Saturday, May 18, 2024

Here's Soap in Your Eyes

Althouse catches the WaPoo "soap shaming" the public, "We’re not judging you for the soap that you use. But, collectively, that can add up as billions of people wash their hands or bathe..."

"... hundreds or thousands of times a year. If you’re so inclined, it makes sense to switch to a more eco-friendly product. Just understand that there may be a trade-off between sustainability and comfort. 'The consumer has to decide: Are they serious about where their soap comes from, whether it’s synthetic or natural?...'"

From "Bar soap or body wash: Which is best for your skin and the planet? Depending on its ingredients and packaging, your soap could cut as much as a third of the carbon emissions from your next shower" (WaPo).

So: Don't feel judged, but feel judged. "We’re not judging you"... but you — you conscientious people — need to step up and judge yourself.

That reminds me. I'm reading a book — "Morning After the Revolution" by Nellie Bowles (commission earned) — and here's how the chapter "The Most Important White Woman in the World" begins:
What are the characteristics of white people? A middle-aged white woman named Tema Okun with flowing long hair created the definitional list. In that list she put perfectionism, a sense of urgency, worship of the written word, a right to comfort, individualism, one right way, and objectivity. Those were white values, Tema said. These were how white people upheld their supremacy.

I wonder what's the carbon footprint of flowing long hair and whether, if we were serious about the environment, we'd cut it short or at least forgo the substance whose very name tells you it is an indulgence — "shampoo." Bar soap will do for your hands and for the rest of you, including your hair. Yes, it's drying and difficult to use but the question is are you serious?

Sorry, I was distracted by the superfluous detail of flowing long hair. What I wanted to focus on was that attribute of white supremacy called "a right to comfort." This is not just a question of your seriousness about the environment. It's a question of your white supremacist sense that you are entitled to comfort.

Your hair-shirt will be bar

For what it's worth, we used bar soap for years (but not as shampoo) until Georgia decided there was less soap scum to clean in the showers with liquid soap (which is actually detergent). I still prefer bar soap for hand washing though.

However, articles like this, and the one on why you should shower in cold water, make me want to investigate if each and every WaPoo reporter and editor is living up the ideals they espouse. If not, we should wash out their mouths with soap.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Pool’s Open up and garnering clicks at The Other McCain.

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