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Flotsam and Jetsam - Stormy Daniels Testilies, Documents Case on Indefinite Hold

A big day in the "Trump Troubles" department. Stormy Daniels (NSFW) took the witness stand in New York, and the result was every bit at outrageous as you might guess, filled with lurid details, even after the defense objected to their introduction in what is really a documents case. Sundance at CTH, President Trump Delivers Remarks from New York At the Beginning of NDA Trial Day. At Fox, Stormy Daniels takes the stand in Trump criminal trial "Daniels initially denied allegations of an affair with Trump in 2006, then changed her story." At NYPo, Trump’s ‘hush money’ NYC trial live updates from May 6-7. "Daniels described their alleged sexual encounter, at times in so much detail that Judge Juan Merchan scolded the prosecution, saying the nitty gritty was “unnecessary.”" Harold Hutchison at Da Caller, Jonathan Turley Says Trump Trial Judge ‘Lost Control’ Of Courtroom During Stormy Daniels Testimony

Jason Cohen at Da Caller, Judge Denies Trump Attorney’s Motion For Mistrial After Stormy Daniels Testimony. Susie Moore at RedState, Trump Manhattan Trial Tuesday Evening Wrap-Up - 'What the Hell Happened?' Edition. Vicky Taft at PJM, Prosecutors S**t the Bed With Stormy Daniels Testimony in Trump Trial; Judge Denies Mistrial. Althouse hits a triple, "Stormy Daniels is talking about going to the bathroom in Trump’s hotel suite... Daniels keeps chuckling as she describes the scene, as if she's giving an interview," "Writes Maggie Haberman at the NYT", "The dramatic decision to call Ms. Daniels to the stand would carry both possible benefits and definite risks for prosecutors...." and "Is it possible that the prosecution thinks this works as a way to humiliate Trump?" At Da Mail, Donald Trump trial live updates: Ex-president response to Stormy Daniels testimony declared too sexually explicit by the judge as he scores huge legal victory in another case. Insty, PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE, HOW DOES IT WORK? 

Jason Cohen at Da Caller again, ‘Huge Problem’: Trial Expert Tells CNN Lack Of Evidence Could Lead To Trump Acquittal Even With Dem Jury. Steve Richards at JTN, thinks Bragg’s witnesses may be undercutting the case against Trump as latest testimony sinks key claim "So far, the witnesses in the former president’s ‘hush money’ trial seem to be undermining the Manhattan DA’s case."  PJM's Matt Margolis thinks Bragg’s Case Against Trump Is Imploding Fast. Never-Trumper Andy McCarthy at NRO is outraged that Judge Merchan Allows Testimony That Unidentified Man Threatened Daniels. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair adds "As I tweeted at the time, this seemed to be both irrelevant and wildly prejudicial, for the reasons Andy posits here. The defense moved for a mistrial on the basis of Daniels' testimony, but Merchan denied it despite acknowledging that "there were things better left unsaid." No kidding. This will almost certainly be a reversible error on appeal, and perhaps a good opportunity for the appellate court to intervene now, assuming an immediate appeal of the mistrial ruling can take place. " 

At Da Caller, Judge Finds Trump Violated Gag Order For 10th Time. Vicky Taft at PJM, I Dare You and Trump Isn't the Only One Silenced at His Trial. At WaEx, Trump deletes post about witness after being threatened with jail time for further violations of gag order. At TNP, a REPORT: Soros-Linked Dems Pay Over $500K to Judge Merchan’s Daughter’s Firm. Rachael Alexander at TownHall,  The Corruption of Rep. Adam Schiff Is Reaching a Tipping Point "Now it’s come out that Schiff paid the daughter of the judge handling New York DA Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of Trump $4 million to push the Russia collusion hoax. Loren Merchan’s hatred of Trump is so extreme that she used a photo of Trump behind bars as her profile picture on X. She runs a digital marketing agency that works with Democrats and progressive groups." Nicholas Ballasy at JTN Johnson: Merchan not 'serious judge' after threatening Trump with jail time in election year, ""You cannot call yourself a serious judge and threaten a presidential candidate with jail time when he defends his reputation in public in the middle of a campaign," says House Speaker Mike Johnson" Dave Strom at Hat Hair says Trump Gag Order Is Biden's America in a Nutshell. "An invented crime. Prosecuted by a political operative of Joe Biden's choosing. In front of a judge whose family is profiting off of it. In front of a jury picked in a city that famously hates Trump. And, to top it off, a gag order meant to shut the president up. The judge has stolen the president's First Amendment right (as if rights mean anything to this crowd) on pain of incarceration." Fox, NY v. Trump: Mayor Adams says Rikers Island is 'prepared' if Trump is sentenced to jail. "'Prepared for whatever comes on Rikers Island,' Mayor Adams said."

At Fox, Federal judge postpones Trump's classified records trial with no new date "Trial was set to begin May 20." "In a filing Tuesday, Cannon said that due to the "myriad and interconnected pre-trial" issues "remaining and forthcoming," it would be "imprudent and inconsistent with the Court's duty to fully and fairly consider the various pending pre-trial motions."" Matt Margolis, Trump Classified Docs Trial Postponed Indefinitely. Sundance, Judge in Trump Classified Documents Case Suspends Trial Indefinitely, "Lawfare is big mad." Also, Jack Smith’s Lawfare Scheme Under Scrutiny and Fraying. Dave Strom at Hat Hair, lays a BOMBSHELL: FBI Staged Fake Photo of Classified Documents for PR Purposes
You know that famous photo of Trump's purloined Top Secret documents? The one that the FBI released that showed all those classified documents hidden in folders? It's kinda, sorta faked. Staged. Not accurate at all. A sham. A con. Complete BS. No, it's not a photoshop. That would be worse, I suppose. Maybe. You see, those folders that scream Top Secret were brought by the FBI and the documents were inserted in them by FBI agents.

Think about this for a minute. The General Services Administration shipped these documents to Trump, which is why they are stuffed away in Mar a Lago in the first place. Then, the Archives met with the Biden administration to prod it to investigate Trump.

Then the FBI raids Mar a Lago, armed with folders screaming "Top Secret," photographs them, and releases the photo to the world, suggesting that Trump stole away with these documents in these folders screaming Top Secret. Smells like a setup. Julie Kelley has the scoop. And it is a big one.

Patrick Webb@RealPatrickWebb, "BREAKING: Jim Jordan has opened an investigation into special counsel Jack Smith’s acknowledgment that some of the evidence in President Trump’s classified documents case was altered and or manipulated following its seizure by the FBI in its raid on Mar-a-Lago." Misty Severt at JTN reports House Judiciary opens investigation into FBI handling of Mar-a-Lago probe. "Smith’s team said the order of documents in some of the boxes of memos that were seized by the FBI from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was altered or jumbled in a court filing Friday. But the admission had not been acknowledged prior to the filing."

Da Caller, Appeals Court Agrees To Consider Bid To Disqualify Fani Willis.  At RCP, Sen. Fetterman: I'm A Senator And I'm Not Exactly Sure What Trump's Trials Are About.

At TownHall, Guy Benson thinks New Data Should Have Team Biden Sweating. WaEx, Biden’s reelection chances may dim as core group of supporters have lost their excitement about voting for him, "According to a Washington Post-Ipsos poll, black voters’ desire to vote in the 2024 general election has fallen off since 2020, which could be worrisome for President Joe Biden." And, ‘Thrift Shop’ rapper Macklemore says he’s not voting for Biden in new song. A Breitbart Poll: Biden Suffers 28% Decline Among Black Voters. Dave Catron at Am Spec, Are Trump’s Polls Understating His Lead? "Just as they did in 2016 and 2020, it is likely that they understate Trump's actual support." Don't count on it. Matt Vespa hears Dem Strategists Agree That Biden Is Totally Screwed If He Loses This State in 2024, Michigan. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.07.24 (Afternoon Edition), Twitchy  Gen-Z Lefties Dropping Selfies With Their Ages Bragging About Voting For Biden Backfires Spectacularly and Louder With Crowder: Did Joe Biden poop his pants in front of the press this weekend? An investigation. Matt Margolis, wants you to WATCH: There's No Denying That Something Is Wrong With the President. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN, Biden gives fewest interviews of any president in 40 years, raising questions among friendly media "The Basement Campaign? "During his first three years as president, President Biden has given 89 interviews, compared to former President Donald Trump’s 300, and former President Obama’s 422." Ace notes Kamala Harris Wows Nation with Debut of Entirely New Way to be Off-Putting, "Shrimp and grits!"

Dan Chaitin at Da Wire reports House Judiciary To Begin Contempt Proceedings Against Garland Over Biden Docs Probe Audio. 'Bonchie' at RedState details how Joe Biden Just Committed an Impeachable Offense, and Donald Trump Might Have Something to Say About It. Dave Strom, Now Biden Is Withholding Precision Weapons From Israel, that were congressionally authorized. Ace, The Biden Usurpation is Now Withholding Precision-Guided Bombs From Israel (Which Will Force Them to Use "Dumb Bombs," Resulting In More Civilian Deaths (both Real and Fake), Which They Will Then Blame Israel For. "Boy oh boy are leftwingers smart and intellectual and all the good things! Especially Joe "The Professor" Biden himself. He's America's greatest living foreign policy mastermind, did you know that? My word as a Biden, it's true, I'm not joking." VodkaPundit at PJM, Monday's Conspiracy Theory About Joe Biden Is Tuesday's Fact.

I&I, You Heard It Here First: Biden Has Dumped ‘Bidenomics’. Dave Strom notes Joe Biden Hasn't Mentioned 'Bidenomics' on Twitter in 136 Days. From the Center Square, Elevated gas prices poised to rise more this summer. "Critics have blasted President Joe Biden’s energy policies as partly responsible for elevated energy costs." At USA Today, The Fed just dashed hopes for lower mortgage rates. What homebuyers need to know. TNP Top Gov Bashes Biden for ‘Vote-Buying At a Scale We’ve Not Seen Before.’ "North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum says it is “clear” there is “vote-buying going on at a scale like we have never seen before,” citing Joe Biden regime policies such as student loan debt forgiveness." MD Kittle at Da Fed thinks The Real Threat To The U.S. Economy Isn’t Election Integrity, It’s Joe Biden.

Breitbart, Illegal Alien Accused of Sexually Assaulting 11-Year-Old Girl After Being Freed into U.S. by Biden’s DHS

Brent Hamachek at Am Great has The three reasons people hate Trump…and you can change two of them. "The three reasons people hate Donald Trump can be broken down as as the Triple S's: Silly, Subconscious, and Sinister." At Insty, Mark Tapscott thinks TRUMP’S TAX CUTS MAY DECIDE 2024 ELECTION: Remember President Donald Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), the massive reduction in federal levies negotiated between him and the then-Republican Congress? The across-the-board tax cuts included in that law expire next year, but the political reverberations could be a major factor in the outcome of this November’s election. Capt. Ed, "Hopefully Republicans make enough noise on this to make voters aware. That could force Democrats into an extension as a means to taking it off the table for the election, but I'd bet they'd rather keep offering panic-porn misdirections rather than attach themselves to Trump's tax policies."

At Da Caller, GOP Rep Who Voted To Impeach Trump Gains Primary Challenger. Breitbart, Former Georgia Lieutenant Gov. Supports Joe Biden: ‘Voting for a Decent Person’ The amazing thing is he said it with a straight face. Kurt Schlichter at Front Page wonders when Will Jewish Voters Stop Voting for the Democrats Who Want to Kill Them? "A habit mixed up with personal identity." At PJM Dennis Prager discusses Sick Jews. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.07.24 (Afternoon Edition),  Dana Loesch: Can Kari Lake Pull Off A Win In Arizona? also, Trump Isn’t Desperate By Appealing To Libertarians,

Sundance thinks There’s an Alignment of Interests for the Trump Alternative Between Team DeSantis and Team RFK Jr. The Free Bacon reports Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Hires Former Ramaswamy Official for TikTok 'Influencer' Campaign. TNP sees RFK Inching Closer to Debate Stage With This ‘Clever Move.’ "While RFK Jr. is establishing his own We The People party as an electoral vehicle, he made the ballot in the key swing state of Michigan by persuading the existing Natural Law party to nominate him. Meanwhile, in California, he has been nominated by the American Independent Party of California."

PJM' Stephen Kruiser sees The Dems' Alternative Reality Gets Weirder by the Day. Dave Strom, YGTBFKM, Kathy Hochul. "The Governor of New York thinks that Black kids don't even know what a computer is. Never even heard the word. No, I am not kidding you. She said that and likely believes it. This is even a theme among Democrats who are so disconnected from the world you and I live in that they think this crap." Chris Roach at Am Great on Unrepresentative Government, "Today, the political class is profoundly out of touch."

From TNP, Illegals Descend on Statehouse Demanding Documentation Ahead of U.S. Elections. Erin Marie Joyce at Da Fed says To Confirm Voters’ U.S. Citizenship, States Could Easily Check DMV Data, but most of them won't. At, WaEx, Biden voter registration meeting raises eyebrows on Capitol Hill: ‘Election interference’.

PAMELA HENSLEY@PamelaHensley22, "BREAKING: Joe Rogan just said that the FBI and Nancy Pelosi are responsible for the January 6th Capitol attack." Pete Van Buren at Am Con worries Will SCOTUS Bless the ‘Obstruction’ Tool for Speech Suppression? "Fischer v. United States is about more than Trump and J6."

Alicia Colon at Am Think has a Warning: Everything on Social Media Is Probably Fake. Reagan Reese at Da Caller hears a whine Top NYT Editor Suggests White House Wants Paper To Act Like Communist Propaganda Arm For President. Well, don't they? TNP reports  U.S. State Media DELETES Pro-Biden ‘Fact Check’ After Rep. Gaetz Exposes Propaganda in National Pulse Exclusive, and The New York Times Wants You to EAT the Cicadas. At CJ, Chris Rufo discuses Signal’s Katherine Maher Problem "Is the integrity of the encrypted-messaging application compromised by its chairman of the board?" Ace sees ABC "News" Fires Its Woke DEI Hire "News Chief." "They're pretending she left of her own accord. But there were reports a week ago that ABC "News" was going to get rid of her, so you tell me. She wasn't just a DEI hire. She is literally made of DEI atoms." Politico whines The Collapse of the News Industry Is Taking Its Soul Down With It "The decline of the media is sapping journalism of a crucial tool." What soul? The New Civil Liberties Alliance reports NCLA Defeats Motion to Dismiss, Wins Expedited Discovery in Suit Alleging State Dept. Censorship.

From Breitbart, ‘Enough Is Enough’: University President Speaks Out Against Trans Athletes in Women’s Sports. From NewsMax, More GOP States Challenge US Title IX Rules Protecting Trans Students. At OTP, Drag Queens Take Over National Mall. They're welcome to it. Lou Aguilar at Am Spec sees Men Begin the Masculine Pushback, "Like the UNC frat brothers, real men will fight back against relentless attacks."

Some Key Bridge updates from the Balmer Sun, Body of sixth and final victim recovered from Key Bridge wreckage TuesdayExplosives will be used to remove large section of Key Bridge from DaliMaryland officials begin process to identify new Key Bridge builder, and of course, Advocates, historians urge rethinking Key Bridge name ‘for generations yet unborn’. It's going to be the Freddie Gray Memorial Bridge, mark my words.

And yet again, there's so much on the pro-Hama riots, it's going below the line:

Over 1,000 anti-Israel protesters march toward Met Gala
Columbia custodian who took on masked anti-Israeli protester recalls Hamilton Hall raid
Columbia University Cancels Commencement amid Hamas Support Claims
Emhoff to Meet Jewish Students on Antisemitism -- Including from West Point
Rabbi Sues Pro-Palestinian Agitators for Assault During Prayer Session
Columbia Custodian: Sacking of Hamilton Hall Well-Planned, and School May Retaliate for My Speaking Out – HotAir
MIT Protesters Take Over Public Streets – HotAir
UNC Faculty Threaten to Withhold Grades Unless Protesters Get Amnesty – HotAir
Hezbollah Leader Praises Campus protesters – HotAir
Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Progressive High Schools – HotAir
Police Clear Encampment at University of Chicago – HotAir
The DEI Jihad | Frontpage Mag
Turning Schools into Voter Recruitment Centers - Frontpage Mag
Prager U Video: Would You Rather Be Colonized by Aztecs or Christians? - Frontpage Mag
Harvard Gaza camp protesters threatened with ‘involuntary leave’ by new interim prez - The Post Millennial
Princeton students stage hunger strike to demand ‘complete amnesty from all criminal and disciplinary charges’ for Gaza Camp protesters - The Post Millennial
Instapundit - IT’S SATIRE, OR IS IT?
Pushback Works - by Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Spin Cycle: Legacy Media Is So Over Campus Protests, They’re Even Talking To Republicans - The Daily Wire
Late Night Shame: 'SNL,' Colbert Can't Condemn Antisemitism
Democrats outnumber Republicans as commencement speakers - again - The College Fix
Media Research Center on X: "UNC professors are withholding students' grades until suspended, pro-Hamas agitators are un-suspended by administration. All of these professors should be fired for refusing to do their jobs." / X
Althouse: "Respectability politics."
Apparently rioting in support of murderous terrorists does not win the hearts and minds of the public – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman
65 Arrested as U. California San Diego’s Anti-Israel Encampment, Cleared by Police

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Low Effort Komiposting and FMJRA 2.0: A Winning Week up and garnering clicks.

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