Saturday, July 20, 2019

Memos From the Home Country

A warning about a possible typhus, and even bubonic plague epidemic in Los Angeles, thanks to the burgeoning homeless camps in the greater Los Angeles area, by Dr. Drew Pinsky, talking to Scott Adams. Episode 602 Scott Adams: Dr. Drew Talks About LA Apocalypse, Trump’s Tweet, Iran

Here he is on the Gutfeld Show: Dr. Drew sounds off on California's homeless crisis: ‘How many must die’ before officials take action?

A similar rant on The Five.

We had rats in the palm trees behind our house in West LA. Once, before we were married, our cat brought one in through the window, and presented it to Georgia. She still married me.

50 years ago, we sent a man to the moon. Now we're worried about diseases that we had thought we had conquered.

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