Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't Know Much About History

Obama - "Texas has always been a pretty Republican state, for, you know, historic reasons"
Ann Althouse noted:
But I want to talk about the quote I extracted. What "historic reasons" is he referring to? It's actually not true that "Texas has always been a pretty Republican state," unless by "Republican," you mean something other than the Republican Party. I suspect that his stumbling — "you know" — covers some thought processes. My guess: He knew he was fudging, and he was deciding how clear or veiled he wanted to be in insulting Texas.
Glenn Reynolds was less circumspect:
Apparently, when Obama taught Constitutional Law he never got around to teaching the Texas White Primary cases. Or talking about which side was which in the Civil War...

Another one that doesn't know much about history.  But she sings OK

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