Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fighting Fire with Fire: Using a Virus to Kill Cancer

Prostate cancer vaccine targets tumors with an '80 per cent success rate'
A vaccine that destroys advanced prostate cancers while leaving healthy tissue untouched has been developed by scientists.

In laboratory tests, the gene therapy jab successfully wiped out 80 per cent of cancers without causing serious side effects.

The British researchers behind its creation said it was a 'completely new approach' and predicted that it could start trials on people within a few years.
That's great news, but could it be expanded to fight other cancers?  Is it a preventative, or a treatment for existing cancers?
Although the jab has been tested on prostate tumours, they believe it could work on a range of other deadly cancers including breast, lung and pancreatic cancer.

Unlike a conventional vaccine which is given to prevent infection with a virus or bacteria, the new treatment is used after someone has contracted cancer.
As Insty says, faster, please...

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