gag Order Violation, Judge Weighs Jail Time - Newsmax.com
Activist Judge Juan Merchan Threatens to Jail President Trump for Gag Order Violations as Part of Political Lawfare Strategy - The Last Refuge
Althouse: "Justice Merchan acknowledged that jailing Mr. Trump was 'the last thing' he wanted to do, but explained that it was his responsibility to 'protect the dignity of the justice system.'"
Donald Trump says he is willing to go to jail for not complying with gag order - Just The News
Trump Company Comptroller Testifies He Alone Determined to Classify Cohen Payment as "Legal Expense" Never Had Conversation with President Trump About It - The Last Refuge
Witness Says Trump Did Not Personally Ask Him to Carry Out ‘Hush Money’ Payments - The Epoch Times
Trump Says Jack Smith Should Be ‘Arrested’ After Documents Revelation - The Epoch Times
Nathan Wade Says Affair With Fani Willis ‘As American As Apple Pie’ - The Daily Caller
Fulton County DA Fani Willis May Get Subpoenaed In Georgia Senate Inquiry - The Daily Wire
This Endorsement of Fani Willis May Just Be the Funniest Ever – RedState
Althouse: "At the end of the day, I walked out of the courthouse with another journalist.... He didn’t buy Hicks’s tears."
Former Biden DOJ Official Prosecuting Trump Was on DNC Payroll – PJ Media
Dems use the legal system to target the right — yet give the left a pass
This Is What Terrifies Me About the Mainstream Media – PJ Media
Maxine Waters Claims Trump Organizing Militias to Take Over Country – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Maxine Waters: I'm Demanding the Already-Weaponized DOJ Investigate Trump For the Violence He Has Planned for the Future In Case He Loses the Election

Biden Misdismal Administration

Trump outpacing Biden in voter trust ahead of 2024 election: Poll - Washington Examiner
President Joe Biden's biggest obstacle to re-election
New ABC Poll Has Trump, Biden in Virtual Tie - Newsmax.com
The Morning Briefing: Yeah, President Joe Is Getting Dumber – PJ Media
Look to your right! Biden fumbles while awarding trophy to Army football and asks 'Where are you, coach?' as team boss is standing next to him - Daily Mail Online
Biden Shows Even Reading Is a Problem Now, As He Loses to the Teleprompter at Black Knights Event – RedState
Jon Stewart Says Biden Is Too 'F***ing Old' to Be President and... Hello, Math Much? – PJ Media
Jon Stewart says Joe Biden is so old he 'just shouldn't be president'
Biden Races to Trump-Proof His Agenda - WSJ
Biden White House starts end run around Supreme Court WOTUS ruling – Watts Up With That?
Warren Buffet Warns That You're Going to Get a Tax Hike – PJ Media
Our credit card economy - Don Surber
Inflation is Transitory Again - Inflation Cafe
Democrat Massachusetts Gov. Approves $400 Million In Freebies for Illegal Immigrants
Republicans to hold Garland in contempt over audio of Biden interview with Hur - Washington Examiner
Instapundit - I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’D BE DOING DIFFERENTLY: Does Biden Want a ‘Forever War’ in Gaza?

Electoral Politics as Usual

Trump Plan: Deport 'Nearly 20 Million' Illegals - Newsmax.com
Althouse: "I like diversity. Diversité as you would say. I like diversité" — said Donald Trump.
Campus Protests: Disorder Favors Republican Candidates Like Trump - National Review
Stephen L. Miller on X: "Why the political right settled on Trump." 
New: Bernie Sanders Will Run for Re-Election – HotAir
The Karen Party has no place for men - Washington Examiner
Federal government working with left-wing groups to implement ‘Bidenbucks’: public records show - Just The News
Bill Would Stop Illegals From Skewing Electoral Apportionment

J6 and the Deep State

Read the Indictment Against Henry Cuellar to Understand Why Congress Never Challenges the Intelligence Community - The Last Refuge
Patrick Webb on X: "BREAKING: FBI records of L.P. Gise, the grandfather of Jeff Bezos who helped create DARPA, were destroyed,

Media, Social Media and Government Censorship

Judge mulls sanctions over Google’s “shocking” destruction of internal chats - Ars Technica
Do We Truly Have Free Speech? - Newsmax 

The Great Culture Wars - Sex

Gov. Sanders Defies Biden Administration Over Title IX Rule Changes
This CNN Article Promoting the Phrase 'Pregnant People' Is Accidentally Making the Counter-Argument – HotAir
Austin moves to become ‘sanctuary city’ for minors seeking sex change - The Post Millennial 
Female Darts Champion Forfeits Tournament Against Male Competitor – HotAir

The Great Culture Wars - Education

George Washington U Students Hold 'Trial,' Sentence Administrators to Death – HotAir
Kevin O'Leary Drops a Truth-Bomb on Pro-Hamas Agitators – HotAir
'Guillotine! Guillotine! Guillotine!' – HotAir
Columbia Faculty Group Goes On Strike in Support of Pro-Hamas Disruptors – HotAir
Columbia Cancels Main Graduation Ceremony Citing Security Concerns – HotAir
MIT Gives Campus Protesters a Deadline (Protesters Clear Out Then Immediately Re-Occupy the Space) – HotAir
Examining How Much Federal Funding Anti-Israel Campuses Are Receiving – HotAir
LAPD Clears the USC Campus Again But This Time There Are No Arrests – HotAir
Harvard President: 'End the Occupation of Harvard Yard' – HotAir
Columbia University Cancels Main Commencement Ceremony After Protests - WSJ
Campus Reform - CHAOS AT FORDHAM: Woman speaks out after protester rips Israeli flag from her hands, says it's 'Baffling': EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW
WATCH – Anti-Israel Protester at UCLA Encampment: ‘We Don’t Like White People’
Exclusive: Columbia Custodian Trapped by ‘Angry Mob’ Speaks Out - The Free Press
UW Liberated Zone activists stalk, harass UW professor - Rantz - MyNorthwest.com
Ace of Spades HQ Columbia Cancels Graduation Commencement Ceremony; George Washington U Students Sentence School Administrators to DEATH
Brainwashing campus activists starts long before college
David Bernstein on X: "What kind of message is it sending that Jewish students beg, plead, lobby, demonstrate, sue to have a school like @UCLA remove an illegal, pro-terrorist encampment that blocked Jewish and other students from moving freely on campus, to no avail. But then when a handful of local…"-
Thirteen Federal Judges Deliver Consequences for Columbia Graduates – HotAir
Regime Media Running Interference for Antisemitic College Protesters on the Sunday Shows – HotAir
FAFO: The Hims Edition – HotAir
Media Should Honestly Report on the 'Protesters' – HotAir
Even the 'peaceful' campus protests are actually violent bullying
Nation Cheers As Protesters Announce Plan To Stay Confined On Campus Indefinitely – HotAir
The People Setting America on Fire - Tablet Magazine
Colleges kowtow to protesters but are met with blowback from donors - Just The News
Democrats expecting massive show of force from protesters at DNC - Washington Examiner
13 Federal Judges Will No Longer Hire Law Clerks From Columbia University - Off The Press
Julie Hamill on X: "If you were or are currently being excluded from public spaces at your university campus because you are Jewish, support Israel, or are otherwise not accepted by SJP security, please consider filing a Title VI complaint.

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