Saturday, July 27, 2019

Rule 5 Saturday - From Pandora's Box, Priscilla Quintana

After a few minutes in the "show hole" this week, I decided to check out the new CW series Pandora, starring Priscilla Quintana in as Jax/Pandora. Good enough for a Rule 5 post!
If you're curious about Pandora, you've got every reason to be. Pandora's showrunner Mark A. Altman says the show "[Is] part space adventure, part college drama and there’s also a Game of Thrones/X-Files-like conspiracy that unfolds as well. I think that’s going to feel really unique and exciting for audiences when they watch the show this summer. This will hopefully be a family you want to invite into your home every week.” Since Priscilla is ostensibly the lead of the show she's obviously hoping that it's got legs and sticks around for a long, long time to come. The show also tips its hat to shows like Star Trek who often use their show to address common issues of the day in relatable ways. 
After two episodes, I'm undecided over the continued value of the series, but I have no doubt as to Priscilla's continued success as a model and actress:
Being born and raised in Southern California, Priscilla was exposed to the world of show business nearly as early as she was exposed to the idea of altruism and of supporting your neighbors. She was in the right part of the world to support her burgeoning interest in the arts and eventually enrolled in film school. While she was there, she made connections that got her gigs working as a model. From there on out it wasn't long before she was booking commercials and then booking more prestigious work, like her roles in Traffik and Polaroid. If you recognize her face but haven't seen those flicks maybe you know her from the Showtime series,Masters of Sex which she has also appeared on.

So where does the culture of giving back come into play when you're also a young star on the rise? Priscilla has thoughts. “I think success in acting will be a way for me to build a platform to do even more. For the last three or four-ish years, I’ve been going to shelters to see what dogs are set to be put down and will bring them home to try and find them new homes. That was all out of my own pocket, but as a struggling model/actress, you don’t really have very deep pockets, right? So there was only so much I could do. But I figured a way to bring awareness to this was to get a name for myself and, in turn, hopefully be able to grow something incredible and something that’s unforgettable."
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