Saturday, July 6, 2019

Rule 5 Saturday - Maria Meinke, World Wide Angler

Featured already in a post this week in a red white and blue bikini, this week's Rule 5 is Maria Meinke:
I'm just a simple girl who loves to fish, both salt & fresh water. I'm happiest when I have a rod in my hand. I don't care if I fish from land, kayak, boat, inshore, offshore or standing in a cold river. It's my happy place.

I have dual citizenship, American & New Zealand. I love to travel and have lived all over the world, just to name a few of my favorite places, Auckland New Zealand, Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, Maui Hawaii, Seattle Washington and of course Florida. The reason these are my favorites is because I was surrounded by beautiful oceans. I can't get enough of being by the water. With my fishing rod of course!

If you're ever in the area of Pine Island, give her a call to book a fishing charter. She'll be your first mate and specializes in all inshore fish: Reds, Snook, Sheephead, etc.
Sounds like the start of a plan.

Instagram: Marialuvsme4
Facebook Business: Maria Meinke
Facebook Personal: Maria Meinke
Twitter: Marialuvsme4

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