Saturday, April 23, 2011

Asma's Hubby is Getting Cranky

Death toll rising in Syria
At least 90 people were reportedly killed and dozens were injured when Syrian security forces fired live bullets and teargas to disperse “Good Friday” protests in several cities, witnesses reported. The death toll seemed to be rising late Friday...
Asma al Assad - Google Bait
I don't really know what it is about Asma Al-Assad, wife of Syrian dictator Bashir al Assad, but the "Dictators Wive's" post continues to be by far the most popular post on this blog by a mile (I know, that's not saying much, but still...), and the vast majority of the hits come from Googling Asma al Assad.  Sure, she's not bad looking, but if you want cheesecake, there are better places to go (I suggest Theo's for a daily assortment if you like racy but mild, or Klad if you just want pron).

Would somebody please leave me a comment or something that explains why you were intent on finding pictures of Asma, and how the hell you ended up here?  As near as I can tell, this blog doesn't even list in the first 26 pages of Google results for Asma.

Well, we fishermen have a motto that's germane to this situation: "Don't leave biting fish", so here's another Asma post.  But let's not forget why she's in the news.  Her husband is a dictator, and dictators often feel strongly about being threatened with be deposed.  Then the often kill people; many people:
Victims of Asma's Husband

So let's not forget about the people resisting the al Assad dynasty.  Not all, or maybe even many, of them are admirers of representative government (I hesitate to say democracy), but until they may still be preferable to the "glamorous" Assads.

I hope the Syrian situation works out for the best, but honestly, I have a hard time imagining just how that's going to happen.

UPDATE:  Pajamas media has posted some extremely graphic videos of demonstrations in Syria.

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  1. Interesting stuff, Fritz. Both this one and the Natalie Portman.