Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hef: "We" Don't Need a Prenup!

The last time we caught sight of Hugh Hefner he had just announced his engagement to 24 year old Crystal Harris, a former Playmate of the Month.  Astonishingly enough, Hugh Hefner, aged 84, and worth an estimate $43 million dollars, doesn't think that he and Crystal need a prenuptial agreement...
Hugh allegedly said he “actually cares” about Crystal and doesn’t want to bring it up, and Crystal is content not talking about it!
 Forbes is offering counseling to Miss Harris...
  • Start High (Go for it Girl, there are only a few millionaires this stupid! Don't waste the opportunity)
  • Ask Diagnostic Questions (So, how long do you expect to live, Hef?)
  • Unbundle the issues (I think her "issues" have been unbundled, see below)
  • Make Package Deals (That's a low slow ball if there ever was one)
  • Make Multiple Offers Simultaneously (Like that's a problem...
Hey it's your money, Hef, you get to decide whether it's worth $21.5  million. But lets take a little look.

Slight NSFW Crystal Harris below:

Yeah, why not?

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