Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rainy Morning at the Beach

When we got down to the beach this morning, the gate was still locked, so we had to walk down from the marina parking lot.  As you can see here it was overcast, and raining off and on.  Still it's was warm out, and no impediment to walking.
 A Turkey Vulture was lurking around the end of the marina.
Another butterfly; probably another view of a Clouded Sulphur that I photographed yesterday, less scenically perched in the parking lot.  It looks much yellower from this vies.
Skye enjoying a dip in on of the freshwater pools.  There's going to be a price to pay, however...
 Joel and Red posing for the camera. 
A Queen Anne's Lace bloom. The plant, Daucus carota, is the plant from which edible carrots were developed, and the root smell like one, but is white and stringy.  They were introduced from Europe.  The bloom is composed of many tiny single flowers or florets, all white except for a single dark red one in the center.
A Green Heron perched on the anemometer on the top of the mast of one of the sailboats in the harbor.
And the bill comes due.  Georgia decided that Skye needed a bath, and the wrestling match started.  All in good fun, they both ended up soaked...

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