Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I didn't Fish Yesterday...

Boat Sinks Off Thomas Point With 5 Aboard
UPDATE 09:11am 04/17/2011: DNR boat rescued all seven.
UPDATE 8:51am 04/17/2011: The radio traffic is not clear, but it sounds like the rescue boat (passing vessel) has also taken on water and is also in danger of sinking with 7 on board. Crews have requested a helicopter to help affect the rescue!

A 23 foot vessel has just sank off of Thomas Point Park on the Annapolis Neck. The distress call was received shortly after 8am that the boat was in trouble and taking on water. Within minutes it had sank.

There were five people on board and all were rescued from the choppy and cold waters and are currently being transported to Sandy Point State Park for medical evaluation. The conditions prohibited rescuers from making land in the area.
No point in dying over a fish.

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