Monday, April 18, 2011

Who's Been Fooling You?

Blind Tasters Can't Tell Cheap Wines From Expensive
People can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine, says psychologist Richard Wiseman after conducting a survey of 578 drinkers at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, reports The Guardian. The participants sampled a variety of red and white wines in a blind taste test with prices ranging from about $6 to $50. The results concluded that people could only tell the difference between cheap and expensive white wines 53% of the time, and 47% of the time for red wines...
I never could imagine that my tastes were refined enough to notice, never mind care, about a wine that would cost $50 a bottle, let alone some of the outrageous prices for some.  I like some wines more, and some less, but a short course on wine and wine tasting at the wine center in Adelaide convinced me I should never pay more than about $10 a bottle.  I occasionally exceed that by as much as $2, if it has a pretty picture on the label, or it looks like the neck might be made into a useful guitar slide, but I've found plenty of wine below that mark that goes down nicely.

I'm gratified to see science supports my preferences.

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