Saturday, June 18, 2011

Butterflys: Still Free at the Beach

Another pretty good day at the beach.  When we first got there it was cloudy, no wind to speak of, and warm, but not too warm.

A few morning fisher-people, ignoring the "danger" sign, and fishing anyway.  I've been known to do that.

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Georgia found the best shark's tooth of the day, and likely the best of the month, this large "Snaggletooth" (Hemispristis serra). They don't come much bigger or better preserved than this one.  I found a nice Black Drum's tooth, and a number of small teeth, but nothing to match this.
Joel was down with Red this morning, and the dogs had fun, getting wet and shaking on strangers (and us).
 Ah, that feels good!
A bevy of beach beauties, getting all set for a day of soaking up ultraviolet light.
The dogs take another dip in a fresh water pool created by the stream at the edge of Matoaka Cottages, and the sand bar.  I've never seen this configuration there either.  Everyday it's a little different.
A cluster of Trumpet Vine flowers growing among the Kudzu on the cliffs.
A butterfly leaving the Milkweed plant it had just finished drinking from.  I got lucky on this photo.  Almost perfect view of the wings, and pretty well focused for an on the fly shot.  After staring at pictures of butterflies I concluded it was likely some form of Sulphur, most likely a Clouded Sulphur. 
A neighbor family plays boys against the girls at the newly fixed volleyball net.  The scoring appeared to be some version of the bit from Drew Carey's "Whose Line Is It?".  The points were random, and the score doesn't matter.

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