Monday, April 18, 2011

Gov. O'Malley Gets Septic Study

O'Malley turns failed septic tank bill into a study
Gov. Martin O'Malley signed legislation on Friday that charges a committee to study how septic tank pollution affects the Chesapeake Bay.

The legislation came from O'Malley's failed attempt to pass a bill through the General Assembly this year that would have limited septic tank construction in large developments.

Rural lawmakers strongly opposed the measure, saying it would severely limit developers in their districts.
Will this study be an examination of the effectiveness of the high end septic systems to be mandated?  Is it a study of how it affects development in rural communities?  Is it a study of the "fairness" of imposing such bans on rural residents while rural residents help subsidize the sewage upgrades for cities?  I guess the answer to these questions determines how I feel about this move.  At most, this could cut nitrogen pollution to the Bay by 7%.  Significant, but not likely determinative.

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