Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Boating Accident Nearby

4 Hospitalized After Boat Capsizes In Chesapeake

Four people were pulled from the water by the Calvert County Fire Department (yes, they have a boat) after their 28 ft boat capsized near noon off Breezy Point, Maryland.  Breezy Point is the next harbor of any size north of my harbor (Flag Harbor), approximately 10 miles to the north.  Three of the victims are in critical condition, presumably from hypothermia.

No word yet on what might have happened.  The day was windy and choppy, but should have been no threat to a 28 ft boat.  Despite the relatively nice days we've been having, that water is damn cold and dangerous. It was 53 F when I was out last night.  You don't live long in water that temperature.

This is the second incident off Breezy is less than a week; while looking for this one I discovered a report from Sunday, where a boat with 2 people was reported taking on water.  The US Coast Guard towed that boat back to Breezy Pt, and there were no injuries reported.

UPDATE:  Washington Post reports 2 dead.

UPDATE:  The morning print edition of the Washington Post identifies the victims as Stephan Ray Sowers (67) and John Sowers (60) from Pennsylvania.  They reportedly found the bay too rough, and upon turning back, we swamped by a wave.  Based on what I saw of the weather, that seems to be a rather unfortunate and unnecessary accident.

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