Monday, June 27, 2011

Lawyers Lick Lips at New York Gay Marriage Law

Divorce lawyers cheering
Wedding planners aren't the only ones riding the gay-marriage gravy train. Lawyers, too, are expecting a bonanza -- from gay divorce. "Other than a divorce attorney, no one goes to a wedding hoping the marriage will fail," quipped Manhattan divorce attorney Daniel Clement.

And a gay marriage is no different. Lost in the euphoria of the historic passage of New York's same-sex marriage bill is the inevitability of bitter break-ups. There will be support claims to resolve, property to divide and custody issues to settle, as with any other divorce.
Mere months after Massachusetts passed its same-sex marriage bill in 2004, gay couples began filing for divorce -- sometimes having to use outdated forms that still listed "husband" and "wife."

Fact is, gay divorce has been going on here for years since New York courts recognize marriages performed elsewhere. Officials predict that about 21,000 gay and lesbian couples will wed in New York in the law's first three years. If the state's current divorce rate of 8.4 percent holds, about 1,800 of those marriages will not survive.
 To quote Joel:
"I believe in gay marriage. They should have the same right to be miserable as everyone else."
I would never say anything like that...

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