Thursday, July 25, 2019

Russiagate Muellermas Epiphany

Yesterday I wondered whether someone would get the shiny new Red Ryder BB gun, and someone would get the lump of coal, or whether both sides would get Slinkys.

What I saw yesterday (I managed the morning hearings intact, but the dog walk brought me back to the afternoon hearing about half way through), was an old man, probably hard of hearing, a little slow on the comprehension of questions, and with little command of the report he had nominally written. It certainly added weight to the charge that he was not really the person in charge of the investigation, and he admitted that "day to day" running of the team fell largely on his aide-de-camp Aaron Zebley, he who had defended the Clinton aide who destroyed computers and cell phones. He relied heavily on the "not in my purview" dodge, using it to deflect any questions regarding the origin of the investigation from Republicans, and agreed generally with any Democrat who read portions of his testimony damning to Trump, but, I think pointedly, declined to read passages himself, to avoid giving them soundbites for their campaign ads. His only really animated moments were when he defended his team from charges of bias. He didn't ask if they were Democrats when they hired him. He already knew. He also refused to be drawn into an conclusions about obstruction of justice charges. Democrats tried particularly hard in the case of McGahn allegedly being told to fire Mueller, perhaps an attempt to bait him into life.

The reviews suggest Democrats got the lump of coal. Republicans may have got Slinkys.

Just A few links . . .

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