Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Natalie Portman Cheating Scandal!

Natalie Portman (right) and Sarah Lane (Left)
When last we saw Natalie Portman, we were celebrating her accomplishments as a junior scientist.  Recently, however, her name has come to light in less favorable circumstances.  First, a body double, Sarah Lane, claimed that is was she, not Natalie, who did the vast majority of the dance moves in "Black Swan".
Sarah Lane

Natalie poses
 I guess I'm jaded but the idea that maybe Natalie couldn't turn in a world class ballet performance after a few months of practicing doesn't surprise me.  And as for the studio letting the world think she did, I'm shocked, shocked...

Now, the next scandal.  Natalie has been accused, oh horrors of horrors, of letting another body double, Caroline Davis of Ulster, dive into a cold lake for her!  She even got paid pretty well for that cold plunge, £250 (what's that, about a buck forty, US?).  I'd dive into a cold lake for that. 

Caroline Davis

 Besides, she gets to brag about how she was Natalie's ass double.

but Caroline Davis takes the plunge
What is it?  Don't these girls understand the system?  Stars don't do the hard, uncomfortable work, but they get virtually all the credit and money.

UPDATE:  Insty calls the the whole thing "just an excuse to run the thong-bikini pictures."  Well, I can't speak for the Daily Mail, but that's certainly true in my case.

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