Monday, June 20, 2011

Good News! Hef, Crystal on the Rebound!

No, not together... 

Just days after Hef, was nearly left at the alter by his fiance, Crystal Harris, Hef is reported to have moved Anna Sophia Berglund, Miss January 2011, into his bedroom at the Playboy Mansion.  TMZ reports being shocked that Hef moved so quickly, but frankly, it's not that surprising to me.  Hef ain't got that much time left, and there are still an awful lot of ex-Playmates of the Month.

Anna Sophia Berglund, Miss January 2011
Crystal, on the other hand, was caught partying her blues away in Las Vegas in the company of Heidi Montag, famous for being famous (well, there is that reality TV thing, but who watches those anyway?).  According to Crystal:

Heidi Montag - Party Animal and Crystal Moral Support
"I wanted to be true to myself and be true to what was best for everybody," says Harris. "I love (Hefner). He is the sweetest person I've ever met in my entire life and I'll always love him and he'll always be a dear friend and I'll always visit him all the time."

Crystal Harris- Runaway Bride
In fact, she says she will be back at the Playboy Mansion on Monday to gather her things and return her engagement ring to Hef, who she claims is "doing fine."

Seems to me he's doing more than fine.  It Looks like a pretty fair trade to me.  I hear she's more Hef's age than Crystal, 24 whole days older.

Stolen from Theo's
Rumor has it that Crystal had arranged to run at the altar, while being filmed for reality TV.  Sounds Hef may be better off without her.  There are still plenty of fish in the sea.

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