Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Beach Report 9/27/17

We're feeling the furthest influence of Hurricane Maria currently, with gusty winds up to 25 knots, circling around and coming down from the north, humid 80 F tropical air, and plenty of clouds, but no rain.
It was too rough to fish from the beach, so the GBH was watching from the posing post.
Speaking of flying things, this helicopter was on a pattern that brought him overhead every few minutes. It's not clear who it belongs to, but Patuxent River Naval Air Station is always likely choice.
It appears the Ospreys have left for their winter homes in Florida, the Caribbean and South America, and the Bald Eagles are out fishing for themselves again (eating carrion more likely).
 A different eagle. Note the two short feathers in the primaries on the first one. Big birds shed their feather in balanced pairs to keep their soaring abilities intact.
Georgia and Skye got ahead of me while I was shooting eagles.
A late day, late season sun bather.
This from yesterday, also blustery and warm, but cloudier. The AIDAluna on her way to an unscheduled stop in Baltimore. She was scheduled to be in Hamilton, Bermuda today, but there was a hurricane (maybe now a tropical storm) in the way. What a bummer! You buy a trip the Bermuda and end up in Baltimore!

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