Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cool and Misty Beach 4/23/11

We rendezvoused with Joel and Red at the appointed time down at the parking lot.  It's been rainy, but by time we got there it was down to a light mist.  The wind was light from the south (it has picked up and is now roaring through the tree tops).
We were just after high tide, which was much higher than the predicted tide due to the south wind, but the beach had built up so much in the last week, we had no trouble following Red and Skye around the narrow spot. 
 It's been a great week for pollen.  Our oaks and poplars and more more types of trees are producing vast amounts, and every surface available to it is dusted with the gritty yellow powder.  Here it washes around in a back water.  Curiously, the type of pollen laid down in sediment can be used to tell the story of past land use and even climate change in a region.
We also encountered this damsel in distress, but finding there was nothing more we could do for her, we left her to her fate.  Perhaps some little girl will come by and rescue her.

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