Friday, September 8, 2017

Beach Report Friday 9/8/17

Pretty nice, when Skye and I got down there around 2 PM. Temperatures in the low 70's, not much humidity, a light breeze. The Great Blue Heron was hunting off the Flag Harbor jetty, and let us walk up pretty close.

The beach was all but bare, now that school has started. But we did meet one dog, so Skye was satisfied. It looked like it should have been good, but we only found 6 shark's teeth.
A small boat out harassing the gulls, and presumably the school of fish they were chasing just off the end of the jetty. I wonder if there were any big Redfish under them. It's been known to happen.
A odd one going by, with it's waterline reflected by the mirage.

No wake, no worries.

A good day to catch up on reading.

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