Friday, July 19, 2019

Fish Pic Friday

This week, for Fish Pic Friday, we introduce Amber Marchant:
Born in Key West and raised in Marathon, Amber is an Island baby and a true conch. Although she calls Southwest Florida her home now, the islands will always have her heart and soul. As far back as she can remember the ocean has been a part of herlife. As a toddler, the moment she was able to hold a rod she was fishing off the docks behind her house with her dad. Amber loves all types of fishing as long. In Southwest Florida Amber works at an oncology clinic fulltime and retail part time during the week, but most weekends you can find her in the lower keys where she grew up.

"As a conch, I know the area well and im just as happy exploring a mangrove, fishing the flats for tarpon, scuba diving the reef or heading offshore for some drag screaming action! Otherwise; every chance I get, here on Pine Island, you can find me fishing the oyster banks or mangroves for Snook and redfish. Towards the end of the day, I'm catching Sheepshead and Snapper for dinner."

Amber is an adrenaline junkie and constantly chasing her next adventure. "I've gone skydiving and that was thrilling, but diving in and swimming with the bill of a striped Marlin in my hands was truly exhilarating."
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