Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tuesday, 7/9/19 Beach Report

Georgia was off at the dentists when Skye and I headed to the beach. After 4 inches of rain yesterday, the water was dirty, and the tide high, and well above the natural level. Still, the temperature was moderate in the mid 70s, the humidity more reasonable, and the sky sunny, and not too breezy. I call that a win.
Despite the high tide, I didn't do too bad for teeth, finding 10 including this Snaggletooth parasymphyseal tooth (near the center of the upper jaw). It was good enough to make the top shelf for a while.
A weird orange fungus erupted on a downed log laying on the beach. Probably triggered by all the rain.

A Zebra Swallowtail in the weeds, from the walk down. They've been unusually common this year. I blame Snakeheads, and Donald Trump.

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