Tuesday, May 21, 2024

More Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Claim to Have Been VP during Pandemic

I decided to break up this morning's post, just to see how it works out. Another fine day for the Preznit. Stephen Kruiser at PJM,  On Cue, Biden Is Lying About Republicans and Elections. Would we expect less? Stacey Matthews at LI, Desperate Biden Panders to NAACP, Compares Conservative SCOTUS Justices to Segregationists “Today, the resistance comes in other insidious forms. An extreme movement led by my predecessor and his MAGA Republican allies, backed by an extreme Supreme Court, gutted affirmative action in college admissions.” Matt Vespa at TownHall thinks What Biden Said at the NAACP Dinner Last Night Is Why Aides Want to Shorten His Speeches. Insty, ANYTHING YOU PUT ON THAT TELEPROMPTER, RON BURGUNDY WILL READ: Jorge Bonilla@BonillaJL "ETHNIC ORIGIN ALERT: Biden ditches the Puerto Rican, Greek and Irish communities, now claims to come from the Jewish community." Vodka Pundit at PJM, Funny or Sad? Now Biden Says He Was Vice President During the Pandemic. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, Biden: I Was VP During the Pandemic, You Know. A pro-Biden commenter at Althouse claims he merely mixed up "pandemic" with "recession." Is that any better? 'Becca Downs at TownHall, Biden Really Just Said This About an American Held Hostage by Hamas "My administration has been working around the clock to free the remaining hostages, just as we have freed hostages already. And here with us today is Hersh Goldberg-Polin," Biden said. Not only was he slurring his words in a particularly noticeable manner, he also looked confused as he read from the teleprompter. He then corrected himself in real time, noting "he is not here with us, but he's still being held by Hamas." Nick Arama at RedState thinks  Biden Incoherence Goes Off a Cliff, Said Hostage Still Being Held by Hamas Was at WH. Duane Patterson at Hat Hair VIP, Joe Biden's Black Pandering Weekend: When Less Is Morehouse. At Twitchy, Biden Says You Think He’s Kidding That He Has Tons of Morehouse Men in the White House "Biden also told the graduates he has more Morehouse men in the White House than he knows what to do with . . ." Bad Hombre@joma_gc, "FACT CHECK: No Morehouse College graduates have ever worked in the Biden administration. The last Morehouse grad was Jamal Simmons, former communications director for Kamala Harris." Libs of TikTok@libsoftiktok "Joe Biden inspires Black graduates at Morehouse College by telling them that they’re victims and America hates them."

Hat Hair's John Sexton thinks June Could Be a Tough Month for the Biden Family "So you have a president who has to kick his campaign into a higher gear next month at the same time that his son is involved in two trials, either of which could send him to prison. That's a level of personal and professional pressure that would be a lot for any person, especially an 81-year-old, to take. Can Joe Biden take it?"

RedState's Adam Turner has a A Debate Memo to Donald Trump

Here are 10 suggestions for your debate strategy, based partly on my own instincts and my knowledge, and also on a rewatching of the second 2020 Presidential debate (which most commentators thought you performed best in).
  1. Note that Joe Biden has clearly deteriorated from the 2020 debates. This does not have to be pointed out to the audience, however. It is obvious. But he doesn’t like it, so do it anyway.
  2. Note that you, Donald Trump, have a strong edge in this election going into this debate, and that Joe Biden is the desperate man who needs to go after you and pray that you are going to make a big mistake. Bring this up frequently in the debate; it will annoy him.
  3. Note that you should always try to get Joe Biden off balance by attacking him on a matter that he does not expect. That is because Biden is no longer quick-witted enough to respond well.
  4. Try to ask Joe Biden questions or make attacks that can’t be answered, or which there is no good response for.
  5. Whenever a moderator gets involved, either to ask a biased question and/or to assist Joe Biden, put them in their place immediately, with reference to them being Democrat/left-wing hacks. Be like Newt Gingrich in 2012.
  6. Here is a good cinematic scene also demonstrating what your attitude should be towards this biased interference.
  7. Note that this debate should focus solely on the contrast between you, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, and your respective records as President. It is a waste of time to refer to another person, or issue, except to fit it into that comparison.Exception = see No. 5 about the moderators.
  8. Focus on the big wedge issues especially – Biden’s senility; the economy and inflation; the border and immigration; the Gaza situation; and Biden’s corruption.
  9. Be sure to start off the debate by thanking Joe Biden for having the courage to leave his basement and join you in the debate, finally. If he mentions your decision to not participate in the GOP primary debates, point out that your opponents had no chance to win the Republican primary. So, you didn’t debate them, like Biden refused to debate his hopeless primary opponents. The current debates are for the general election, and one of you will be President in 2025.10.
  10. Your final statement is obvious:
The American people need to ask themselves some questions. Are we better off now than we were five * years ago? Is it easier for us to go and buy things in the stores than it was five years ago? Is it cheaper for us to buy gas for our cars? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do we feel that we are as safe, secure, and as strong as we were five years ago? And can Joe Biden, the guy who can’t remember what he did yesterday, struggles to speak and walk, be the president who is going to take us back to those better days? The answer to all of these questions is “no.” I am the only candidate who can bring us back to where we want to go. That is why I am running — to Make America Great Again.
Sarah Arnold at Town Hall reports Democrat State Caught Housing Illegal Immigrant Children in Hotels With Sex Offender. From WaEx Paul Bedard's White House Report Card: Biden 2.0 promises tax hikes, illegal immigration. Libery UnYielding claims Biden Administration Takes Away Foster-Care Eligibility From People of Faith.

Rick Moran at PJM  hears Eperts Warn Biden's Plan to Resettle Thousands of Gaza Refugees Is Insane. You don't need to be an expert to know that. The Dersh wonders  Are the Democrats betraying Israel? Asked and answered. 'Streiff' at RedState notes Biden White House Establishes Sanctuaries for Russian Forces Attacking Ukraine; Does This Sound Familiar?

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