Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Reason #5700 That Trump Was Elected

Universities: Anti-White Radicals Terrorize Republican Students at the University of Minnesota
You probably wouldn’t expect too much from Minnesota in the way of militant racial activism, except that it’s a bastion of liberalism. Both of the state’s U.S. Senators are Democrats, as are six of its eight U.S. Representatives. Bernie Sanders won the Democrat caucuses in Minnesota last year, and Hillary Clinton won the state in November. In the Trump Age, therefore, racial strife is to be expected in Minnesota and especially in the identity-politics bastions of academia:
Madison Faupel
The crime of being white and Republican on campus.
[Madison Faupel is] the president of the University of Minnesota’s College Republican chapter. Her group sparked controversy last fall when it reserved space and painted a mural on the Washington Avenue Bridge to promote their student group.
Her group settled on three slogans: “College Republicans, The Best Party on Campus,” “Trump Pence 2016,” and “Build the Wall.”
Within an hour, the panels had been vandalized, and protesters had surrounded the panels. Some of the vandalism included the following statements: “STOP WHITE SUPREMACY NOW” and “Hate Speech is not Free Speech.” . . .
As the protests grew, so did violent threats against the College Republicans and Madison, in particular. The group’s members were scared for their safety on campus. Madison and the rest of the executive board didn’t go out at night and tried to never be alone on campus. Many used campus security to walk home. . . .
The University of Minnesota did call for a “Campus Climate” conversation about the recent controversial events, but this, too, devolved into chaos. About 15 minutes into the event, more than 200 protesters came into the room chanting, “Hey hey, ho ho, racism has got to go,” surrounding those students who had come to the event to engage in a civil conversation.
The protesters took over the stage as the student body president stood at the front of the room with her fist in the air, leading the chants. Students took turns lamenting how their feelings were hurt, how writing “Build the Wall” amounts to hate speech, and how they want to be included in conversations on campus. At the end of the event, one of the protesters stood on stage and asked the crowd if any College Republicans had attended. Madison stood up and raised her hand.
When the “event” ended, she was swarmed by the mob. “They were completely surrounding me; I was unable to leave the event. They were screaming in my face calling me racist, xenophobic, and other unmentionable names. They were aggressive, and I just wanted to get out safely,” said Madison. “One girl was holding another girl back saying, ‘She’s not worth it. Don’t hit her.’” . . .
Members of the loosely organized far-left militant group Antifa targeted [Faupel] for promoting capitalism on campus, posting online her address, phone number, parent’s address, parent’s phone number, a photo of her, and a reference to her as an alt-right Nazi.
“I endured a lot of violent threats throughout the year, but Antifa’s attack was the scariest,” said Madison. “When I was out in public I received messages that they were watching me, that they would continue to come after me until I stopped my ‘leadership of bigotry and hate,’ and that they were ‘on my ass.’ I was very scared to be home because they knew where I lived, but I was also scared to be in public because they claimed they were watching me.”
Abeer Syedah
So much for "having a conversation." You can't reason with people like that.
The university’s student body president, Abeer Syedah, is a self-described “brown queer angry feminist” who hates capitalism, Christianity, heterosexuals and white people, not necessarily in that order.

Abeer Syedah promotes hatred at University of Minnesota.

When an ISIS jihadi attacked a gay nightclub in Orlando, Syedah took to Facebook and falsely blamed her enemies for the atrocity.
The totalitarians in charge of our nation’s universities promote “diversity,” as long as it doesn’t include Republicans. As Matt Lewis’s article makes clear, the Democrat faculty and administration at the University of Minnesota encouraged the radical hate-mongers who terrorized Madison Faupel and other Republican students.

Maybe the taxpayers in Minnesota are OK with funding universities that have become indoctrination centers for extremism. Or maybe Minnesota taxpayers have never been asked to contemplate the consequences of paying professors to teach hatred in the name of “social justice.”
And some people wonder why Republicans aren't anxious to give universities all the cash they want.

As my nephew at Berserkley wrote recently:
Sucks to see the school you go to - a school which used to be the pinnacle of free speech advocacy - act in such a shameless, spineless, and regressive manner. If you don't agree with Milo and the others, the best way to combat their ideas isn't shady bureaucratic tactics. It's to put them on a stage with someone who can reason, and show a better alternative. That's what an educational institution is supposed to do: be a host for competing opinions and ideological discourse.

Grab a shovel. What made this school great has long since festered and died.

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