Monday, June 27, 2011

Stale Link Dump

Yep, the old links have been building up in the digital fridge, and it's time to make room for some new ones.

Women are more selfish than men and more likely to bad-mouth friends -  Color me shocked...

Some of the signs of intelligence not confined to man - Clever tool use in parrots and crows
The Wall of Time  - A great visual representation of geologic time

New Technology Reveals Widespread Mislabeling of Fish  - Fish, unless you catch it, may not be what you think it is.

Another one of those knock me over with a feather studies. - Women BORN to be moody

Childhood diseases return as parents refuse vaccines - The anti-vaccine movement is dangerous, really

Israeli scientists find way to erase memories of drug addiction - This could really be a boon.

Look what we found — 9 newly discovered species
More gratuitous boobage in the service of advertising-  Club Orange Commercial


How to Eat a Cicada: Noisy Insect Sparks New Food Trend  - Not sure I want to try this.

Would a Dingo Really Eat Your Baby? - The short answer is "yes".

San Fascistco  - San Francisco moves to ban pet fish.

Why is there only one human species? - Did a super volcano wipe out all our near kin?

Romance novels can be as addictive as pron - Yep, and for all the same reasons.

YouTube - Cheeky baby  - A little one shows signs of precocious puberty. 

Experts spar over Gulf methane's fate - Scientists disagree over what happened to Gulf of Mexico methane

No Decline in Polar Bear Population - Global Warming or not, Polar Bears doing well 

Is Viagra a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis - Happening Science, MS drug hope

Is taurine a hangover cure - The ultimate hangover cure?

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